Practice Facility Update, Eso Akunne, and More

Dylan Burkhardt

Practice Facility Update

U-M will present the practice facility design for approval (Freep) at next Thursday’s Regents meeting. The schematics will be released next week and the building will be built on the East side of Crisler Arena. The plan is to break ground in April 2010 before hopefully having it completed in October or November of 2011 before the 2011-2012 season. The 50,000 square foot building is slated to cost $23.2-million.

The process might not have happened as quickly as some people may have hoped but it appears that it’s finally here. I am sure Beilein will roll out the plans to the numerous recruiting visitors this weekend as well.

Akunne Earns a Scholarship

Incoming freshman Eso Akunne orgiinally enrolled at Michigan as a preferred walk-on. This summer he was given some sort of financial aid package that allowed him to get settled on campus. Now he has earned a full scholarship for the 2009-2010 season.

Akunne’s height and athleticism kept him from being a high major recruit but there is no denying his talent and ability. There is no doubt that, at some point, Akunne’s multidimensional skill set will come in handy. With an extra scholarship available this year it makes perfect sense to reward Akunne, a guy who could have gone to numerous other schools on a full ride.


MGoBlue Akunne Profile

Other Notes

  • Tom Too

    I wonder what Prather is doing right now…..

  • GregGoBlue

    Since Prather is coming in a day early, Beilein is surely going to give him the proverbial red carpet treatment. The longer this young man spends on campus, the better.

  • Jay

    Dylan, any clue where I can try to get some early tickets to the Utah game?

  • No idea really Jay. You could send an email, or maybe check the Utah athletic department website.

  • Erik

    I cannot WAIT to see the schematics for the practice facility. I’ll be checking in here often to see them!

  • Kevin in GR

    I checked out the roster on MGoBlue and it must be a work in progress!

    Some of the classes listed are wrong as well as having Jevohn still on the roster….

  • KainKitizen

    It is really nice to finally hear great news about the practice facility. It’ll be incredible to see the actual drawings of the posed plan. Great for Eso to get Grady’s left behind schollie for the one year. It’s getting exciting to witness this years team for the first time at Michigan Madness. Hope it’s a packed house. Is there any current updates of the meetings for the practice facility?

  • The Regents meet on Thursday. I think the agenda is posted earlier in the week.