Harris Named to Fox Sports Preseason All-American Team

Dylan Burkhardt

freshPhoto courtesy of MVictors.com

Jeff Goodman and Fox Sports.com named Manny Harris to their 2nd team preseason All-American team.

He was the primary reason why the Wolverines jumped out to a quick start last season. The Detroit native thrived in John Beilein’s system and was able to show his versatile skill set.

Goodman’s list will definitely stir some discussion. His preseason player of the year is a freshman, John Wall. Goodman’s top two shooting guards, Willie Warren and Manny Harris, were both featured in Michigan’s 2nd round NCAA tournament game last year.

Harris (ranked 3rd in my B10 POTY handicapping post) is the the highest rated Big Ten player on the list.  Harris is rated higher than Kalin Lucas (3rd team), Robbie Hummel (4th team), and Evan Turner (5th). Some of this has to do with the fact that positions appear to be followed pretty strictly. Finally, I don’t care what position you put him at, Evan Turner deserves better than the fifth team.


Goodman named Matt Vogrich as one of his 25 players “you must know“, a list of sleeper types across the country. Vogrich checks in at #20:

John Beilein did as much as he could last season with limited talent. He has brought in a freshman class full of his type of guys — and Vogrich will instantly become the team’s top perimeter shooter. With Vogrich and Stu Douglass launching threes, it’ll make life easier for Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims.

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  • JayRich

    well deserved..IMO. I think Harris is underrated nationally. I know his stroke could use some touch but his all around game is great. I do agree Turner needs to be higher, and John Wall has no shot at POY.

  • John Wall will be the most noticeable player on what will probably be the most talented team in the nation. He has just as good of a shot to be POY as anyone. If he turns in a solid year and UK makes some noise he’s got a good shot.

  • Tom Too

    It is going to be a fun college basketball season. To see how Kentucky fares, how Pitino does, how the rotation plays out at Michigan, Duke stinking, how IU improves, KU vs Michigan on Dec 19th, etc. etc. Should be fun.

  • Tom Too

    Also – Having Manny on that list is HUGE in the recruitment of Trey and Prather…massive.

  • AG

    Wow, no DeMarcus Cousins on the list? I heard he could make a bigger impact than even Wall.

    I still think Ed Davis is the guy to beat for PoY.

  • JayRich

    Only one freshman has ever been player of the year (Naismisth Award). I don’t think wall is going to put up those numbers, he is no Durant (but who is) especially since Durant got to pad his stats with rebounding and assists because he had the ball so much. Wall won’t be able to get those rebounds and I don’t think most voters “want” to give it to a freshman. I think Cole Andrich is going to win POY. Ed Davis is a good pick too.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    Wow, if these previews of Vogrich turn out to be true, I may be the worst scout in the world. LOL. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes. Go Blue! Nice to see Manny getting some recognition.

  • ToBlav

    MaizeNBlue2 – If worst scout means judge of talent, you would have to beat Ellerby for that title. He recruited 14 player to Michigan and two of them made it past their second year.

  • Dutchoven

    John Wall is OVERRATED.. i have seen that kid play and he is not as good as Dramatic sports goofballs like Goodman think that he is..

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