Notre Dame Expected Visitors List

Dylan Burkhardt

Here is an early list of expected visitors for Saturday’s game. This page will be updated with any additions or subtractions that come to light.






  • Denzel Watts (Flint Carman-Ainsworth)

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  • JayRich

    I am really interested to see what Prather and Trey Z. visiting at the same time will hold for the future. Will they really like each other? Will they look at each other as opponents? Kind of strange that our two biggest targets will be there together. Hopefully the Wolverines can put a whoopin’ on those dirty Irish!

  • Adam

    Wow what a HUGE basketball recruiting weekend.. arguably the top 3 targets for the next 2010 and 2011 classes are going to be there. And hopefully seeing each other there they decide they want to play together or if nothing else they feel the pressure to commit before their spot fills up. Boy am I anxious to hear how these guys enjoy their weekends. It’s going to be a big one. Reel ’em in Coach B!!

  • Tom Too

    I like all of these guys being in AA at the same time. Really shows each of them the direction the program is headed. It would beat having Prather here with one of JB’s sleepers from Idaho or somewhere.

  • Big weekend for football and basketball. Go get ’em JB.

    Does anybody know this: Will JB be on the sidelines with them? Or do they attend the game by themselves and just meet with him before and after the game? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coach from a different sport on the sidelines before.

  • Wow, spelling your own handle FAIL.

  • Tom Too

    I’d bet JB would not attend with them….let them have a good time at the game without needing to entertain them. I bet they go with their host players.

  • JBlair52

    this is great!

    Kearney and Zeigler have talked about playing together, and at UM (as an option)
    Maybe this can be another opportunity to get them thinking BLUE together

    Hey Dylan – what’s with the Rivals love? Where’s the Scout profiles!?1 :)

  • Mitchigan

    Wow, several top recruits visiting on the same weekend where they very well should know that if they do not commit to Michigan and the others do there might not be enough room for them to be great Wolverines. This should make for an extremely interesting dynamic. Go Blue! Beat those Irish.

  • ejramsey

    One more visitor for the Notre Dame game is 2012 F/C Matt Costello. Lou Dawkins rated him as the top player in Michigan for the 2012 class. The kid has a lot of upside.



  • Ty

    if you check the date for prather’s official to Florida, it is the 19th. That is the date of the UF vs. TENN football game. I used to live in Gainesville, it is a hell of a lot sweeter college town than Ann Arbor. Plus, after experiencing the atmosphere of what will be the highest intensity football game all year, he will commit to UF immediately afterwards, I guarantee it

  • Colby

    Check out this website, a good one run by Lou Dawkins. Says in there Tommie Mccune is stopping by this weekend.

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  • JBlair52

    Ty – believe it or not, some kids dont pick their school based on location. not saying I disagree with you, but if I have even a slim opportunity to make a career out of the sport I plan on playing in college, then I’m going to look at about a million other things first…

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  • Dave

    let get smotz at one of these big games as well

  • Dave

    apparently 110,000 screaming michigan fans won’t be that impressive

  • KainKitizen

    I agree, The swamp holds around 80,000. 30,000 is a lot for having a difference maker. Michigan and Notre Dame is a bigger rivalry then Florida and Tennessee. Would love to see a 3D animation video of the Practice facility plans when they are shown to the public.

  • Lenny pride-um

    I see we have two of the top 5 PG’s in the midwest going to be on campus out of Ray Lee and Yogi Ferrell. it seems they are both point’s. how will this work? judging Ray’s size and his game he can play both. MICHIGAN IS HERE!