Trey Zeigler Eyes Spring Decision

Dylan Burkhardt
Trey Zeigler

According to an interview with Box of Mess, Trey Zeigler has started to set his visit schedule and move along with his recruitment. The other important news is that he has decided on a spring decision.

My family and I have decided to wait to the spring to announce my decision so most schools that I have talked to want to wait until the spring to visit but Oklahoma is one school that wants me to come September 19th and I’m planning on taking a unofficial this weekend to Michigan St. and another one to Michigan the following weekend.

A spring decision is a bit disheartening for Michigan fans, some of whom thought Zeigler might wrap up his recruitment this fall. However, it has seemed like the Zeiglers were leaning towards a spring decision for some time now. Zeigler also lists the same schools that have been recruiting him for a while now. I expect that we will see a cut to five schools or so this fall.

Arizona Arizona St Michigan St Michigan Oklahoma UCLA LSU Minnesota Providence and Central Michigan.

Adding Zeigler to the visit list for the Notre Dame game means that the weekend is going to be huge for Michigan with Zeigler and Prather on campus. The weekend will include plenty of underclassmen as well, Indiana sophomore guard Kevin Ferrell is also scheduled to be in attendance ($), I’ll work on compiling a list of planned fall visitors.

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  • Suavdaddy

    Are we going to be in a position of first come first served for Zeigler/Prather?

    Would Beilien try to squeeze both in the 2010 class somehow?

  • Erik

    I have no insider knowledge, but I hope Beilein goes for both. I find it a tough pill to swallow if we have to pass on either of these guys.

    Hopefully Prather commits and then Beilein will have the fall/spring to continue pursuing Zeigler and find a scholarship to free up.

    I can hope..

  • The one benefit of Prather committing this fall will be if he does choose Michigan, then the class is full and we don’t have to worry about Zeigler any more. If he commits elsewhere, we know where we stand and can put the full court press on Zeigler.

    I don’t seem to have a good feeling about either of them though. This is completely uneducated and just a gut thing, but I don’t see either of them committing. At this point getting either to commit would be a glorious coup for Beilein. At any rate, I trust in the coach to get things done.

  • Tom Too

    Don’t forget, if Prather commits to UM in the Fall, and Manny has a monsterous season and we know he is going Pro, then JB can continue to pursue TZ knowing another scholly is freeing up when Manny declares.

  • Ben

    I hope we get Prather because i feel that if we put everything on Zeigler and he commits somewhere else then we really will be screwed. I’m predicting that Prather ends up BLUE when he commits. Sam Webb seems to think we are sitting really good with him right now because of how presistent the coaches have been in recruiting him.

  • JBlair52

    the coaches have been able to put the full-court press on for these guys. I’d say we have a good shot of landing 1 of them.

    And I’m pretty confident that our remaining 3 scholarships for 2010/2011 will all be high quality/talent players.

  • W3

    Well, We either get Prather in the fall, Zeigler in the spring, or both of Kearney and Brundidge in ’11….we’ll be ok

  • W3

    Well, We either get Prather in the fall, Zeigler in the spring, or both of Kearney and Brundidge in ’11….we’ll be ok

  • David


    Agreed. We’re in a good position overall.

  • Ben

    I just wish we had more schollies for 2011, then we could get another big man but I’ll take a class of Kearney and Brundidge,

  • W3

    Well if we dont get Prather or Zeigler we could take a three man class of CB, BK and a big

  • Ken in Vegas

    Can you imagine if we had brundidge, prather, kearney, and hardaway jr. on the court at one time. Talk about athletic!

  • St8r Boi in MN

    Ziegler will play for his father at Central (> 50% probability). Don’t count on him going elsewhere…

  • St8r Boi in MN

    If he does go elsewhere, the remaining percent is probably split between Michigan and Michigan State. Izzo still has a scholarship as well.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I just do not see Zeigler playing for his dad. Do you have inside information or is this your opinion? His skill level is too great to be wasted at a low profile, no exposure program. In the end he will do what’s best for his career not what’s best for his dad.

  • What’s the precedent when a high-major son plays for a high-major program instead of the mid-major one his dad is at? Ray McCallum is more likely to be the first that I can recall. I don’t think Jeff Capel Sr. was in the D1 ranks when Jr. went to Duke. Off the top of my head I can think of the other way, Ricky Berry to San Jose State, Bryce Drew to Valparaiso, Tony Bennett to Green Bay. Tennessee’s not a mid-major, but it was a step down from the places Allen Houston could’ve gone.

  • Kenny

    The only viable reason for Zeigler(s) to wait out is that the son playing for dad is a real possibility. Tray could easily dominate mac and accumulate eye popping stats. He will get his exposure as there are more sports channels than ever.

    If prather drops the ball I doubt jb will take another one in the class. If prather decides to stay in South, do not expect jb to wait on zeigler towards the end, he can bring another big for the class 2010.

  • I find it very unlikely that Michigan takes someone in 2010 besides Trey or Casey. And JB will certainly wait on Trey, no doubt about it.

    There is no need to take a middling 2010 talent with the quality and quantity of 2011 prospects who are interesting in UM.