Casey Prather Trims List to Four

Dylan Burkhardt
Casey Prather

6-foot-5 wing guard Casey Prather has trimmed his list to four schools. Judging by Prather’s early list of planned visits it appeared to be headed this way. Michigan made the cut to four along with Clemson, Florida, and Vanderbilt¬† and “everything is at an even keel”.

The family is headed to Clemson this weekend and Prather plans to finish all of his visits before making a decision. Here is the schedule for the next three visits.

They will go to Michigan September 11th, Florida September 18th and Vanderbilt October 2nd.

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  • Ken in Vegas

    I have never been more consumed by the basketball program and football program simultaneously. One for all the right reasons and one for all the not-so-good but should-get-better reasons. I really think that this Western Michigan game is huge, and not just to the ones wearing shoulder pads. Obviously Rich Rod needs this win to silence critics for the moment and get people excited again. But this has implications for Beilein’s kids as well. If we lose against WMU, the momentum going into the Notre Dame game will be lost. The crowd will not be as spirited and most likely wispers of doom will be circulating through the masses. The team will be disheartened and may even get crushed by a mediocre Notre Dame team. I want the likes of Prather and other recruits to see The Big House at its best with positive vibes flowing like gatorade. This is the type of atmosphere that will be memorable to recruits and could be too much for other schools to overcome. Go Blue this weekend!

  • Brad

    us and clemson…i dont wanna jinx anything and give my predicition, but it is FANTASTIC news that memphis is out…the close to home factor really worried me about them…and ken good insight about the importance of this weeks football game, hadnt thought about that and it seems spot on

  • Vanderbilt was the early leader for some time, they are also still close to home. I wouldn’t count them out.

  • GregGoBlue

    Sam Webb seemed very enthused with Michigan’s standing with Prather on the recruiting roundup monday. He said Meech is in a strong position.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Good to hear, Greg. I have been VERY impressed with JB’s ability to recruit so far. This was supposed to be his weakness, but all I hear from kids is how much they like/respect him and how much they could learn from him. I think he has a genuine quality that kids connect with and its much stronger than I expected.

  • David

    Vandy has recruited pretty impressively over the past 2-3 years.

    They also signed a five-star SG in last year’s class. Might have an impact here.

  • Tom Too

    Just look at what JB had to work with in the past while recruiting. “Come On to West Virginia and play. It’s neat here.” Or “Come on and live in Buffalo for four years. It only snows one time each winter. It starts in November and it ends in March.”

    He finally has something to work with.

  • Dave

    bob huggins gets big name recruits to go to west virginia

  • mmccrae

    i also question the ethics of mr. huggins…

  • Tom Too

    Thank you.

  • Tweeter

    Love it! I have loved Prather’s game ever since Dylan first introduced me to him some time ago. I think he would fit perfectly at UM especially b/c he brings things to the table that this team really needs. Namely, athleticism, defense, and toughness. Not that there are not guys that do not possess some of these on the team, just that we could use more of them. Its not like we need more shooters (although can you ever have too many shooters?).

  • Bluebufoon

    David — Vandy singed a 4-star shooting guard John Jenkins great shooter maybe the best in last years class. Perfect compliment if they were to sign Prather.

  • Bluebufoon

    If Zeigler takes his official visit to U-M for the Notre Dame game, how does Beilein sell it ? One scholarship available, first come– first serve ? or Do you try to convince them that if they both come
    Michigan will have the talent to compete for championships ?

    If I’m Beilein try to sign both and play them together.

    David, you were right. I didn’t realize Vandy’s Jenkins got his fifth star from Rivals, I think he’s still a four-star on Scout.

  • Kenny

    I guess that a decision will be made by Prather shortly after taking all four visits. Vandy is close to home but Beilein must have impressed this kids a lot.

    It is no doubt that recruiting is Beilein’s weakness if you take out the fact that he runs the cleanest program in college basketball world. But he has definitely upped his recruiting a notch or two since coming here.

  • Just getting Prather on campus is a huge deal, let alone bringing him in for the ND game. I guess you get him and Zeigler in and see where it goes. I know you tell them that you only have one spot left. But I don’t think you use it as a “if you don’t come he will” type of statement. I’m pretty confident in JB’s abilities to do it right. He’s been doing it right since he started.

  • gpsimms

    Put them both in the gym, and say, “Play. And I’ll choose one of you. That is all.”

  • KainKitizen

    It’s becoming very interesting with Coach’s Recruiting and how he’s going to have to make some critical decisions for the program and for the team in the next month or two with recruits. Take both Trey and Casey and if Manny goes to the NBA, it opens up another ship. I hope he stays and if he does then Coach is going to have to take A. Wrights ship away for his 5th year and ask him to be a walk-on player status for the team and program. I would not want to see Anthony just leave the team because he doesn’t have a ship in his hand. That’s what it boils down too.

  • Erik

    I agree, if he can get both, he needs to take both. You don’t pass up that kind of talent. It will be a tough position for Beilein, but hopefully he can get one of the guys like Wright to understand that it will benefit the team.

  • JayRich

    This will probably not happen but I just have the upmost respect and faith in JB. I think we have a great chance at both Prather and Trey Z. But I also think we have a good chance at Ray McCallum too. I know he talked Kansas for a long time but i haven’t heard him reinforcing that lately. I think to have two distinctly different point guards would be great and we need a great class this year because Sims is gone and I think Manny is gone too.


    Saturday’s Prediction: Michigan 27 WMU 17. GO BLUE!

  • GregGoBlue

    Two birds in the hand vs. a flock in the bush?