Dylan Burkhardt

It’s that time of the year for college basketbal fans. There’s pretty much nothing happening; AAU is over, everyone is ready for football, and the November seems so far away. Luckily, official visits will start up with football season, but honestly, it’s football season. Add in some controversy about football players lifting weights and playing football, and basketball is probably the last thing on any Michigan fan’s mind.

Here are a few hoops-related tidbits to get your week started.

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  • David

    Dylan, saw your Twitter, does Duke’s offer really hurt our hopes of landing Plumlee?

  • Ah I forgot about this. I’m sure Duke’s offer will have an influence on him because both of his brothers go there. Don’t know much more. He also made a couple visits to the Indiana schools I believe.

  • Added the link to the post.

  • Beast1530

    Duke will not have much effect on Plumlee. If any, Indiana is the biggest competition for Michigan.

  • Tom Too

    I see us getting Plumlee.

  • 2 of the 3 plumlee brothers are already at duke and “duke will not have much effect on plumlee”? that makes little to no sense. none of this “he doesn’t want to play in his brother’s shadow” balony either.

  • BL11

    see Mr Austin White..future um footballer…kids make their own decisions

  • Mom Morgan

    Update on Jordan —- had a very good follow up today on the surgery this past Wed where they removed the screws from his knee. He will be on crutches a few more weeks but is putting weight on his leg now and will gradually increase to where he has no more crutches. He will be walking @ Michigan Madness and will begin participating in light drills, etc soon. We fully expect he will play this season and should be really good to go by the time big ten games start.

  • Brad

    good news momma morgan! also good to hear how well you have treated darius and the other freshman to make them feel welcome! cant wait for jordan to get back to 100% and contribute

  • Great news on Morgan. I get the feeling that he’s a great kid that just wants to come in and compete. I can find absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Also, who are the big targets for 2011. Obviously Kearney and Brundige are huge. Prather is visiting as is Zeigler (fingers crossed). If we land either of them that leaves us with 2 for 2011. We’ll need to keep those 2011 offers down to a bare minimum to make sure we get the right guys in.

    Dylan, in your opinion does Ant get his fifth year? I haven’t heard lately. Does it hinge on how he plays this year? Because I don’t see him getting many minutes.

  • old fan

    Great to hear Mom Morgan. Michigan has been about perservering recently and Morgan will symbolize our program as he fights through. I had tickets for 9 years in the absolute leanest of years at Michigan. He will be a fan favorite as we can relate to his struggle to get back to his (our) rightful place.

  • JayRich

    I am so ready for the preseason stuff for basketball to begin…this is such a boring time. When the blog is about stuff we fully expect….not too exciting, but Dylan at least you are keeping us up to date on this stuff. Some stuff is better than no stuff!

  • Paul F.

    Good news momma Morgan. Keeping my fingers and toes cross Jordan plays this season.

  • Kenny

    If we are not going to take 5 recruits for 2010, there is no reason not asking Ant back his fifth year.

  • Tom Too

    If Ant is a team player and great leader in practice & on the bench, JB won’t just throw him aside. That is not the type of guy JB is. If Ant wants to come back for a fifth year, JB will have him. If Ant gets an attitude while riding the pine, bye-bye.

  • ejramsey

    Another prospect visiting Michigan for the Notre Dame game is 2012 prospect Matt Costello, 6’8 F, from Bay Cty Western High School. Matt plays AAU for Team Pride, Lamar Woodley’s Team ran by Tish and Lou Dawkins out of Saginaw, as well as the Mid-Michigan Destroyers out of JJKN Hoops in Bay City. Matt will also be visiting Michigan State, September 5, and has also visited, OSU, Notre Dame, Cleveland St, MSU previously, and just attended Purdue’s Elite Camp this past weekend with Tommie McCune and Trey Babers.

  • Beast1530


    Plumlee saw how Duke utilize the big men and he doesn’t like what he’s seeing. The big men are used more of a screener and putback which is not Plumlee’s game. Indiana as well as Michigan gives him more of a option than Duke would have done. If Duke had used their big guys like they have done with Sheldon Williams, it’d be a bit different.

  • David

    Can Plumlee shoot it?

    If so, you’d think that Beilein’s offense would be very attractive him.

  • Get a hoops fix Sept. 27 at The Cage in Swartz Creek, 5th-annual Bank Hoops All-State Minicamp. BK, PLP, Gibson, Dwaun Anderson, Ray Lee, Sean Sheldon, and a lot more good players.

  • mmccrae

    Great news about Jordan… Keep on fightin…

    Some Zeigler video…

    Mt. Pleasant v Midland

    Mt. Pleasant v Bay City Central

    I think you have to have a facebook account to watch it, not sure… I do not know when it is from, last year? No idea…