VIDEO: Carlton Brundidge Soph. Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Here is 10 minutes of Carlton Brundidge footage from his sophomore year (last year). I think the best way to describe Carlton’s game is to call him a “scoring lead guard” rather than a distributing point guard. In my opinion the only thing keeping his ranking down (he’s still in the top 100) is his height. But you can’t question his production, he fills up the stat sheet.

The recruiting videos page has been updated as well (linked up top).

HT: MGoBlog.

  • Justin

    I hate to be too critical, but I was watching and it looked like he was getting very little elevation during his shots. He’s obviously only a sophomore, but as you can see at the 5:00 mark (the first time I got a good angle on his form), he only gets off the ground a few inches, which works when wide open in high school, but at 6’0″ in D-I basketball, he might really struggle to get his shot off.

    Would want to watch him against some taller defenders. Outside of that though, his game looks good.

  • Erik

    His penetration looks good, but I agree about his shot. Also looked to me like he was “heaving” some of those shots…maybe needs to work on upper body strength as well as elevation.

  • His shot is definitely a little bit of a set shot. He doesn’t get a lot of elevation. It actually reminds me of Grady’s shooting motion a little bit off hand.

    Make no mistake about it though, his game is getting to the basket. He also has a tremendous handle.

  • JB

    i would love to have him at pg. our offense hasn’t had the option of a 1 or 2 guard who can take it to the rack with nearly that authority. he would score a lot and his drives would draw the defense, constantly to creating open shots for teammates.

    the good news about his set shot from is he can definitely improve it. i did note in the game at north farmington (around 2 minutes into the tape) he took his guy off the dribble and drained a jumper in his face. he shoots way differently when he’s open than when he’s not. his vertical jump will improve quite a bit, he is only a sophomore. he is dominating aau ball as is and still has a lot of room for improvement.

  • Jimmy

    I agree he doesn’t have a pure jumper right at this point. But he’s still very young and has nearly everything else we want in a guard. John Beilein is one of the very best at refining jumpers and a little work with Carlton could turn him into an Allen Iverson type player that plays team baskebtall

  • jds

    Gotta love the Nas beat…at least he’s got good taste in hip hop, that makes me want him right there!

  • I’m with you there jds. The Nas beats made the tape :-) Although I’m pretty sure Carlton didn’t make the tape, it appears to be someone else.

  • Gordie Bell

    Brundidge is not a point guard, that is the biggest thing I took away from the video. The kid is a scorer first and foremost. He clearly is very strong and has good touch around the basket.
    Brundidge set shot is very slow, he only took two jump shots in the entire video. He does not appear to be a great leaper either, I need to keep in mind, he is only a soph in these clips. Really, he needs to grow a couple inches so he can play a small 2 on the next level. I just do not see a college point guard in the making here.

  • JB

    His ball handling and penetration ability make him a good pg candidate in my mind. A scoring pg is a pretty effective weapon with the right coach and it would be in our offense.
    You point out that he doesn’t take jump shots, yet see him as a 2 on the next level? please elaborate.

  • Gordie Bell

    Brundidge is a 2 on the next level by default almost, he is too short to play any other position, excepting point, which I say he is not. Brundidge is a scorer not a distributor, and that is fine and dandy, that is what his mindset is and that is what he does best.
    Brundidge seems to have a very quick first step for someone of his bulk, he is strong and determined going to the basket, and he uses his body well. His shot is true and soft albeit a little slow on those set shots, he did show a quicker release on the 2 jumpers he did take.
    When I was watching Brundidge I saw more Ben Gordon than Mateen Cleaves. If I were to compare Brundidge to any Michigan guard I can remember it would be Louis Bullock or if you want to go back aways Leslie Rockymore. Bullock needed to be a point guard but he just wasn’t and at this point I don’t think Brundidge is either. I could very well be wrong, haven’t seen that much of the kid, and he is only going into his Junior year of HS. Much can change in the next 2 years but at first blush I see an off guard.

  • JB

    i can definitely see what you mean. i don’t mean to be critical. i think his game is more rounded than bullock’s considering his ability to take it to the basket and ball-handling skills. he could well be the 2 and only the 2. all i know is i’d love to have him as an option in our lineup.

  • Tom Glendening

    Gentlemen, these are highlight film. Have you seen the highlight film of the #1 PG in Class of 2009-John Wall (Go to Youtube). If you watched his highlights they are very similar to Carlton’s tape. Even the #1 PG in 2008-Brandon Jennings tape features him taking over games. As far as his shot, most coaches will tell you that you must be able to get the shoot off in less than 2 seconds. Although he is not jumping as high as you would like, he gets the ball off quickly.
    Larry Bird was a great shooter, yet he did not elevate on his shots.
    Its about creating space and using a quick release. The bottom line is this young man is a winner. As an 8th grader, he played against some of the best players in the (Seniors) 2008 class (Nike Peach Jam) and put up 15, 10, 17, 8 points against Nike’s elite teams. This kid plays the 3 on his high school team. Not by his choice, but that is where they need him. He is about 6′ 2″ believe it or not. And he has a toughness that fits well as a Spartan. This kid is an excellent passer-the behind the back pass is just one of the many incredible passes he did last year. Against Pontiac Northern, the announcer said on several occasion, “What a Pass!” Additionally, Michigan needs players who can create their own shot when the shot clock is about to expire. Other than Manny, who on this team can create their own shot when all else fail. Gordie your crazy comments that he can’t jump? His shot is slow? You are killing with this BS man. I am sure after your Pro career overseas, you are the perfect analyst. Again, remember this is an HIGHLIGHT tape that is done by someone who picked out Clips that he felt were good. Most people don’t want to watch a kid passing the ball to someone else for a shot or layup unless it wows you. ESPN highlights are not about passing, but spectacular plays. I know you guys can only comment on what you see on a highlight tape and this is the forum for your comments, but its funny just reading your comments that you don’t have a clue about this kid. There are several other tapes on Brundidge that shows him getting great elevation on his 3 pointers during this summer AAU. I wonder why I saw Belein and Izzo at all of Brundidge’s summer games in Atlanta and Kansas City. Perhaps these two outstanding coaches know more about talent that you or I would ever know. Their programs’success should bear this out.

  • Temofe Anyameluna

    Hello guys, I am the guy that did the highlight tape for Carlton Bruindidge. So I will tell you guys that he really can shoot, and also that tom is right about carlton having a quick release. I seen the videos from his AAU-games with the family and the quickness on his release has really improved a lot. Meanwhile, TOM, I am glad you understand that most people would not want to see a whole video of just passing. They want way more scoring than passing.

    And to you other guys in general, carlton can definitely be a POINT-GUARD at the next level. He really has what it takes. And then you guys says he is not athletic, well he has improved. he actually had some inGAME dunks against pontiac-CENTRAL in the last home-GAME of this past 08-09 season. meanwhile, i only recorded 5games of carlton because I could not get everywhere. and most of the games in which I did not record is where he had most of his best games like 37pts @lathrup and his career high so far which was a 44pt-GAME @rochester-adams HS.

  • Marc

    If you guys go to you will see that this guy can play point and has a nice JUMP shot. Great pick up for the Wolverines.

  • Temofe Anyameluna

    yeaH, you are write i have seen that website and his SHOT-release has really gotten quicker and all. ANYWAYS, he should have an awesome highlighttape after his JUNIOR-year is over with.