UMHoops 3.0 — Coming Soon

Dylan Burkhardt

With my summer commitments over, it should be back to some more regular posting as the season nears. Hopefully that means a few less links posts and a little more real content.

I am also in the process of redesigning the site for the new season. There are too many things with the current layout that are driving me crazy, buggy sidebars, slow load times, etc., and it’s time for change. The new design should fix problems as well as bring some improvements.

However, I am shamefully putting out a call for help. If any of the following apply to you, please shoot me an email.

  1. Feedback. If you have ideas, things you like (or more importantly dislike) about the current design, cool ideas for the future, or anything else — e-mail me.
  2. Designers. If you are a designer that means you have a talent I don’t. I’m always looking for design help, whether it’s graphic stuff, CSS stuff, or anything else. I have thought about some kind of logo contest, but I don’t know if there is enough interest. Again, e-mail me if you can help.
  3. Anything else. If you think you can help, you probably can so e-mail me anyways.

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  • GregGoBlue

    A few things I’ve been ruminating on and I’ve been meaning to bring up that I think would improve your already awesome site:

    1) Being able to reply to comments a la MGoBlog so we can navigate an entire discussion in the comments directly without having to sift through all of them. The comments to me are just as important and interesting as the actual posts, and it is these discussions amongst people in the know that keep me coming back multiple times a day to check and weigh in. This one is not such a big deal, but I think it would be nice.

    2) This one I think is my most emphasized suggestion: please keep all the recruit/player videos all in one place. If I remember seeing a DMo video awhile back that I want to see again, I have to go through every post that includes Darius Morris, which is a lot. I find myself doing this a lot to try and find video of recruits/commits, so if you could just have a video tab that’d be swell. I see you have a recruiting videos link, but it’s pretty incomplete. Perhaps relocate it to the recruit/commit’s hotboard page? I think there should be an easier way to access these and external links if they’re kept separate in the archives from blog posts.

    Feel free to add/suggest whatever you like. This is just my take.

  • Erik

    Please try to find a way to combine the lists to the right…I know the sidebars are supposed to help make the site easier to use, but frankly I never use them and I think TWO sidebars is a bit much. I hate having to scroll so much to read every article because the article is only 1/2 the width of this page.

    If there was some way to bring the sidebars up to the top and either fit it under the menus up top, or make a second menu bar, I think that would clean it up a lot. For example, instead of having a hotboard for 2009, 2010, and 2010 just have one tab that says “Hotboards” and when you click on it, have a drop down list for 2009, 2010, and 2010. That would give you room for a “Useful Links” tab which could contain that whole sidebar. Basically I think all of the tabs at the top right now could fit under one tab as sub folders. And much of the sidebars could be new tabs up top. It would make the site cleaner and just as easy to navigate.

  • Matt

    sent an email to umhoops@gmail

  • David

    Dylan, one thing I like about the comment style now is that it loads so quickly. I find MGoBlog’s comments very “heavy” and that really dissuades me from posting there sometimes.

    If you could add nesting that would be sweet — but only if you can keep it clean and quick like it is now.

    Keep up the great work.

  • UMQuasi

    About the comments section, I was just thinking the other day about how much better the comments section is here than on mgoblog. Perhaps I’m just computer illiterate, but I find the mgoblog comments section extremely difficult to follow.

  • Benjamin

    UMQuasi, I am computer savvy and still find MGoBlog’s comments confusing. Its because newest comments go on the top (I think that is a preference, but whatever, it makes it odd …like Rivals forum).

    Tho,like others have said- Adding threaded comments is a good idea. Makes it so much easier to flame someone ;)

    Dylan, as always if you need web development/html/css consulting, let me know.

  • MH

    I love that this site currently has a “mobile” version. That is, when I load UMHoops on my iPhone, a roughly text only version of the website comes up, for faster loading time.

    Please keep this feature as you consider making upgrades! I only wish other sites, e.g. mgoblog, had a mobile version.

  • Giddings

    The only complaint I have about the iPhone version of the site is that I can’t see how many comments there are for each post… if there haven’t been any new comments since the last time I read the post, I don’t want to waste the time to pull it up again.