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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • jds

    I feel like this year we need a big guy to help out Peedi by stepping up and scraping down low. Grabbing boards and blocking shots…don’t see this happening w/ Mclimans, but hopefully he can contribute nonetheless.

  • That is definitely not McLimans’ role. Morgan and Cronin are the guys slotted to do that… Whether they are ready to produce this year remains to be seen. I think Cronin will definitely be useful in a situational sense (against big teams like OSU etc). However DeShawn is still the best back-to-the-basket offensive player on the roster, by far.

  • jds

    Haha, it’d be nice to have good ole Graham Brown back for this year

  • Added a link to the Rivals 150 (2011) and a link to a new Mgoblue feature.

  • Kenny

    Although McLimans’ scoring will mostly come from the parameter, he could still be a good shot blocker and good rebounder. He may not be physical enough to win the fight for the position under the basket, but as an elite volleyball player, he should have better timing and body control added to his long arm and vertical. And all these could help out interior defense and offensive board when he and Peedi are on the court the same time.

    Because of the injury, Morgan likely will red-shirt, which is good for him in the long run. Cronin’s role is to back-up Peedi, which frees Gibson to play 4. With the addition of Cronin and McLimans, Beilein has much better option this year at 4/5.

  • Dave

    cronin will be the much needed defensive presence that we needed whether even if he can only give 2-4 points a game he will be a tremendous defensive key along with an occasional look inside…..he might surprise some folks