Wednesday Mini-Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Brad

    not very savvy with how these sites determine rankings, but any specific reason prather fell a good ways? just one bad performance?

  • I’m not too worried Brad. By most accounts Prather had a tremendous spring/summer. But a lot of it depends on who sees who and when.

  • Erik

    Good to see Sims and Harris recognized as Top 50 players. Imagine if we had Scottie Reynolds too.

  • updated this post with a 2011 visitor and a note about midnight madness

  • dabadeeblue

    thad matta is a heck of a recruiter.. i saw nothing but osu commits in that rivals150 list. will beilein ever be that good? or he doesn’t need to with the kind of system he’s implementing at michigan? sorry if this has been discussed before.

  • Dave

    thad matta is kinda like a john calipari in my mind……..very questionable methods i think……….just an opinion

  • I Love John Beilein

    My Predictions just for fun (probably a little biased but oh well…)

    Dec 2nd – Boston College – WIN
    Dec 5th – Arkansas Pine Bluff – WIN
    Dec 9th – at Utah – WIN
    Dec 13th – University of Detroit – WIN
    Dec 19th – at Kansas – LOSS
    Dec 22nd – Coppin State – WIN
    Dec 31st – at Indiana – WIN
    Jan 3rd – Ohio State – WIN
    Jan 7th – at Penn State – WIN
    Jan 10th – Northwestern – WIN
    Jan 14th – Indiana – 9PM – WIN
    Jan 17th – UConn – WIN
    Jan 20th – at Wisconsin – LOSS
    Jan 23rd – at Purdue – LOSS
    Jan 26th – Michigan State – WIN
    Jan 30th – Iowa – 4:30 PM – WIN
    Feb 2nd – Northwestern – WIN
    Feb 6th – Wisconsin – WIN
    Feb 11th – at Minnesota – 7 PM – WIN
    Feb 16th – at Iowa – 9PM – WIN
    Feb 20th – Penn State – 6PM – WIN
    Feb 23rd – Illinois – 7 PM – WIN
    Feb 27/28 – at Ohio State – LOSS
    March 3rd – Minnesota – WIN
    March 6/7 – at Michigan State – LOSS

  • Kevin

    20-6 With an 8 game winning streak in the heart of our season…looks a little optimistic to me. I feel like this is ABSOLUTE best case scenario. We’re looking at a #2 seed here. Just seeing the schedule gets me excited already!

  • Kevin

    Here are my 09-10 predictions. I think we will have a really good year in the conference, including a sweep of all teams playing at Crisler.

    Northern Michigan W (1-0)
    Houston Baptist W (2-0)
    Creighton W (3-0)
    Xavier/Marquette W (4-0)
    Baylor/Alabama/Florida State/Iona W (5-0)
    Boston College W (6-0)
    Arkansas Pine Bluff W (7-0)
    at Utah L (7-1)
    University of Detroit W (8-1)
    at Kansas L (9-2)
    Coppin State W (10-2)
    at Indiana W (11-2) (1-0)
    Ohio State W (12-2) (2-0)
    at Penn State W (13-2) (3-0)
    Northwestern W (14-2) (4-0)
    Indiana W (15-2) (5-0)
    UCONN W (16-2) (6-0)
    at Wisconsin L (16-3) (6-1)
    at Purdue L (16-4) (6-2)
    Michigan State W (17-4) (7-2)
    Iowa W (18-4) (8-2)
    Northwestern W (19-4) (9-2)
    Wisconsin W (20-4) (10-2)
    at Minnesota L (20-5) (10-3)
    at Iowa W (21-5) (11-3)
    Penn State W (22-5) (12-3)
    Illinois W (23-5) (13-3)
    at Ohio State L (23-6) (13-4)
    Minnesota W (24-6) (14-4)
    at Michigan State L (24-7) (14-5)

    Final Record entering Big Ten Tournament:
    24-7 (14-5)

  • maxwell’s demon

    I feel like Beilein is more likely to choose a 4/5 star player that really fits his system over an elite 5 star, 1 and done prospect who doesn’t really fit his system. Matta has clearly shown that he just wants pure talent at all co$t$.

  • Giddings

    I really like those predictions, Kevin. The only thing I might disagree with is winning the Old Spice – I think we’ll lose one game there for some reason. Also, we may lose one more unexpected game somewhere in there, so I’ll go with 22-9 (12-6).

  • Kevin in GR

    If M can win the first game at the Old Spice, they should have a pretty good shot at winning it all given there’s not much time for the other teams to prepare for their unique style’s on offense and defense. I just booked my trip to Orlando today so I’d love to be there and see them win it!

  • Brick

    Matta’s recruiting would impress me more if almost all of his big recruits weren’t from Ohio. Where else are they going to go? Yes, he’s nabbed a few from such far off places as Indiana now and then but the majority of his kids have been Ohio State fans their whole life. It’s like thinking Bo Ryan is a great recruiter for landing the best players in Wisconsin.

  • UMIndy

    Matta needs talent at all costs because he’s only a mediocre coach.

  • Kyle

    The majority of big name recruits that Thad Matta gets are one and done type players. And he knows that. It isn’t a situation where he expects them to stay, but rather they are players like BJ Mullens or Greg Oden where they would have been players to utilize the “straight to the league” option but since they’re forced to attend college for a year, Thad takes advantage of this. On a side note, he looks like a goblin.

  • dabadeeblue

    it’d be interesting to see if matta can keep up with the one-and-dones strategy. i think anything but a championship would be a fail with the type of elite talents that he has at his disposal (especially with the upcoming 2010 class). i, for one, really hate the one-and-done concept and glad beilein is the type of coach whose strong point is developing talent. here’s to hoping d-mo leading michigan to four consecutive championships! okay, at least two.

  • sven

    Man Illini recruits seem to be falling fast. Seems like not long ago Jereme Richmond was top 10 and Crandle Head was rated in the 40’s or 50’s. I don’t feel too bad for them having 3 guys in the top 85 though.

  • Jayson

    22-8 (12-6) T-3rd in Big Ten, #4-5 seed in NCAA Tournament.