VIDEO: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Dylan Burkhardt

The fine folks at Illinois HS Basketball posted a highlight video from Tim Hardaway Jr.’s play with the Mac Irvin Fire this summer. At first glance, Hardaway’s quick shooting stroke stands out. My highlight of the video is around the 45 second mark where you can hear a spectator say “he has like 5 threes”.

  • I new you would like that part Dylan!

    That game was probably his best from the games I watched this summer. I had some more highlights from it, but the ref kind of ruined the shots. Hope everybody enjoys the video, I worked hard on it.

  • Dave

    will a little hard work it seems he could develop an extremely quick and useful first step to blow by defenders………definitely looked real good there……….you can tell from this video alone hes got a lot of potential

  • *knew

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  • ToBlav

    This video and earlier ones of Darius have something in common. They both never stop moving and the ball speeds them up rather slows them down. We’ve some really active ball we’ll be watching in the next several years.

  • JBlair52

    man, sometimes you think that if Jr. had his dad’s crossover…but if Sr. had the length of Jr. he woulda been like Jordan! Jr’s got some long arms and legs!

    And his quick release is nice to see. Gotta love a 6’6″ shooter with long arms and a quick release.

  • He does have some good length, but he is definitely not 6’6″ he is about 6’4″. He is some great physical tools and talents, no questions about that. The biggest thing about THJ is letting the game come to him and not being to hard on himself when things aren’t going his way. He has a tendency to let that effect his game.

  • William G. Randall Sr.

    Man it’s a beauiful thing to see tim jr talent the video I saw display he is becoming a pure shooter. I played with his dad since we was kids tim sr. Always had handles he was breaking ankles since we was in the six grade. If Lil tim got skills like that plus his length the NBA will have a new star, good luck tim jr. I’m watching you and so is everyone else here in the chi. Looking forward to you at um this season.

  • Matt

    to me i'll take him ,but make him pick up some more weight so tim would be 6'4 at 220 and want him to buckle up on the weight room and have lerbon speed down the press