Michigan Big Ten Schedule Released

Dylan Burkhardt

The Big Ten released the full conference schedule today with times and TV. You can view the full schedule including non-conference games here. The most impressive thing to me is that there are already 8 conference games slotted for national TV. That number could rise as high as 10 or 11 with the options down the stretch. For comparison’s sake, last year Michigan played 5 conference games on national TV. It’s safe to say that the lights are on this year.

Here is the Michigan portion:

  • Dec 31st – at Indiana – Noon – ESPN2
  • Jan 3rd – Ohio State – 4:30 PM – BTN
  • Jan 7th – at Penn State – 7 PM – ESPN2
  • Jan 10th – Northwestern – 2:30 PM – BTN
  • Jan 14th – Indiana – 9PM – ESPN/ESPN2
  • Jan 20th – at Wisconsin – 8:30 PM – BTN
  • Jan 23rd – at Purdue – 4 PM – ESPN
  • Jan 26th – Michigan State – 7 PM – ESPN
  • Jan 30th – Iowa – 4:30 PM – BTN
  • Feb 2nd – at Northwestern – 7 PM – BTN
  • Feb 6th – Wisconsin – 4 PM – CBS
  • Feb 11th – at Minnesota – 7 PM – ESPN/ESPN2
  • Feb 16th – at Iowa – 9PM – BTN
  • Feb 20th – Penn State – 6PM – BTN
  • Feb 23rd – Illinois – 7 PM – ESPN
  • Feb 27/28 – at Ohio State – TBA – TBA
  • March 3rd – Minnesota – TBA – BTN
  • March 6/7 – at Michigan State – TBA – TBA

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  • Drew

    Pure speculation, but I ran through each game and went with my gut feeling whether I thought it was a win or loss, and I came up with 12-6, give or take 2 either way. What’s your early guess Dylan?

  • BL11

    Feb 2nd is UM @ NW…just to clarify

  • NVE

    This schedule lines up much more nicely than last year’s. One minor edit – we don’t actually have a 4 game home stand in late Jan/early Feb. The Feb 2nd game is actually @ NW.

    I came up with 11-7 on my first pass.

  • Thanks for the correction on the NW game. I was rushing to get it all typed up.

  • Ganderson

    The two things that stood out to me the most: kicking off in bloomington and finishing at the bres… No matter how bad Indiana is projected to be, any game at their house makes me nervous… This schedule does seem very conducive to a fast start in conference though, I’m already pumped!

  • ZRL

    AARRGGGHHH Home against OSU is during winter break!

  • Drew

    Toughest week of the season…Jan 20-26. Yikes

  • Redwings8831

    Instead of a week, think about 10 days. The UConn game is on the 17th. So:

    Jan 17th – Connecticut
    Jan 20th – at Wisconsin
    Jan 23rd – at Purdue
    Jan 26th – Michigan State

  • Drew

    Good god, forgot about that game. We really can’t afford a losing streak early on in the Big Ten season like we had last year (I think). Can’t say I’d be mad about 1-3 in that stretch, although I think we’re capable of beating State at home and stealing one of those road games. This stretch should tell a lot about this team.

  • Ganderson

    If we are as good a team as most of us expect us to be, 2-2 should be a very reasonable expectation over that stretch… Good teams take care of business at home, no matter who the opponent is. Last year we lost a total of 3 games at home (Wisky, OSU, MSU), largely because we had (barely) 1 contributor taller than 6’8.

  • Tweeter

    That is a very difficult stretch, but the good thing is that right after that we play 4 of 6 against Iowa, NW and PSU. So if things go poorly over those ten days, we should be able to bounce back with a 5-1 type of streak.

    Mar 6 at the BRES, I am already looking for tickets. Could the Big Ten title be on the line for both teams??? That would be sweet.

  • Dave

    michigan is going to be an extremely dangerous team on the road and home, especially at home for obvious reasons………no reason to be nervous about any home game but excited………this is going to be a very good team………jb has more talent than hes ever had and they will be ready for the big games no questions asked

  • James

    That season finale at MSU will be insane if there are Big Ten title implications.

  • Nick

    This will be an interesting schedule off the bat. Without much research on how much some teams are returning, I came up with 11-7 conservatively. Depending on how we fair in the non-conference schedule, we could have a fairly easy route to the Sweet Sixteen (no Blake Griffin-like dudes in the first couple rounds). I’m just that much more excited for basketball season to start now!

  • Sanders

    The closing week is brutal. Minnesota, @OSU and @MSU. If they win all three of those, a top 3 seed is possible, if they lose all three, that could put them on the bubble. I think they will be good enough to win those games but they are not making it easy to finish the season strong.