VIDEO: Casey Prather River City Showdown

Dylan Burkhardt

The folks over at Memphis Roar posted a quick highlight video of Casey Prather from the River City Showdown. I believe Prather’s Nashville Celtics team won this event and Prather won MVP. Thanks to Mitchigan for pointing it out in the comments.

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  • BL11

    Is it just me or does he resemble Alan Anderson from MSU??? how tall was Anderson? I have only seen a few videos on Prather but that is the feeling I get. Any one have other thoughts on who his game resembles?

  • Paul F.

    Looks like Casey has a pretty sweet jump shot.
    He’ll fight for offensive rebounds too.
    I sure hope Michigan gets Casey.

  • David

    I like the Alan Anderson comparison. Prather seems to be a Manny-like rebounder from the guard position.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    He goes around guys or above them to create his shot, and it doesn’t even look like it takes much effort. I would venture to guess that he’s not even close to utilizing all of his speed/athleticism in those clips. He would be fun to watch when he’s going at 100%. Anyone else agree?

  • I Love John Beilein

    I agree he’s not close to utilizing his speed/athleticism yet. I’m guessing at this point Zeigler’s skills are more polished given reports and that he’s a coach’s son. But Prather probably has more potential upside. I’d slightly rather have Zeigler since he’s the better shooter, but i’ll be thrilled with either one. just hope we get one of em.

  • gordie bell

    Showed some nice hands

  • Dave

    its fantastic that prather has set a visit, but he is quoted saying that playing close to family and friends is huge so its definitely going to be a tough sell to get him to commit

  • Paul F

    The good thing if you want to call it that is to get big time players to visit Michigan.Even if Casey decides to stay close to home, other players looking at the Wolverines will say hey didn’t Casey Prather make a visit to Ann Arbor? Yeah he did well I’m going to check out Ann Arbor too.
    Rather have the player stay but, it helps with other talent.

  • michael

    Why does John Beilein, a man with a stellar reputation for teaching fundamentals, developing players, and instilling values have so much difficulty getting a top 25 recruit (i.e. Zeigler, Prather) whereas someone like Isiah Thomas, who has a proven track record of ruining players, franchises, and reputations (including his own) gets a top 25 recruit (Dominque Ferguson) to go to a fourth rate college like Florida International University after only one month on the job? Yes, its a bit of a rhetorical question, but doesn’t it speak to what is wrong with college basketball? With the judgment of young men?

  • Dave

    that makes anybody think that there is some “funny buisness” going on already because it definitely doesnt make sense…….however i will say that he probably has good nba ties and ferguson will be a one and done player so im sure he didnt really care where he went and chose FIU because isiah will talk to the right people for him…….definitely very mysterious though

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  • Tweeter

    There are a lot of college coaches who either bend the rules or flat out ignore them, I am not going to lump Isiah Thomas into that group until there is a reason to. He is a very charismatic person and has won at every level as a player; so it does not surprise me at all that a young kid would talk with him and decide to play basketball for him. He may be dirty, but it is unfair to make that judgement right now simply b/c he brought in a top 25 kid right off the bat.