Thursday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

It’s been a busy week so we’ll stick to links for now…

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  • Tweeter

    Awesome news on Prather. I always thought Memphis, UK, and UNC were the teams to beat if any of them decided to recruit him hard. So it is great that none of them are getting an official (if true). However, after reading the earlier articles on how hard UK was recruiting him, is it possible that he already knows what he has with UK and wants to save his final official in case someone else jumps in the race late?

  • It is great to get the word that we are getting an official, but can’t he visit UK and Memphis pretty easily and not necessarily have to take an official? Then again, he’s taking one to Vandy, and they’re right there as well. So, I’ll celebrate this small Beilein victory and hope that we can get Zeigler in as well.

  • Tom Too

    Because those two are so close in talent, I would love for us to get one and State to get the other one (I guess us getting Casey and State getting TZ) and see which player’s talent level increases the most under his respective coach. This would really give us a measuring stick to see who is better at player development.

  • I Love John Beilein

    Tom Too,

    Don’t assume those rankings are so accurate, tz, mccallum, and smotrycz rankings have changed quite a bit (i think). Regardless, a lot of players’ rankings changed significantly more so than their talent levels have changed I’m sure. There are too many factors to use Prather and Ziegler as a measuring stick for the coaches’ ability to develop players. You need to look at a wide selection of Beilein and Izzo’s players to gage development. Learning ability, attitude, coachability, who wants it enough to study film and work til exhaustion every day in the offseason and who parties too much are hardly factored into the rankings.
    Take Kelvin Torbert for example. He was a top recruit in the country but didn’t amount to much in college because he couldn’t just rely on his strength and athleticism like he could in high school. i don’t think this reflected on izzo, izzo gets huge results from most of his players during their time at msu. i think torbert’s situation reflected most on the inaccuracy of the high school player rankings. dude still can’t hit a jumper.
    anyways, prather or ziegler would serve as the biggest recruit beilein has landed, and if we get either one our future is even brighter.

  • Jake

    This is more of a recruiting question. Does anyone question the scholarship offer to PLP? It doesn’t seem to match the other offers we have out there. Him and McCallum are the only PGs we have offered, and it doesn’t look like we plan on getting McCcallum. So if the PG spot is something we’re looking for, wouldn’t we have more offers out their for PGs? It seems like we’re looking for post.

  • Kenny

    Jake my take on this question is that beilein’s system does not need to field a traditional PG. I guess either hardaway or kearney will play some PG In College if say we take a big, Kearney and Prather/Zeigler to complete the 2010 and 2011 classes. TZ should have skill to play 1 as well but more
    likely he will take Manny’s place at 3.

  • gpsimms

    Just curious, and since no one has said anything I’m assuming there is no update…

    But with the one remaining spot and Zeigler and Prather with relative high interest, has there been any rumbling about Lubick’s future?

    If he was back on the market, I would feel our chances of landing one of the three would be really high. Plus, if we had Lubick, then that would mean we wouldn’t need a big in 2011 as badly and could take two of the smaller in state guys for 2011.

  • WolverineKeith

    Is there a reason Rod Odom is noted for his place in the ESPN Top 100? Are we after this kid and I somehow missed it?

    He would be an interesting guy to bring in. Doing so would, IMO, free us from the need to take a big in ’11 if Plumlee/Williams/Gibson don’t pan out (otherwise we’d probably have to reach for a big in that class) as we’d have two 6’9″ guys (albeit perimeter-oriented ones) in the class ahead.

  • Tom Too

    Rod Odom kinda popped up a week or so ago with an article claiming an offer. Dylan was going to look into it.

  • Tweeter

    PG question – I imagine they feel pretty good about that position for the next several years. Morris is a fr, douglass and llp are so’s. I would rather them be selective about it considering we have decent depth right now, than go out and offer a bunch of guys some of whom the coaches may not be sure of their potential.

    As for Lubick, I thought he had stated shortly after the rumor of the decommit emerged, that he was still strongly committed to Georgetown.

  • gpsimms

    He did say that, but I thought both Dylan and Sam Webb acted like it was more likely than not that the rumors were there for a reason and predicted he’d eventually decommit.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I think if we have not heard anything more about the decommit, then he’s probably still firm as he stated.

  • maxwell’s demon

    i would like state to get none of them

  • Mitchigan

    Below is a video I found of Prather. He has a nice release on his shot – it is much better than I thought. He definitely plays big and would look great as our small forward. We are working it with the right guys and in due time we’ll land a few between the ’10 and ’11 classes. Go Blue!

  • Mitchigan

    One more Prather video for everyone….

  • Brad

    wow, i was impressed as well with his release…everything ive heard is shot is a little raw, but he would not need as much work as i thought…good to see