Wednesday Links: IMU

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Mith

    Re: Pitino, no kidding he really stepped into it on that one. What a mess.

  • Steve

    What does it mean in the mclimans article when it says “the big ten season is a long one, so added strength is not an option”? How is added strength not an option?

  • UMQuasi

    Steve, yeah I thought that was a confusing sentence as well. The only think I can think of is that they’re trying to say that added strength is a must-have as opposed to an option.

    The sentence really doesn’t make any sense though

  • gpsimms

    Just read through the freshman articles at mgoblue. Has anyone ever compared him to Mateen Cleaves? I’ve never seen him play, but man he’s built like Mateen. Did walk-ons just never get this much attention before, or is this group as special as they seem?

  • Eddie

    Love the Beilein cameo in the Merritt vid.

  • UMfan

    UofM hasn’t had walk-ons of this caliber for awhile. I guess you could say Lee was since he transferred from Manhattan…but since the Ellerbe days, most walk-ons were regular students, not athletes with mid-major offers.

    It’s hard to state just how important these walk-ons are. Not just in pushing the starters for playing time, but for making practices that much more competitive. They really do deserve more credit.

  • Tom Too

    The phrase “added strength is not an option” because the Big Ten season is actually correct. During the off season is when bulk and strength is added because you can really push yourself and then rest. During the grind of the B10 season, weight training is geared more towards maintaining what you already have…higher reps and cardio. If you don’t do this, you see players get smaller as the season progresses. But, the last thing you want a player to do is burn out with weight training (with small reps and large weight to increase strength/bulk) and then face Wisconsin the next night all tired and worn out.

    So, strength/bulk added during the off season and maintained during the grind of the season. That is why Stu didn’t get bigger during last season, but blew up during the off season. I bet you take a photo of him now, and then one at the of the season, and you will see a smaller Stu…

  • Ken in Vegas

    I didn’t think the whole “during the B10 season, strength is not an option” statement was all that confusing. Having strength is not an option during B10 play. You simply HAVE to have it to compete. That being said, I thought Tom Too’s insight was intersting.

    Gpsimms, I get the same feeling about these walk-ons. Eso Akunne may be the diamond in the rough….if you can call placing 5th in Mr. Basketball being in the rough. The guy reminds me of that thick All-American guard that UConn had 5 or 6 years back. What was his name….Anyway, Eso is a banger who has a knack for scoring. It may be hard to keep him out of the game. I still question whether McLimans will ever really be a major piece of the puzzle for us, but I suppose when Deshawn and Gibson leave we won’t have a lot of depth at the 5 position. I wish I had a way of watching live practices.

  • Kenny

    McLimans will get red-shirt this year unless Gibson gets worse. In 2010-2011, Cronin and Morgan will split time at 5, McLimans and Smotz would split time at 4, although it is also possible to see McLimans and Smotz play together.

  • Tom Too

    Ken in Vegas – UNCONN’s guy was something like El-Amin or something like that….is that the guy?

    Saw new ESPN Top 100 rankings today…TZ and Prather are as equal as you can get.

  • ryan

    wow, yeah, prather at 25 trey at 26. Smotz moved back to number 60

  • UMfan

    Yes it was Khalid El-Amin. Here is a clip of him playing Euro ball if anyone needs to remember his game

  • Tom Too

    Yeah, I remember that guy now.

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    Ah, yes that’s the one.

  • Steve

    There’s still like 3 months until the season starts to add strength though. so it seems like it may still be an option. Or if he meant it’s necessary I don’t think he would have put it that way. Like how people say “failure is not an option”. It means it cannot happen. not it is necessary.