Monday Night Links

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Hoops Hosting Big Unofficial Visitor ($)
    2011 big man Marshall Plumlee made his way to Ann Arbor for an unofficial today.
  • Big men might see big minutes at Michigan
    Cronin, Morgan, and McLimans talk (HT: MGoBlog)
  • Odom Has New List
    Rod Odom, a 6-foot-9 class of 2010 forward, claims a Michigan offer and lists UConn, Louisville, Boston College, Michigan, Vanderbilt,  Arizona, Miami, Georgia Tech and Harvard as his favorites.
  • Sullinger stands out at adidas Nations
    ESPN still loves Zeigler, this time it is because of his ability to run a team playing the point guard. They also have kind words about Marshall Plumlee: “Plumlee is focused, intense, never takes a play off and is always thinking a move ahead. He is relentless, has a great attitude, gives consistent effort and has a little nasty in him. He is the kind of kid you love to coach because he will continue to get better for years to come due to his work ethic…”
  • Kearney Looking at Michigan State, Jr. Season ($)
    The second paragraph of this article is a gem: “One of the things he has to consider is does he want to be a part of program at Michigan that will surely be in rebuilding mode after the graduation of their two big stars, Corperrayle “Manny” Harris and DeShawn Sims or does he want to be a part of the juggernaut at Michigan State that is coming off a National Finals appearance?”
  • Laval Lucas-Perry will be attending Point Guard College in Maryland.
  • Marquette All-Access
    Off topic but definitely a cool event put on by Marquette recounted by Jerry Palm

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  • Dave

    what is that point guard college……anybody?

  • Check the link… Some sort of camp.

  • Here’s the college only session:

  • Dave

    i would also like to add to the kearney article……….why would michigan be in rebuilding mode when kearney is a freshmen……dmo and vogrich who im sure will be great players will be juniors along with jmo cronin mclimans, etc there will be plenty of experience there…..maybe not as much talent but definitely not rebuilding especially if they get a zeigler/prather to sign along with a smotrycz……idk about these rebuilding comments

  • gpsimms

    i see 2010 as the rebuilding year, and that is if we strike out on ziegs/prather. if we sign zeigler/prather to replace manny…then ZOMG! we will NEVER BE BAD AGAIN!

  • Tom Too

    Beilein’s last year at WV was a “rebuilding year” after Gasney and Pittsnogle left and JB won more games that season (27) than any other year in his 30+ years of coaching. I think UM will never have a rebuilding year under him….

  • If it wasn’t clear… I think it’s a ridiculous statement as well. Players graduate in college basketball, it’s a fact of life, teams are always “rebuilding”. Michigan will be fine.

  • Kenny

    2010 might be a rebuilding year. but 2011?! Everyone but Ant Wright will return. If we are able to get Zeigler/Prather to finish the 2010 class, a deep run into the NCAA tournament is what we are expecting. The best of the 2011 team is the extremely experienced senior class of Stu, Novak and LLP, who can easily be difference makers in many tough games.

  • Tom Too

    Just think about how strong we will be in 2018!!! After JB has a decade under his belt at UM!!!

  • young mula

    Does anyone think that Darius Morris can step in and be an upgrade over lee? Also, what do people forsee the starting lineup to be like next year with the incoming recruits and added big men depth??

  • Dave

    starting lineup………..stu, darius, manny, deshawn, gibson

  • young mula

    What makes you think that gibson will crack the starting lineup…something he couldn’t do last year with considerably less depth and competition???

  • Dave

    because hes a fifth year senior and his role is going to be much clearer this year, being that of a perimeter guy, they said all of last year he was a much better shooter than what he was showing, beilein im sure has had talks with him defining his role, and you are obviously going to put in him the starting lineup over mclimans to start the season out anyways…… imagine him and mclimans will be getting rotated in and out quite often…….it wouldnt surprise me if gibson was a surprise player this year…..just an opinion

  • Dave

    he couldnt be in the starting lineup last year because they needed that big man coming in off the bench…… cant have your tallest man on the court be manny for long stretches at a time for obvious reasons, now the added depth of bigs lets things naturally work themselves out

  • Tom Too

    The starting line up could be anything next year. Anybody remember Peedi coming off the bench at the beginning of the season? I didn’t see that one coming, either. How about Novak at the FOUR?? The line up could be surprising this Fall. Could be LLP at point, Stu at Two, Manny at three, Peedi and Blake inside…or Big Ben. Where’s Novak? How about Manny at the two, Novak at the three, Peedi and Gibson inside?

    It is going to be very interesting to see the rotation develop.

  • Kenny

    What for sure if that Manny, Peedi and Stu will start.

    The uncertainty #1 is where Novak will play, he could start at 2 if Stu at 1 and Gibson starts at 4. Or more likely he will still start at 4 for most of the games, with LLP or Morris starting at 1.

    The second uncertainty is who will our 2nd PG after Morris, at the end of the last season, Stu was a better PG than LLP.

    The third uncertainty is Gibson. I said somewhere that Gibson will benefit the most from Cronin coming in, who will relieve him from playing back-up at 5. He played a lot better at the parameter offensively, and defensively when there is another big man on the court.

    Vogrich will play back-up at 2, and Wright will likely to back up Manny exclusively at 3.

  • Brick

    Beilein played Novak about 35 minutes a game when we played well down the stretch. Gibson averaged less than 10. I don’t see how anyone can reason that Gibson will start over Novak or somehow see more minutes than him this year. Gibson was on the bench at the end of our close games even if no one was in foul trouble. Novak played major minutes and crunchtime minutes because we were better with him on the floor. I think Beilein saw Novak as our third best player last year and that’s why he always found a spot for him. I think we’ll see Novak for about 30 minutes a game this season spread between the 4, 3 and 2.

    We made it to the tournament and won a game with Stu, Novak, Sims and Harris starting so I don’t see how any of them will lose their spot before the season starts. We have one starting spot open and it will probably be between Morris and LLP. I think it will depend as much on what Beilein wants coming off the bench as anything else. He may not want too many freshman coming in off the bench so he may want to start Morris so he can bring in LLP if he needs a change.

  • Dave

    there is no way that deshawn is the only big man that starts…….that was the reason for them getting “bigs” because of size problems………beilein has said he wants to play big, there is no way that novak starts at the 4…….these are the problems of last year and even though they may have worked on the occasion they have the bigs at their disposal now, and now they will be getting used…… be very very very surprised and upset if novak is playing the 4 battling against another teams 6’8″ man or bigger for any more than 1 possession a game when we have plenty of bigs now, no reason for it……..the overall look of the team is going to be much different from last year, with definite roles, clearly organized with an understanding of where each player is going to play, there wont be any juggling of people to find out where they fit, its past that point

  • Dave

    gibson might not be a starter or even play that much but there is definitely going to be at least 2 bigs on the court at all times from here on out guaranteed……..unless the opponent has very small players, thats the only exception where it might happen or a blowout

  • UMIndy

    This is an interesting debate. My impression of JB is that he will not play tall guys simply to have tall guys out on the court.

    I’d love to see Gibson significantly improved, but I have my doubts. The other “bigs” are total unknowns, they have no experience. Cronin and Morgan are coming off injuries and McLim is a stick figure.

    I really really hope those four can be good enough to demand minutes, but I would not be surprised to see Novak at the 4 quite a bit again this year.

  • jds

    My guess:

    1) Morris, LLP/Stu
    2) Stu, LLP/Novak/Vogrich
    3) Manny, Novak/Wright
    4) Novak, Gibson/Mclimans
    5) Peedi, Cronin

  • jmblue

    Did the MSU Scout guy just predict that MSU will make the national title game in 2011? If he’s referring to this year, MSU won’t be “coming off” that appearance two years from now, by the time Kearney will enroll in college.

    A lot can change in two years. In 2011, MSU might find itself in a rebuilding mode with Kalin Lucas gone. Funny that the guy leaves that possibility out.

  • jBdub

    The only way Gibson will start, imo, is if either he or Deshawn has improved as a passer in the off season, because I’ve heard coach Beilein say he hesitated playing them both at the same time this past season because neither is a very good passer.

  • Giddings

    I like the list from jds, except I’m not so sure about Novak starting at the 4 again this year. By all accounts, he has really slimmed down over the summer to become more of a guard than a forward. I’m thinking starting forwards will be Peedi and either Gibson or McLimans… but it’s really up in the air.

  • GregGoBlue

    I’m with UMIndy on this one that Beilein will not play big guys simply to have bigs out there. This is why Gibson was not a regular starter last year. I think both Gibson and LLP are very strong coming off the bench; they bring experience and a steady hand. I think we’ll see some very solid bench production this year.

    Also, keep in mind that since we are in such a unique situation re: size, expect to see shuffling of the starting lineup depending on the opponent. My question is where Vogrich will play.

  • Dave

    everybody needs to remember that last year was just how things happened to work………that wasnt beilien’s system in full swing…….hes not going to break away from his system that he has been successful with over 30 years of coaching because of novak’s success at the 4 for one season………he has the big men and more importantly big men shooters at his disposal now, which will be the 4……..we havent truly seen what a beilein team looks like yet until this year……….once again novak will not be starting at the 4 guaranteed…….very very limited time at the 4 will be had by novak there is no reason for it, mclimans is definitely going to play for sure……..they need that big man shooter which is essentially the cornerstone of jb’s offense if i hadnt gotten that point across yet……….thats about all i have for now

  • Brick

    His system is one in four out. Gibson will not start at the 4 because he is not a reliable perimeter shooter and defenders can cheat off of him thus disrupting the flow of the offense. McLimans is an unproven frosh and will not start over Novak.

    While Beilein prefers a big shooter in the 4 spot, the shooter part is more important than the big.

    I guarantee Novak will start.