Friday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • jwalk

    Great links Dylan but I wanted to point out that the Andy Katz link points to the ‘Part 1’ video & should probably go to ‘Part 2’ which covers M in the Old Spice.

  • Thanks jwalk… Fixed the link. Also posted one more link about Ron Odom… A potential new recruit.

  • Giddings

    I’m really liking these MGoBlue features on the freshman… some nice quotes from Eso in there.


    Another guy who was kind of sort of on the radar. Solomon to Cal.

  • jds

    Sounds like Eso and Novak will be competing for the utility spot in the years to come

  • Dominque Ferguson to FIU.. Don’t think Trey or Ray will follow him there…

  • Ben

    good article on Trey by Sam Webb, sounds like he wants to pick his school sooner then later, but My prediction is we get prather or zeigler

  • Mitchigan

    I know we are a long way away from Petway and Amaker (and eventhough I did like Amaker as a person) that is definitely good news. I found a pretty cool recent video on Petway (Beilein would have had a good time with some backdoor passes to Petway).

    I’m definitely really psyched for this season. Who’s everyone’s breakout player?? I think I’m going to pick Novak. I think he’s going to score a lot more this year than last. Go Blue!

  • jmblue

    I’m glad to see Ellerbe get the, uh, recognition he deserves. One goof though: he didn’t recruit Taylor or Traylor. He was floundering at Loyola (Md.) at the time.

  • Kenny

    It make sense that Eso could be the specialist to back up Manny, maybe he will compete with Ant for the 5 minutes.

  • El Capitan

    Interesting how Slam magazine has us at 19th, behind four other Big Ten schools but says we could finish 2nd in the conference.

    I really don’t see how Minnesota warrants a spot above us…

  • Ben

    I have a feeling Darius Morris will be very good player this year but my pick for returning players is Stu, reports are he has bulked up and is looking good in practice

  • Paul F

    I agree Ben. Stu should have a great season. Also, I think LLP will have a good season too.

  • Tom Too

    I’d vote for LLP. I really think sitting out for an entire year hurt him last year. I had heard the same thing as everyone else prior to the Oakland game, but he just seemed a bit off the entire 2nd semester. He had some moments, and even won a huge game for us, but overall he was off. I bet he slows down this year, gets his feet under him, and gets his swerve on.

  • Mitchigan

    I actually forgot about LLP for some reason. I like that pick. Also, there’s a great write up below by MIKE HUGUENIN about coach Beilein when asked who’s the best sideline tactician.

  • Dave

    you gotta figure everybody who is returning is going to be better …….if stu and llp can step their games up this could be a very good team……..very excited to see the improvements