VIDEO: Trey Zeigler in Arizona

Dylan Burkhardt

Point Guard U posted Trey Zeigler footage from the Arizona Desert Duel. Zeigler wears #32 for Team Detroit in blue or white.

PGU also posted a Ray McCallum mix as well. There is also a Team Detroit highlight film from their time in Vegas which you can check out here.

Video courtesy of Point Guard, an Arizona basketball website (thanks to mmccraa for pointing it out in the comments).

  • Drew

    I mean…wow. I always knew he was good, and granted this is just a highlight tape, but the kid is a freak.

  • David

    Anyone see McCallum’s dunk off the dribble? Sheez. I sometimes forget that these guys are on such a different level athletically.

  • We need Zeigler. He could put UM not only in the upper echlon of the Big Ten, but the nation. We need to keep this Michigan talent in the state. Under the old regime we would let these type of players leave. Hope JB can land him.

  • Justin C

    There’s a lot of buzz that he’s going to sign with his father at Central. I’m not that worried though – I think we’ll land either Trey or Prather, but even if we don’t there are a lot of 2011 kids that are on our radar.

  • Erik


  • Tom Too

    Ray is the real deal. If you guys didn’t see his mix, take a look.

  • Drew

    Ray is sick too. If D-Mo could play a little off guard, and Ray was our point… that would be incredible. I don’t think that’s happening though.

  • mmccrae

    Did anyone go to youtube and look at the related videos? there were a few interviews and such… I unfortunately can see all three of them going to the same school, but when asked, trey said he wouldnt mind that, but still seemed somewhat resentful? kinda seemed pressured into the question whereas dominique was more at the idea… maybe (probably) blowing this out of proportion… I think trey would like to play with his team detroit teammates… I think (hope) it will be with kearney at UM…

  • Just to let you know, this is from the Desert Duel Memorial that took place in Gilbert, AZ. We do have a highlight reel of Ray McCallum, Dominique Ferguson and Trey Zeigler from the Reebok Summer Championships in Detroit at as well. Feel free to check it out.

  • Correction, from Las Vegas, not Detroit. My bad.

  • Thanks for the correction GFimbres. You guys do a great job over there. How long has your site been around? I just stumbled upon it recently.

  • Here’s the Vegas video I believe:

    Added a link to the post

  • Our site has been around for several years and was more of a place for UA fans to get together and BS. Most recently, maybe since January, who have gotten motivated to provide free content and information to the Arizona fan base and love the fact we can provide other schools with a tad bit of information.

    Our site has built a really good relationship with Ray, Trey and Dominique. They are three respectable and outstanding young kids. Made me feel old though when they called me sir. I mean I am only 30. I am one of the main writers for PGU so feel free to use any information I provide. This is a really gate and will now become one of my daily frequents.

    Keep up the good work and don’t be upset when I say that I hope all three of those players end up in Arizona and not Michigan.

  • Adam

    Andy Katz will be on ESPN News in 10 minutes to discuss the in-season tournaments including the Old Spice Classic. I will try to post anything useful he says about it and Michigan as a whole.

  • Little wasted motion. Would seem to have an almost languid fluidity for all aspects of the offensive game, turning it on or getting aggressive to just the degree necessary to finish. Knows how to keep the ball away from the defender. Seems to have that mid-range game that’s so often lacking, esp. in young players. Can break the defender down, slice, dice, and make it look nice, but singularly unshowy, at least as we see him here. Goes as high as he needs to, but really can sky.

  • Adam

    Not a whole ton of earth shattering news from Katz but Coach B was on soon after and he talked a lot about changing the culture of the program. I figure the complete interview might pop up on at some point soon. Didn’t talk about many guys specifically. More about the program maintaining a high level of success with as dificult a schedule as possible and letting the guys experience tournament play as much as possible with the Old Spice.

  • mmccrae

    Here is a link to the synopsis of the Andy Katz tourney round up

  • mmccrae
  • SteinerBlue

    VERY impressive, and I agree with Mattski. Amongst all of the fabulous moves, Trey’s mid-range game really stood out to me. That will set him apart from his 2010 peers from day one of college.

  • Tom Too

    He really reminds me of Rip Hamilton with that pull-up/mid-range game…even has the same number.