Weekend Reading

Dylan Burkhardt

Just a couple links on the tail end of this Friday…

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  • Tom Too

    Here’s how it’s going to go down: We get Prather and State gets Trey and we get to see those boys battle for four years.

  • GregGoBlue

    How about we get Trey and State gets nobody?

  • Dave

    i think its unlikely that trey ends up at michigan state thats my personal opinion

  • Brad

    HUGE news…wow, to get Prather to campus would really increase the chances considering every recruit ive ever heard michigan was interested came away singing the praises of everything about the school…coachin staff, city, school, teammates etc…that plus the opportunity to be an instant impact/”star” and the solid class already coming…well im not gonna say anymore cause i dont wanna jinx anything…

  • Ken in Vegas

    Getting him on campus was key. If he’s not convinced he wants to play for us after the visit, then I respect his decision. I wouldn’t have been able to swallow it if he dropped us without even seeing what we can offer him. Great news. The football atmosphere should certainly help.

  • Bluebufoon

    Coach Beilein was probably scouting Tim Hardaway Jr. and Mac Irvin Fire at the event in Merrillville, Indiana.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Do we really need to scout somebody who has already committed?

  • Tom_McC

    yes Ken…you can’t just ignore committed recruits, otherwise they may sour and decommit. He may not have been scouting Hardaway…but just keeping tabs, as he should.

  • Ben

    I would prefer Zeigler but Prather would be great as well, the question who would you rather have Prather or Zeigler???

  • Mitchigan

    There was a great round up all about Michigan basketball on rivals this Thurs which I read, but now I can’t seem to find it to post. You all would have enjoyed. If someone sees it post it for all. It gave updates on all our prospects, I’m pretty sure it was by Jerry Meyer (maybe they switched it to premium). On another note, mgoblue just posted the Freshman update on the one and only DMO.


  • Paul F.

    Well I’m glad Jerry answered my question. Great
    news about his visit. I really like Prather. I hope you guys are as excited as I am. Get Casey on campus show him around. Let Coach B. work his magic. Go Blue! Go Casey!

  • Mitchigan

    One more vid I thought I’d post


  • JBlair52

    Ken – I dont think “scouting” is necessarily the correct term. But you get the idea – scouting, recruiting, investing time, etc. They’re not just there to see his game, but to show the commitment to him.

  • Kenny

    Just feel that Zeigler will wait until Spring

  • Benjamin

    Kenny, I read an article on a premium site that cited a Fall/late fall decision.

    It wasn’t a quote or anything- but we shall see.

  • David

    You’d think that Trey might hurt his chances at playing in the NBA if he went to play for his dad at Central (practice and game competition way lower). Must be a difficult decision for him to balance.

  • Michigan makes the final seven with Prather

  • Paul F

    Thanks for posting my question Dylan. I forgot I asked Jerry M.. Wouldn’t of seen his answer. Love this site. Keep up the great work.

  • Tweeter

    No surprises in that final seven for Prather. I still think its either UK or Memphis. Hopefully a visit to UM will give us a shot at him.

    David – I dont think it matters where Zeigler or McCallum play in terms of getting to the NBA. They already have tons of exposure and NBA scouts will follow them no matter where they go. Obviously, if they go to Central or UD and suck, then they will be in trouble. But that is true no matter what. For most of the top recruits it no longer matters where they go to school in terms of NBA exposure b/c they get so much in high school and AAU. However, I do think that it will hurt their NBA careers. I think it is very difficult to go from only playing high school competition and MAC/Horizon competition to playing in the NBA. But thats the only reason I would be worried if I was one of them making that choice.

  • Tweeter

    Dylan – I know awhile back you asked readers about adding a diary section similar to that of Mgoblog. I think most people responded that they liked the current format with just comments after specific posts. But are there any plans to add a message board system similar to Mgoblogs. I know that I dont really read the diary parts on Mgoblog, but I do peruse the message board. Personally, I would enjoy a similar message board on this site. I am sure you have already thought about this, but I was curious as to whether or not you are leaning in one direction of the other.

  • Tom Too

    Top 7, huh? I guess it is waaay better than not making the list. Just seems like a random number….like top 14. I’ll get pumped when we make the top two, then top one.

  • Bluebufoon

    On Trey Ziegler’s recruitment, I believe U-M will attempt to get Zeigler on campus in early Septemeber for an official visit and at that time I believe Coach Beielin will try to close the deal, but by mid-September at the latest I would bet U-M will know exactly where they stand with Trey.