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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Taddie

    not really in relation to any of the links you have posted, but Michigan’s roster is up on mgoblue, and Corey Person isn’t on it. Is he no longer one of our walk-ons?

  • Ken in Vegas

    That would certainly make sense, because I wasn’t sure how we were going to accept 6 new freshman without losing him.

  • Tom Too

    I was under the impression that we would have 6 freshmen, instead of 7, because one would probably redshirt. I would bet he is still on the team and that is a typo because he is the guy I always seem to leave out, too.

  • Mitchigan

    I haven’t found anything on Corey leaving either, but I doubt mgoblue made a mistake. Maybe he wants to focus on applying to medical school. He was a 4.0 student in high school taking AP Calc and AP Bio and receives a scholarship with the Kalamazoo promise.

    I also have a question about another scholarly Michigan basketball player, Jordan Morgan. Momma Morgan, how’s Jordan feeling these days? I was also very impressed to know that you are Wolverine alum, great stuff. We all love hearing from you. I read on his profile he is interested in majoring in Biological Engineering, very impressive. Is he at U of M yet? Let us know when you have a chance.

    Go Jordan, Go Blue!

  • KainKitizen

    Matt Vogrich sounds like he is going to be deadly with his shooting for this years team and the coming years from what was written of him at I can’t wait to see Game #1.

  • Tom Too

    I would expect MV to start off on fire and then hit the freshman wall come mid-Janaury….Luckily, Stu and Novak have already gone through it and will probably be en fruego come the B10 portion of the schedule…..

  • Ken in Vegas

    When daydreaming about next year’s team (which I do a lot), I often forget and then rediscover that Stu and Novak were only freshman and will have improved. If they both up their 3pt % by 5% each, we could be a real frustrating team to play. Considering we had one of the worst 3pt percentages as a team and still had great success, imagine if we were actually middle of the pack. I think it’s only a matter of time before we’re dropping bombs at an alarming rate.

  • Giddings

    Never realized this about Manny’s first name…

    “Given name is Corperryale, a mixture of a cousin (Corrine), an uncle (Perry) and the “ale” of his immediate siblings — Janelle, Jerrelle and Al.”

  • Giddings

    And never realized this about DeShawn’s nickname…

    Nickname is “Peedi” — variation of grandfather’s nickname “P.T.”

  • I knew the Corperryale story but didn’t know the details of “Peedi”

  • Nate-Dawg

    Seems like Ray McCallum, Casey Prather and Trey Zeigler are the 3 big fish we are going after but we can really only take 1 correct? If you had your pick of these three which would you take? From the little i’ve read I’d take Ziegler.

    I’m really excited about how JB has been recruiting and how he hasn’t been afraid to go after some big names. I just hope we don’t get shut out.

  • Dave

    not only seeing stus and novaks 3pt % go up but everything maybe add a little midrange game, hopefully novak worked on his cutting and pump faking abilities….how many times last year was he wide open after a slash to the basket where the defender recovered and swatted him from behind……….and perhaps maybe a little improvement in being able to drive into the lane and create some stuff for themselves and others…….every part of their game should be improved upon ……..this is just wishful thinking but 3pts and a little more from somewhere else would certainly makes things even more dangerous

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    Agreed, Dave. I think everyone here underestimates the type of improvements that ultra hard working ultra smart guys like Stu and Zack can make. Not many kids make the type of impact that they did as freshman. Even 4 star type kids. I’m really excited to see them develop. We will have them for 4 years.

  • Tom Too

    You will see a ton of improvement from those two. Between their Senior Years’ last game, until they stepped on campus, the only instruction they got from JB was over the phone (ie work hard in the weight room, work on your dribble drives, etc.). Ever since the OU loss in KC, they have had specific drills tailored to their weaknesses, and they have been doing these since Mid-March. In short, with JB, you learn how to improve over the summer and you don’t just spend the 4 months playing summer league in Podunk, IN. He is huge at saying you can get more shots off in 20 minutes by yourself than in 4 hours of pickup.

  • GregGoBlue

    Dave, you strike a good point. The backdoor cut, which is a staple of the Beilein offense, many felt was under-employed last year (though I think we can all agree that when it did work… UCLA/Duke… it was amazing). I think with improved guard off-ball skills I think we’ll see a lot more of that next year in Stu/Novak’s second year.

  • Sheryl

    Michigan 2009-10 Men’s Basketball Prospectus (pdf)

    Corey isn’t on here either.
    Page 5 (or 6th page down) has some comments from Coach Beilein.

    Go Blue!

  • KainKitizen

    “In addition to the six freshmen, Corey Person and Ben Cronin will have
    freshman eligibility in 2009-10. Person, a walk-on, elected to redshirt while
    Cronin was forced to redshirt after undergoing hip surgery (Jan. 14)”

    This is the only writing saying that Corey could still be with the team in the Prospectus. It’s on page 7, I believe. They could have forgotten about Corey by mistake. Unless, He has chosen not to continue his basketball career that we don’t know anything about yet.

  • JBlair52

    I’d heard he’ll be added in the fall…not sure what the deal is. Sounds like he’s still playing from everything I’ve heard.

  • From the 2012 Indiana list, Yogi Ferrell was at U-M’s camp in June. One of the best 15-year-old point guards I’ve seen in the last few years.