Weekend Roundup (7-27-09)

Dylan Burkhardt

trey-ray Photo Courtesy of PointGuardU.com

Team Detroit security another AAU championship after beating D-One Sports 56-48 in the RBK Summer Championship. Team Detroit features a number of Michigan recruiting targets including 2010 prospects Trey Zeigler and Ray McCallum as well as 2011 prospects Brandan Kearney and Percy Gibson (5 star prospect Dominique Ferguson also played with Team Detroit this weekend). Zeigler led Team Detroit with 16 points and added 7 rebounds and 3 assists. McCallum had 11 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists while 2011 target Quincy Miller scored 16 points for the opposition.

Trey Zeigler: 5-Star Potential

Trey Zeigler seems to impress anyone that sees him play and this weekend was no different. Rivals already thought highly of him, but after seeing him in Vegas they are even more impressed.

Maybe we just didn’t see at first, but it looks like Zeigler’s is adding to his game. Whether it’s an extra gear or an added dose of confidence, Zeigler is continuously impacting the game. He is now in five-star discussion.

Zeigler has been a priority for Michigan for a very long time, and that will continue to be the case. Max Preps jumped on the Zeigler bandwagon as well after they saw him score 25 points in a game versus the New York Panthers. There is no doubt that Trey can score the ball as well as the best in the country.

The next step for Trey appears clear, he wants to trim his list to five schools by the end of August. It would be great if Trey wants to decide in the Fall but it’s also very possible that he waits until the spring.

Point Guard U, an Arizona basketball website, conducted a (slightly leading) video interview with Trey in Vegas.

For a little more Zeigler video, there is a nice little adidas Promo with a couple very short clips.

Casey Prather: Dancing and Singing

pratherMemphis Roar caught up with Casey Prather for a video interview at a recent AAU tournament. Prather talks about his recruitment as well as his singing and dancing abilities.

Michael DeCourcy lists Prather as one to watch after seeing him play at the adidas Super 64 tournament this weekend in Vegas and mentions that roy Williams was there watching Prather. Here’s DeCourcy’s scouting report:

Prather is a solid ballhandler who effectively creates opportunities for himself. He tends to shoot the ball without arc, which causes him to be less accurate, but that could be corrected. Coaches from nearly a dozen schools would love to try: including Michigan, Clemson, Florida, Alabama and Vanderbilt.

Prather reportedly shot the ball with more confidence ($) over the weekend and with his length and athleticism, a consistent jumpshot would make him deadly. We all know that Beilein is one of the best shooting coaches in the country. I’m sure that has been a point of emphasis in his recruitment, his comments about skill development in the video interview are definitely encouraging.

Jody Demling thinks that Prather will turn a lot of his “big-time looks” into offers after his strong play this weekend.

More Notes

  • Mentioning the filth that is associated with AAU basketball is becoming a broken record but it seems like there is always a new issue being pointed out. Pete Thamel wrote a New York Times piece this weekend about coaches being forced to buy a $295 roster packet at AAU tournaments.  People that don’t think AAU basketball is a cesspool of corruption really need to open their eyes.
  • Ray McCallum continues to play well this summer as well. DeCourcy profiled McCallum over the weekend and MaxPreps is also a fan.
  • According to a Rivals update, Michigan appears to be recruiting California 2010 point guard Keala King. King is a top 40 recruit according to Rivals and plans to decide in the spring.
  • Patrick Lucas-Perry has flown under the national radar a bit this summer and he played in Orlando over the weekend ($). Here’s a recent scouting report from Slam Online: “This rising junior has good court vision and did a great job moving the ball up the floor. He made a couple of impressive entry passes and also found a way to get himself to the rim. Patrick can knock down the 3-ball and also does a nice job in getting to the free throw line. He is definitely a sleeper!”
  • Evan Derman got a chance to meet with Tim Hardaway Jr’s shooting coach. NBADraft.net also saw Hardaway Jr. in action: “Tony Wroten was guarded by 6’5″ shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr., the son of former all star point guard Tim Hardaway. Hardaway Jr. has a solid package of tools (decent athleticism ball handling, defensive abilities and a thin yet strong body), but his shooting ability is really the only thing that would allow us to consider him a pro prospect.”
  • 2011 forward Justin Gant plans to visit Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Notre Dame football game.
  • Jonathan Arledge played well over the weekend but reports of a Michigan offer appear to have been false. In a recent Rivals update, Arledge lists offers from “George Mason, Temple, Penn State, Vermont, Tulane, Siena, Providence, Fairfield, Niagara, and Vanderbilt” and interest from Xavier, Boston College, Michigan, Michigan State, James Madison, VCU, and Georgetown.
  • Michigan (and surprisingly Dayton) didn’t make Adreian Paynes list of five.
  • Yahoo’s Jason King lists Michigan as one of ten teams who are ready to make huge strides in 2009-10.
  • There is endless coverage of this weekend’s AAU events on the internet and I was away all weekend. So if I missed something and you have seen other worthwhile articles or scouting reports, make sure to post them in the comments.
  • Kevin in GR

    There was an AAU Tournament game from Orlando on ESPNU last night (Team from Ohio and CP3 All Stars). There were a couple OSU recruits (Sullinger being one). OSU seems to have committments from quite a few already and are on the lists of others. Anyways, I noticed on the ESPN “Bottom line” when they were showing schools of top recruits that UM wasn’t listed on McCallum’s list. UM was listed on Prather’s list though. Maybe the lists weren’t all inclusive, but they seemed to be.

  • Justin C

    McCallum looks like a Jackson 5 member in that photo.

  • More love for Zeigler.. ESPN http://bit.ly/R4F0z

  • Goodman has more on Trey & Ray including quotes from their Dads


  • Special B

    A friend of mine was in Vegas for the Reebok tournament…said he got to talk with trey and ray for a good length of time and really got the impression they wanted to play together…say hypothetically offerring ray as well as trey secures a committment from zeigler, would Coach B do it? awfully tempting…

  • Alyzen

    Can the scholarship situation be worked out to add two in 2010 if McCallum and Zeigler are both interested?

  • mmccrae

    If they are set on playing together, I dont see them ending up at UM… I think Trey has genuine intrest in UM but I think McCallum believes there are bigger things…

  • David

    Special B:

    McCallum already has a M offer.

  • Andy

    Seems like there is room for both Ziegler and McCallum if Coach B can be reasonably certain that Manny leaves after this season… FWIW, as much as I hate to admit it, I think barring injury (knock on wood) Manny is as good as gone after this season.

  • Adam

    Yeah it makes me nervous when I keep hearing Trey and Ray want to play together because I get the feeling that Trey is a lot more interested in Michigan than Ray is. In addition to them both needing to have the same level of interest in UM, they also need Manny’s scholarship to free up so that it is even possible. If Trey and Ray decide to play together in college I don’t see it being at Michigan.

    Therefore I really hope we can get Casey Prather up for a visit so that his interest in Michigan can continue to grow. I also hope that UNC doesn’t throw their hat into the ring for him or else that one may be all over.

  • Tom Too

    UNC throws their hat into the ring, it’s all over…. I am thinking it will be a couple of years and a couple of players drafted before we can sit at the adult table to eat…..

  • Special B

    Thanks David for clarifying.
    For some reason, I like our chances with Prather. In that interview Dylan posted, he seemed almost excited to mention Michigan, and it was the first name (probably overly optimistic I know but I gotta believe). I also have a feeling some of the high majors (ex. Kansas) will cool on McCallum, as they probably have bigger fish to fry. Which leads me to my next question, however unlikely/impossible it may be, what happens if all 3 would like to commit?

  • mmccrae

    McCallum is like the 20th rated player in the nation I think… He is big fish. To get 3 schollies you would need to know manny is leaving and not give ant his 5th year… I dont think either of those are possible to confirm 100% right now. Taking 2 would be risky, three is almost ludicrous. I believe we can take only 1 in 2010. Its a race for those 3, not that any of those players is rushing. Once one commits, I think the others lose UM as an option. I find it funny we have offered another 2010 player, if the report is true. I would prefer Zeigler to him, and if he commits before I dont think Zeigler would have a place. I realize King probably wont come but it still seems risky.

    Also, I share you over optimism Special B. Im thinking that the fact he mentions us means we are in the front of his mind! yeah… over optimism…

  • Jared

    Whats up with Zeigler’s profile on scout saying his leaders are UCLA and Arizona State? ASU couldnt even get past the 2nd round with a top 3 overall pick

  • JBlair52

    Manny couldnt HAVE to leave to bring in McCallum…

    Wright could not be offered his 5th year

    but then we’d only have 1 for 2011

    A while back I know Zeigler/Kearney were both really wanting to play together and both really thought UM was a strong possibility to make that happen. Things change, but Zeigler isnt necessarily going to just follow McCallum around IMO.

  • David

    How ridiculous is the Team Detroit AAU team? Dylan, how many games do you they’d win if they were in the Big Ten next season?

    There is a really an astounding amount of talent in Michigan over these two classes.

  • GregGoBlue

    If Zeigler and McCallum want to play together, their only real option for a high major school is Kansas (who apparently hasn’t offered Zeigler according to rivals or scout), unless they settle for something like an Arizona State.

  • David


    I don’t know if I’d rely on the Rivals/Scout offer lists. I bet a lot of big time schools would take both if there was interest on the players’ end.

  • Matt

    GregGoBlue…Arizona is another place they could land

  • Ben

    I don’t see them paying together at the college level…. You have to remember Zeigler wants to play with Kearney as well. Kearney seems to be a huge Michigan lean at this point and if JB can’t land Braylon Edwards Cousin then he might as well quit recruiting michigan. There is a great article on Scout after Kearney visited michigan and he said he wanted to commit right there and then but his dad advised him to wait a bit… what Beilien needs to do is offer percy gibson because he and kearney want to play together. go blue

  • Kenny

    I will bet 20 bucks with anyone on this forum that Trey and McCallum will NOT end up playing at the same college. Many schools would like to have both but they are not equally fit at those places. At the end, they will each pick what is best for them.

  • mmccrae

    I agree with Ben… A Kearney, Zeigler combo is much more likely whether it be at UM (I hope) or state or somewhere else. Any ideas why we havent offered Gibson?

  • Tom Too

    Kenny – that sounds about right…

  • Ben

    IF you are a rankings guy then its confusing because he is a 4 star kid for rivals and in there top 100 for 2011 along with Kearney ,brundidge and williams. but I know Beilien is recruiting him but no offer yet. I personally don’t want Amir Williams after seeing video of this kid, he is soooo sluggish on the floor and doesn’t look like he has the heart of a guy like brundidge, walks back on offence, just lazy, but he is young yet
    I want a 2011 class of Kearney,one of Brundidge or PLP, and gibson, I think its time for a complete in state class

  • mmccrae

    I trust whoever JB gets, but kearney, brundidge plp, and gibson sounds like a pretty sweet class…

  • That’s a lot of guys who can’t really shoot it, if that’s your 2011 class.

  • Ken in Vegas

    PLP can’t shoot it? I think we have enought shooters right now to last us the next 4 years. Having some athletic slashers will make us a more balanced team.

  • Ben

    Beilien can make anyone a better shooter

  • David

    That’s something else I was curious about… why hasn’t Coach B offered Percy Gibson? We need a big in the class. Gibson is rated right there with Williams Gibson has more M interest, no?

    I like Ben’s class of Kearney, Gibson, and PLP/Brundidge. It’s too bad we can’t take all four. If we get Zeigler, we can only take two.

  • Jay

    They say Percy hasnt gotten an offer because he is a tweener kind of like Eso Akunne, and a bulldog. Great ball player but what is his position at the next level? Hes working on his shot but if he hits a growth spurt for 2-3 more inches UM wont be the only ones looking to offer him believe that.

  • Ben

    we will have 3 or 4 schollies in 2011 because Manny is going pro and Ant Wright might not get his 5th year, MSU offered gibson and isn’t gibson just a slightly bigger Draymond green and beilien offered and recruit green extremely hard, just a thought

  • Neither Manny or Anthony Wright will free up any scholarships for 2011. They will both be out of eligibility by 2011 anyways.


    Manny leaving would open up another spot in 2010, but just for that year.

  • None of those four are really athletic slashers either, other than Brundidge but he’s 6-1. PLP’s shot comes and goes. Gibson isn’t a tweener, he’s a 4 all the way. Green’s skill level and basketball IQ were way ahead of his at the same age.

  • jds

    What’s likely to happen if Manny does leave early for 2010 and say Ziegler/Prather are already committed to UM or somewhere else. If the Manny leaving early schollie is only eligible for 2010, does Beilein hand it to a walk on?

  • Jay

    SBell go listen to Sam Webbs podcast on Percy. His faceup game is limited, and hes working to improve his outside stroke. They list him at 6’8 but his real height is? If hes a legit 6’8, offers wouldnt be up in the air for as good as he is

  • Ken in Vegas

    SBell, you’re saying that these guys are not good shooters and they also are not athletic slashers? Why are they in the top 50? Because they set good picks?

  • Ben

    well this sucks because we need more then 2 schollies in 2010!!! there has to be a way to free up schollies

  • gpsimms

    We only have one more to give in 2010. Two in 2011 if we take one more in 2010, but three if we strike out on Zeigler/Prather (or anyone else we might have offered for 2010).