Schedule Update: Conference Games Set

Dylan Burkhardt

The Columbus Dispatch released a list of all of the “one plays” on next year’s Big Ten schedule. The list looks like good news for Michigan who will play Illinois and Purdue only once. Illinois will play at Ann Arbor while the Purdue game will be a re-match of Elbow-Gate back in West Lafayette.  Michigan will play every other team in the conference twice.

This is a good draw because Michigan doesn’t have to worry about playing bottom feeders only once (Indiana last year). The Purdue home game was probably a chance for a quality win which may be a slight loss. However, it seems like Michigan never wins at Illinois so that’s definitely a positive.

Here’s the full list of “one plays”:

Ohio State at Michigan State
Northwestern at Ohio State
Illinois at Michigan
Minnesota at Illinois
Indiana at Penn State
Michigan State at Indiana
Iowa at Wisconsin
Penn State at Iowa
Michigan at Purdue
Purdue at Northwestern
Wisconsin at Minnesota

This finalizes Michigan’s 2009-2010 schedule except for the actual dates and times of conference games.

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  • Drew

    Wow, this is definitely good news, I think. We can’t ever win at Illinois, but I’m fiarly confident we’ll take care of them at home. As far as Purdue goes, that may be a loss but I still think we can compete with them on the road, considering how close the first half was last year before Manny got tossed. But most of all, I’m glad we’re playing State twice. I get real sick of only playing them once a year.

  • Drew


  • SkitchBeatz

    My season tickets will be put to good use! Looking forward to the Illinois game.

  • David

    Dylan, very minor suggestion: do you think you could update the schedule with the field of the Old Spice classic?

  • David: Done.

  • CP

    Looks like Minnesota got the best draw – avoiding a road trip to Wisconsin and avoiding Illinois at home. PSU looks to have gotten it the worst only getting Indiana and Iowa once.

  • Looks like a good schedule, but I kind of wish we had Duke on there still. Are we getting them back anytime soon?

  • gpsimms

    Well, when Beilein starts destroying the bigten on a year in, year out basis, then we’ll get better matchups from the ACC challenge.

    (I’m being funny…but it could totally happen)

  • jwalk

    Chris: Agreed–wife went to grad school @ Duke & we currently live in Raleigh. I was really looking forward to seeing M @ Cameron this year. Hopefully the series is just taking a break & will be back next season…

  • hambone

    remember though, that we only had to play MSU once this past season (at home nonetheless), which may have also been a good break for us last season… this year we’ll be playing msu twice…

  • Matt

    I don’t know if I like that we are not playing Illinois and Purdue twice. I’d rather play them and get more tune-up games for the tourney. Playing Indiana twice and Iowa twice does nothing for our schedule strength but make it lower. I mean I guess Iowa could be a pretty good team next year but I really dont think so. All I know is the Big Ten is gonna be stacked next year and I could definitely see 8 teams from the Big Ten making the tourney. In a lot of preseason polls I’ve seen 5 to 6 teams from the Big Ten in them: UM, MSU, Minn, Ohio State, Illinois and Purdue. Wisconsin, Penn State and Northwestern will be good teams and all I know is Beilein better have our boys ready to play.


  • Andy

    Perhaps a new spin on missing out on Purdue and Illinois: Not only will we miss out on an opportunity to notch 2 additional quality wins, but not playing Illinois and Purdue also puts greater pressure on us to win @PSU, @NW, @Iowa, and @Indiana which has been very tough for us to accomplish (2 OT wins and 2 Ls last year). Even though we know that the Big Ten will be very competitive top-to-bottom this year, a loss at one of the 4 aforementioned venues would probably look a lot worse than a loss at home to Purdue/Illinois would.

    That said, I see no reason why we shouldn’t win 10-12 games in conference this season and (hopefully) rest a bit easier on Selection Sunday. GO BLUE!!

  • JBlair52

    interesting thoughts

    But the way I figure – our Strength of Schedule is going to be pretty tough no matter what 2 games we miss.

    Last year it was pretty tough and we missed MSU.

    Xavier, Marquette, Alabama, Boston College, Utah, Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan State (2), Purdue, Illinois, Ohio State (2)

    that could very well be what our schedule looks like…and i’m not even including some of the other big ten teams. (obviously the old spice isnt set but it could easily be something similar)

    so yeah – not too worried about the strength of schedule.

    actually, we could probably use a “SLIGHT” break IMO. And we’ll have our shot to get some wins in the Big Ten – which is going to be a loaded conference.

  • El Capitan

    I’m just glad that we get another crack at sPARTY at Crisler… there is simply no way they are winning here next season

  • Old Style

    Dylan, totally unrelated but I was wondering if you could recommend a Michigan football website.

  • jmblue

    Old Style – is terrific. Brian (the host) breaks down every single play from each game. He’s also a very good writer and can be hilarious to read.

    I don’t think we need to worry about our conference strength of schedule. First, the conference’s RPI is going to be through the roof no matter what – we may well see 10 of the 11 teams go to at least the NIT. Second, our nonconference schedule is stacked, so we’re pretty covered either way. Anyway, we shouldn’t be in a position where we’re sweating it out on Selection Sunday next year.

  • aMaized
  • Gary

    I hate the “one plays” in the Big 10 schedule. I wish they would go back to a full home and away round robin schedule like they had before the introduction of the Big 10 tournament. Give up two meaningless pre-season games and make the regular season a fair assessment of which is the best team in the league.

  • Marcus