On the Road Again

Dylan Burkhardt

We know Tim Hardaway Jr. can shoot it but apparently he has a little bounce as well…

… OK, he’s not Brent Petway but it’s a nice dunk but he certainly looks like a capable athlete. Here’s another video as well (thanks to Illinois HS Basketball).

Zeigler Playing Well

zeiglerTrey Zeigler has had a phenomenal summer and he kept it up at the NY2LA Summer Jam where he earned MVP honors. Here’s NY2LA’s scouting report:

Skilled and fundamental guard, Zeigler packs an extra punch around the rim, not afraid to elevate and finish over and through contact. His vertical dunks surprised and wowed those watching, and once again his ability to pass and finish in transition was among the very elite at the event. An active defender who understands the importance of playing both ends, Zeigler prefers to defend slashing athletes, and gets his own offense started by attacking the cup from the baseline. Co-M.V.P. of the 17u Platinum Division, Zeigler improved each game, and really picked up his scoring once bracket play began.

The scouting report on Zeigler is so consistent at this point that it’s clear whoever lands Zeigler will have an instant impact player. He is the perfect wing man in Beilein’s offense, a guy who can score the ball but also has tremendous basketball IQ and athleticism.

On the Road Again

After a little bit of down time, college coaches across the country are back on the road. Most eyes will be focused on Las Vegas where three of the premiere AAU tournaments in the country tip off tomorrow. Most of Michigan’s targets and commitments will be playing in Vegas as well. Evan Smotrycz (Mass Rivals) and Casey Prather (Nashville Celtics) will both be playing in the adidasĀ  Super 64 while Team Detroit (Zeigler, McCallum, Kearney, etc.) will be playing in the RBK Summer Champships (team list).

The select AAU tournaments that are open to coaches this year are even more important because the NCAA reduced the number of live events. It’s a fun time for recruiting junkies and you can be sure that scouting reports and rumors will be spreading across the internet. As always, I’ll do my best to bring them together here. I’ll also be re-tweeting relevant bits that I come across on Twitter from those social-media savvy scouts out there.

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  • Drew


    unrelated to this post, but I thought you guys would be interested..

  • Tom Too

    I am very interested in the third shooter and hate LeBron…can’t wait to see the tape tonight

  • Drew

    I agree on all counts

  • Tom Too

    That behind the back dunk was a 6 or 7. It reminds me of people that do 360’s, but turn their feet/bodies about 120 degrees on the floor before they take off. The ball was about 1/2 around his back before he took off.

  • Here’s the Jordan Crawford on LeBron Dunk…

  • Dave

    that was pretty lame………..i hope lebron didnt care aboout that cause it wasnt crazy

  • Tweeter

    I know, seriously Lebron. That dunk got you upset? From all his whining about it, I figured that it was a Vince Carter crotch in your face type of dunk. When in fact he just got beat to the basket and the guy dunked. Very lame Lebron, very lame.

  • Beast1530

    Now that I saw the dunk, the cover up made LeBron look bad. He needs to man up and let the tape play. Instead, it got national attention and got blow out of proportion.

  • Tom Too

    LeBron is a petty fool. He just rubs me the wrong way….between the t-shirts he sported during the NBA Finals (Check My $tats & LBJ MVP (instead of RUN DMC) and Dunkgate…… Might dislike him more than Duke.

  • I really don’t think LeBron ordered the tape confiscated. It was probably some foolish PR worker who just caused a fuss. It has always seemed like the photographers telling people that LeBron told so-and-so to remove the tapes. I don’t buy that.

  • JDS

    You gotta believe that was allll espn and media outlets. This is a pretty down time for sports, so they’re scraping for whatever can get headlines. Let’s not forgets ESPN’s last two summer themes: “Who’s Know” and something along the lines of “Greatest Sports Town.” Lebron could give a rat’s ass…let’s not forget, it was HIS camp.

  • Tweeter

    Yea it probably was more of Nikes doing. Trying to protect their money machine. But still, I thought I remember Lebron having some kind of whiny quotes when asked about it. I wish he would have just manned up from the start and said, “its no big deal. Guy made a good move and finished strong.” If you play basketball long enough, against good competition you are bound to get dunked on or embarrassed by someone. Lord knows I have had more than my fair share of moments.

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    I agree. If you don’t get dunked on now and again then you probably play zero defense and have no heart.

  • aaron

    anyone see the actual tape, it was the one from behind the backboard? and lebron really did get posterized pretty badly, but nothing he hasn’t done to everyone else

  • Paul F.

    I can dunk on Lebron. Give me a package of Oreo cookies, a glass of milk and a picture of Lebron. I’ll dunk on the king.