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Dylan Burkhardt

More Praise for Manny

Fran Fraschilla is the latest Manny Harris fan. Fraschilla had the chance to work the Nike Skills Academies and listed Manny Harris as one of the three college players who impressed him.

Manny Harris at the Paul Pierce camp was very good. He has a very compact game that does not waste a lot of energy. He can shoot the ball obviously and that is a strength but has the quickness to get by you [opposing players].

What I like most about the college counselors is that they are all highly regarded by ESPN and the rest of the media. They come to a camp like this, check their egos at the door and they allow you to coach them. That is probably the greatest thing about the group of counselors every year is that they allow you to coach them.

This has been a successful summer for Manny and it seems like he is drawing the type of attention you would expect from scouts.

Brundidge Dominates Peach Jam


Carlton Brundidge tore up the 16-U Peach Jam bracket as he led the Family to a championship in Georgia. Brundidge is a scoring machine and once he gets going he scores points in a hurry. The only issue with Carlton is that he is a 6-foot-2 shooting guard more than a point guard. His abilities alone are too good to pass up, here’s ESPN:

2011 prospect Carlton Brundidge (Southfield, Mich.) slashed and shot his way to 27 big points in the U-16 final. Brundidge knifed through the defense to score on strong drives. He is a capable shooter from long range, but he is at his best punishing opponents on his way to the basket. When he gets a head of steam with the ball in his hands, the defense gets out of his way. He was able to get a lot done by sprinting the wing hard in transition. He plays with relentless energy and passion, and refuses to be denied when he wants to score — even gathering his own misses for putbacks. It is also important to point out that Brundidge continued to make plays on both ends of the floor even in a stretch during the first half when his shot was not falling.

Jonathan Arledge

arledgeJonathan Arledge is a 6-foot-9 220 pound big man from the Washington, D.C. area. Arledge has apparently played his way onto Michigan’s recruiting radar this summer. The 2010 big man has played so well over the last few weeks that he has apparently earned a Michigan offer:

The race to get involved with Jonathan Arledge continues to pick up steam. Fresh off his eye-opening performance at the Reebok Summer Classic, the 6-foot-9 PF/C from KIMA near DC has received offers from Penn State and Michigan. Georgetown and Providence have also been taking an interest.

A little Google stalking of Mr. Arledge yields an article from ESPN RISE Mag that details his explosion onto the recruiting scene. Here’s what Jonathan had to say in the article:

“I want to play forward in college. I think I have the skills to play there, instead of center, even though I’m 6-9,” Arledge told “I’m working on my dribbling, shooting and my perimeter defense. I think I have a good basketball IQ, but I’ve only been playing basketball for a few years, so I’m still learning parts of the game. But I feel like I have improved a lot the last couple of years.”

“Academics, the college’s graduation rate for basketball players, those are two things I’m looking at,” Arledge added. ‘I’m also looking at the team’s style of play, the coach, does the coach care about his players, stuff like that too.” recently saw Arledge in action at the Hoop Group Summer Classic in Jersey and they came away very impressed.

The lefty’s all around ability was evident early on in the contest.  Jonathan caught everyone’s attention when he jammed the ball home after a quick move on the interior.  That showed just how athletic and explosive he can be.  Shortly after that, he went outside and hit a three pointer.  He continued to dominate from everywhere on the floor.  Jonathan finished very well inside, including a couple more athletic dunks.  His hands are outstanding too.

Jonathan’s wing skills are what were really surprising.  In addition to the early three pointer, he hit another jumper from beyond the arc and two more from just inside it.  He can handle the ball too and even hit a runner in the lane.  He battled on the boards and cleared a number of rebounds as well.  Defensively, Jonathan flashed his athletic ability one more time as he blocked a shot.

RecruitRecon also posted an older report as well.

Tyler Olander

The skilled big man who is headed to Worcester Academy continues to impress as well. RecrutingRecon got a chance to see him this week:

This skilled forward really impressed us.  Tyler is tough and looks to attack off the bounce.  He goes at the rim and isn’t afraid of contact.  On the interior, he hit a hook shot and crashed the boards and scored on several putbacks.  He can handle and had several excellent drives to the basket.  Tyler finished well with contact and that led to an old fashioned three point play on one occasion.  He stepped outside and nailed a three pointer as well, although he airballed another one from deep.  It was an outstanding day for Tyler though.

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson is another new target who has apparently earned himself an offer ($). Thompson is a super-athletic 6-foot-7 class of 2011 wing forward from the Chicago area. Thompson plays AAU ball for the same Mac Irvin Fire club as recent Michigan commitment Tim Hardaway Jr (although they play in different age groups). recently profiled Thompson in a piece that will get you up to speed in a hurry. However Thompson is another guy who has taken his game to the next level in a hurry and his recruitment will undoubtedly heat up over the coming weeks and months.

Illinois Prep Bullseye reports that Thompson has made great strides in improving his shooting range and it has taken his game to a new level and also that Oregon State might be in the lead for Thompson’s services. The bad news for Michigan fans is that it appears that Michigan didn’t make the cut down to 14 teams according to a video update from Illinois HS Basketball:

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  • Suavdaddy

    So does the offering of Aldredge mean that we would take 4 in 2010? That makes the most sense to me. Yes 2011 is a great year, but those players won’t be playing for two more years. I would think getting as many top players is better than waiting on hopeful top players later.

    What are our legitimate chances with Aldredge?

  • Kenny

    while 2011 is a greater year, there is no clear big man target that Michigan leads. And there is no guarantee that we can get either Zeigler or Prather. Getting Aldredge in 2010 would allow us to get a wing and a guard in 2011, and we look good for several top players.

  • Drew

    I can’t watch that video after seeing that kid do the interview on TH Jr… 8 minutes, are you serious?

  • Matt

    I think Zeigler and Prather are doing their recruiting just right. Yea I want one of them to come to Michigan but why should they make their decisions before they start playing fall ball?… And one thing I’ve heard going around is that they’re waiting to see what Manny does. I think that’s totall b.s. Even if Manny stayed he would only be there one more year and neither would be likely to start anyways even if Manny wasn’t there. I mean they could start and I guess it’s a possibility but there’s no way Zeigler or Prather are leaving after only 2 years and they would still have plenty p.t.

    I know Beilein’s offense is mostly guard oriented but I still think we need more big men. Arledge may be the answer and I really won’t know until next year is played out. Cronin and J Morgan could be total beasts and we may not need another big man for a while but we’re loaded as for our guards and I think a lot of people could play the 3 spot when Manny leaves. I would love to get another big man and Zeigler or Prather but I still don’t see Manny leaving.

    I’m really anticipating the 2009-2010 season. GO BLUE

  • Kenny

    An interesting question is whether or not we need a true PG like PLP or Brundidge in 2011, The most interesting part said by MHoops on Hardaway Jr. is his ability to run the point, not a pure PG but can take the role if necessary. I remembered that early on Kearney was listed as a PG but more recently is listed mostly as SG/W. If Beilein takes both Zeigler and Kearney, he will have no room for another guard in 2011 unless someone transfers. At some point, either Hardaway Jr or Kearney (assume that he commits) have to bring the ball up the court.

  • Suavdaddy

    My guess is Aldredge would not effect Zeigler or Prather:


    What a class. That makes so much more sense. We lose Deshawn and Harris and replace it with Sweet 16 talent. I would much, much rather have that instead of trading for the possibility of someone next year.

    Anyone disagree that we would go this route? I think we would take two if we got Aldredge.

  • Matt

    All I’m saying is that getting both Arledge and either Zeigler or Prather isn’t a possibility if Manny doesn’t leave because we don’t have enough scholarships to give out.

  • Tweeter

    I would like to hear some more positive stuff about Arledge before I am sold that he is a guy that UM should go hard after. He has no profile on either Scout or Espn and Rivals has no rating for him. Maybe he is a Metrics type find, but I wonder if this offer was influenced at all by the play of Amir Williams. I have heard that he has struggled lately and his stock is dropping. If UM does not think they can land a solid front court player in 2011, maybe they see Arledge as a good project option for 2010.

  • Dave

    michigan is probably in better shape with p. gibson anyways in 2011 which would be another one to watch out for

  • Colby

    Is it just me or does Carlton sound like a smaller version of Manny?

    This is going to be tough for JB to figure out what to do with his scholarships, would be nice to have 3 ships for 2011 but cannot see that happening.

  • Dylan

    Colby I thought the same thing about your CB vs. Manny comparison.

  • Dave

    if zeigler/prather doesnt work out then how does a brundidge/kearney/gibson 2011 class sound…….

  • Benjamin

    Dave, but Beilein doesn’t recruit Detroit. LOL- remember when the haters were saying that?

    I am still optimistic about TZ. And, I need to see more from Gibson. And, I guess Amir is reporting a verbal offer from Mich.

  • Gordie Bell

    Anyone know if CB has good ups? From what I have read (mostly this sight) CB reminds me more of an Eric Gordon type player than a Manny Harris type.

  • Dave

    i absolutely remember that i was one of the biggest haters of his recruiting……….but he is on the verge of shutting me up

  • David

    Hey y’all, a few thoughts:

    1. What’s up with M and Percy Gibson? I know he has an MSU offer and that M supposedly leads. Are we going to wait to offer? Might we lose him if we hold off? (By the way, how cool is it that we even can entertain the thought that we get to choose if we offer a kid that MSU wants? When’s the last time that happened?)

    2. I saw the Carlton Brundidge video on Rivals. I don’t think the Manny comparison is perfect. From what you can surmise from a three minute video, Brundidge seems to use his strength more than his length (like Manny) to get to the rim. Brundidge, like Manny, seems like capable shooter, though not a guy who will come off screens and nail a few threes in a row like Stu.

    What do you all think?

  • ScottGoBlue

    Dylan, there’s something funky about your latest post (“Three Point Musings”). The blue background bleeded in over the normal white background. And I can’t get to the comments section. It could just be me, but on the off chance it’s not, I thought I’d register it.

  • Gordie Bell

    I had the same problem on my desktop about an hour ago. I am now on my laptop and everything is fine.

  • Dylan

    Thanks guys. It should be fixed now

  • Gray Matter

    If Brundidge is not a top priority in 2011, then Beilein and his staff is wasting a lot of money. Sources states that where ever Brundidge plays on the AAU circuit, Beilein and his staff are there.
    I’ll bet money that, in Beilein’s mind, Brundidge is a “gotta have” player. If Michigan passes on this kid, Izzo and Co. Iowa and Minnesota won’t from what I have been told.