Thursday News & Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

Casey Prather Named MVP at River City Showdown

Casey PratherCasey Prather was named MVP at the River City Showdown AAU tournament. This tidbit from the championship game should be enough to make you drool.

With six minutes or so remaining in the River City Showdown 17 and under championship game the 6’5 rising senior crossed up his defender and flew to the bucket for a two handed devastatingly nasty flush.

The momentum seemed to be the spark to propel the Nashville Celtics past the Louisiana Future 84-77 and bring home the ‘ship from inaugural event.

Reading through TN Prep Hoops’ updates throughout the tournament, it seems like Prather routinely scored 20 points or so per game while carrying the Celtics. The mission is still to get Prather on campus and you can be sure that the Michigan staff is doing everything in their power to try to make that happen.

Latest on Patrick-Lucas-Perry

Full Court Preps caught up with 2011 point guard recruit Patrick Lucas-Perry for a nice video interview. PLP has visited Stanford and has plans to visit Wake Forest as well. PLP admits that Michigan has a little advantage because of his brother playing in Ann Arbor, he also mentions that he has offers from Michigan and Michigan State.

FCP also posted a recent interview with Austin Etherington as well.

Times Set for Big Ten/ACC Challenge

The times for the Big Ten/ACC Challenge have been announced. Michigan will take on Boston College on Wednesday, December 2nd at 7:30 PM on ESPN2. This appears to be good news all around. Michigan avoids ESPNU and they avoid a 9 P.M. tip off.

  • Kevin in GR

    Nice, quick interview of PLP……although the intro/exit music reminds me of playing Pac Man or Donkey Kong :)

  • Kyle

    Dylan– Is there a previous College Basketball player that would be a good comparison to Prather?

  • Benjamin

    As much as I really like PLP, I wonder how JB could find space.

  • Adam

    Man I really hope we get Prather on campus soon so that it puts a little bit of pressure on Zeigler to commit if he wants to play for Michigan. I would be ecstatic if we could land either player, but I just think the urgency would be bumped up if Prather made it to campus.

  • Benjamin

    I agree with you Adam. Getting Prather on campus is a must and can only lead to good things.

  • mmccrae

    I think if jb offers somebody he really wants them (unlike rr)… so i kind of questoin that also benjamin and i dont really have an answer. plp is pretty short and i havent seen him, but running a 1 3 1 and being short is tough. why have none of the services rated him? BUT jb knows wat he is doing. proven that pretty thoroughly. In other words, i am not too worried.

    also, what does it take to get a player to campus? only the intrest of the player? i have no idea how that process works..

  • Paul

    Anyone notice during the PLP interview, the van in the background doing a 6+ point turnaround trying to get out of that parking space?! Some people just shouldn’t be driving.

  • Colby

    New Offer?

    The race to get involved with Jonathan Arledge continues to pick up steam. Fresh off his eye-opening performance at the Reebok Summer Classic, the 6-foot-9 PF/C from KIMA near DC has received offers from Penn State and Michigan. Georgetown and Providence have also been taking an interest.

  • Good find Colby. I’ll do some digging.

  • Jimmy

    I’d say that Manny Harris is likely to leave if we have a good season, so that would open up an additional scholarship.

  • Jimmy: An additional ‘ship for ’10. But Manny would only free one for 2010, they wouldn’t increase the # we have to give between 2010+2011 (three). Take two more in 2010 and we are stuck at one in 2011.

    Always a handy reference…

  • Tom Too

    That Mini-Van is like Austin Powers in the golf cart…

  • Mitchigan

    I don’t think you guys saw this yet. Below are two videos of Timmy Jr.

    Also, I know 2011 is a very strong class, but regarding PLP – I’ve heard a few different reports that rate him as a top 3 player in the state. He’s the best pure point guard. I’ll take a combo of PLP Brundige, Kearney, Amir Williams, or Miles. Either way we are looking at some top talent for 2011 with at most 2-3 scholarships remaining (could even be only one).

  • Good stuff on the Hardaway video Mitchigan. I was actually talking with the folks over at ILL HS BBall about the video earlier today. Didn’t know it was posted yet.