Tim Hardaway Jr. Video Interview

Dylan Burkhardt

Daniel Poneman from IllinoisHSBasketball.com caught up with Tim Hardaway Jr. at the Peach Jam in Georgia for a nice video interview. Hardaway talks about Michigan, why he plays with the Mac Irvin Fire, and appears to forget Matt Vogrich’s name.

  • Drew

    Yikes, kinda embarrassing to see TH Jr. slip up on the name there, but at least he could sit still through the interview…haha

  • Crazy Eyes

    I think the interviewer ate some bad tacos and his colon was telling him to speed through the interview before an accident happened.

    And isn’t Vogrich coming in this year?

  • michiganman777

    This amazes me. Volgrich is the best player coming in this year and everyone is caught up in the D-Mo hype. Not much talk about Matt at all. I am very exited about D-Mo but Volgrich was named the best shooter in the entire 09 class by one scout and his slashing ability is well documented.

  • Tom Too

    Seriously….MV is a stud and our boy forgot his name! You know what, in today’s world where everything is filmed and posted, you are going to get this every once-in-a-while. No sweat, I say..

  • Dylan

    It’s definitely not a big deal… How many people do you think Tim met when he was here for the first time. I also think the question was phased a little weird which threw him off.

  • ToBlav

    I think a part of the reason Darius is talked about so much more than Matt is that he is coming into a position (point) as a potential starter. Matt is more likely to come off the bench at the shooting guard because of the people returning.

  • Tom, Also

    Eh, that’s was hard to watch. That interviewer was sooo distracting and, yeah, not exactly a seasoned journalist.

  • Drew

    Yea the interviewer was brutal, definitely needs a few more practice interviews.