Tuesday Links

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. Scouted
    MHoops1 bumped to MGoblog. Great report.
  • LeBron James Skills Academy Player Profiles
    “Manny Harris-One of the most athletic players in attendance, Manny Harris showed a lightning quick first step and terrific leaping ability. While Harris’ narrow frame and poor wingspan aren’t going to help him out much on the defensive side of the ball, he did show the ability to make tough shots, which he seems to settle for quite often. An extremely talented scorer regardless, Harris is likely to emerge as one of the top players in the Big 10 this year, even if his NBA potential is still a matter of debate.”
  • Camp Report: LeBron James Skills Academy/King City Classic
    “DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris both look really good this week. No doubt Michigan fans would like to see them look really good a little more consistently. Having seen their squad on both side of 20-point spreads against my Nittany Lions last year, I can vouch for the inconsistency.”
  • GBW Video: Tim Hardaway Jr. ($)
    Jr. definitely has a pretty stroke
  • FAQs about college basketball’s Fab time of year
    Gary Parrish breaks down the July recruiting period
  • Which team has the toughest Big East slate?
    UConn faces arguably the toughest Big East schedule. I wouldn’t mind seeing their trip to Ann Arbor sandwiched between Villanova and West Virginia.
  • Purdue looks to emulate MSU model
    Andy Katz looks at Purdue’s chances to make a run to the Final Four in their home state.

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  • Added a Hardaway Jr. scouting report to the post. Great report by MHoops1, one of the best message board posters around.


  • Dave

    what exactly does raw mean…………i see it all the time but dont know for sure what it means

  • Kyle

    It means that their skills have yet to be refined. They have the potential to excel in one or more facet of the game, but at this point they haven’t reached their potential.

  • Adam

    The word raw also gives me hope that he hasn’t had a coach that knows a huge amount about the game like Coach Beilein does. It might be a stretch but I might use the phrase ‘lack of discipline’ to the style that he is used to.

  • FL Wolve

    I think it’s a little odd that the son of a HOF caliber player would be considered raw in terms of skills. Hasn’t Jr. been around the game of basketball his entire life?

  • jmblue

    Near the bottom of the Big East scheduling article, they added this:

    “The Old Spice Classic in Orlando is a solid field, but lacks a title-contending type of team, with Michigan as the one Top 25 lock in the field (Xavier, Marquette, Creighton, Iona, Florida State, Baylor and Alabama are the others).”

  • Kenny

    To FL, from the report by MHoops, Jr. is raw in terms of confidence and consistency but he has all the skills, and the inconsistency is also the result of lack of confidence I would guess that an over-critical father might be the reason for the lack of confidence.

  • mmccrae

    i am impressed. 4 of the top 10 classes in espn 2010 rankings are in the b10. booyah. I think we would be in there if we add a prather or zeigler type guy.

  • Tom Too

    Johny (sp?) West was a Beilein recruit at WV and he was the son of a HOF’er…raw to the point of Redshirting…

  • Paul

    Hey Dylan, Whats the latest on Casey Prather? Are the Wolverines still on his list? Thanks for any info.

  • Sam

    Paul, there was just an article in on rivals the other day about Prather still having a great deal of interest in Michigan. He maintains that he is working on setting up a date for a visit later this year. He is also still being recruited by UNC, Vanderbilt, and Clemson mostly, having taken a visit to Clemson and planning to take one more there. He also mentions that Michigan has been on him the hardest and longest of anyone and continues to gush about John Mahoney.

  • Paul

    Different Paul here. That sounds great about Prather! I’m confident that Beilein is going to land one of the two of Zeigler and Prather.

  • mmccrae

    Anybody heard any new info on the practice facility? I think it would suck to have to practice in the same gym you play games in, and it would make a difference to me as a recruit. Havent been a2 for a long time so I dont if theyve started or is it still in planning? just wondering…

  • Just for argument’s sale McCrae: mightn’t there be some advantages in knowing the gym inside out? Tricks of the shadows, etc.?

    I know a nice practice facility is a lure for recruits, but as for ‘sucking’. . . ?

  • Tweeter

    mmccrae – last I had heard was that they are planning on starting a new facility after all the football stuff is done. In the plan that I had heard, it will be built adjacent to Crisler where the parking lot is on the East side.

  • ScottGoBlue

    No ground broken in on the practice facility. I live in AA and go by there periodically. It is worth mentioning that the U has never met a parking lot the didn’t want to convert into a building of one kind or another. No exception here. ;)

  • Colby

    Sam Thompson a big time 6-6 wing from Chicago lists us on Scout with an offer.

  • jmblue

    Actually, the big problem is that we don’t even get to always practice in Crisler. There are something like six teams that use Crisler, so sometimes the men’s hoops squad is stuck in the Coliseum or IM Building.

  • mmccrae

    yeah… i suppose suck was a little harsh, and i get your point about the shadows and stuff but i still think any college player given the option would choose a seperate facility..

  • Paul F.

    Thanks Sam for the info on Casey Prather. My internet is down right now. I have too go to the AA2 Librarys.Just get a job writting for
    a site and my internet goes down. Talk about bad luck. Thanks again Sam.

  • Didn’t know that even getting time in Crisler was a problem; DOES suck. But help is on the way.

  • Tom, Also

    The time the men’s team is in the IM building is very, very limited. Like once or twice last year. The women are in there more often. But, yeah, neither team should have to practice on the same floor where 60 year old guys hoop every Tuesday.