Friday Recruiting Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

playerupdates-2Photo courtesy of Next Generation Sports

  • Brandan Kearney played very well with Team Detroit at the Hoosier Shootout. Kearney hit a buzzer beating three point shot and foul to send Team Detroit’s semi-final game into overtime but they eventually fell in double overtime. Kearney impressed Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State coaches who were there. He impressed Ohio State so much that Thad Matta officially offered him a scholarship.
  • Speaking of Kearney, both he and Percy Gibson received offers from Michigan State last week when they visited East Lansing.
  • Spencer Turner is putting on a shooting clinic, the 6-foot-3 guard knocked down 8 triples en route to a 28 point game at the Kentucky HoopFest. According to Jody Demling, Turner said he is hearing most from Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan and noted his “relationship with Indiana is growing.”
  • The Nate Lubick decommitment story is a wild one. Click here for the latest report from NBE. At this point it’s hard to believe that Lubick isn’t going to decommit at some point because these things typically come from somewhere.
  • This is old news now but Roy Marble Jr. will play his college ball at Iowa.
  • The Reebok All-American Camp and Kentucky HoopFest will continue this weekend before the Peach Jam kicks off Sunday in Georgia. The 2011 hot board will be posted this weekend as well, so check in for that.
  • mmccrae

    roy marble jr commits to iowa… He did well at the elite camp, but was never really a part of plan a…

  • Good call mmccrae, I forgot about that one.

  • GregGoBlue

    We have no reason to worry about Kearney do we? Didn’t he say he was very interested in OSU as well, as Braylon encouraged him to be or something?

  • W3

    If Lubick finally de-commits, Beilein will recruit him. Find out how to get it done.

    Its sticky because we all know Manny will go after this season….but….what if he gets hurt or something freakish happens? Trey is still the priority over Nate at this point, would one of them have to wait until spring, if they both wanted UM?

  • jerod ward

    so if we are inly gonna get 1 guard in 2011 (assuming we only have 2 spots open), do we want spencer turner or Kearney?

  • Tweeter

    Im gonna say Kearney depending on what happens in this years class. We should have lots of good shooters with Douglass, Novak, LLP, Vogrich, McClimans, Metrics, so a wing scorer is much more a position of need. However, if we get Prather or Zeigler, maybe we look more at Spencer if he is a special player.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Did I miss something? Who the hell is metrics?

  • People are calling Evan Smotrycz “Metrics” because of a typo in the Free Press.

  • Mmccrae

    Does anyone know the intrest Kearney has in um?

  • Kearney is interested in U-M, there’s no doubt about that. MSU and OSU are both on him very hard as well though and there is mutual interest there as well.

  • Drew

    Can’t help but laugh at the mention of “Metrics” in that list

  • Mmccrae

    I think that is his nickname now…

  • Matt

    It would be big time to land Zeigler and Kearney for the simple reason that Michigan State wants them. I know ppl don’t like to admit that we envy Michigan State and its the same for them in football towards us, but it would be very big if we can land someone in state that they have offered and pursued hard just as it was for them with Gholston.

  • Dave

    dylan can you give us an idea of any big name players at the chicago summer classic that tim jr is playing in or is that a smaller tournament………….just curious to see how he does going up against good competition if there is any there

  • Check out The Wolverines update (it’s premium)

    Hardaway plays a loaded Mac Irvin Fire team… essentially Illinois JV.

    Here’s an article about who all is playing in the tourney

  • Brad

    evan metrics…cause we truly do not understand how good he really is

  • Brad

    just like the metric system…

  • ToBlav

    Speaking of not understanding, I am mystified by why I find the whole “Metrics thing” just too, too hilarious.

  • BJ


  • mmccrae

    In the lubick is staying or is he article some assistant coach says he is goin to duke. is this simply a random guess or is there something to this?

  • mmccrae

    just went to the state messaging boards and searched smotrycz… pretty funny to see the ยจ”ha ha another 2 star commit” turn to “crap, top 50, higher than some of our recruits”… I think it may take time, but i really think “scUM” is becoming respectable…

  • mmccrae
  • KJay

    mmccrae–what’s even more impressive about that link you posted with Zeigler on the first team is that Harrison Barnes is on the second team at the same position–he’s the #1 ranked player on many people’s boards for 2010 (and the guy on the third team, Michael Gilchrist, isn’t bad either).

    Is it possible that Zeigler might be waiting a while in order to see if Manny goes pro or not? Not that he’d wait until next spring, but maybe until mid-season so that he can see how much hype Manny’s getting?

  • Tom Too

    I really think that when guys are that good they don’t really look at what press/props others are getting at the schools they might attend. With hs guys of this caliber, I believe they think they are better than everyone else and will carve their own niche (sp?). I think TZ is waiting simply to see who his teammates will be, what love he feels from the programs, and how good of a program he is going to and how that relates to getting to the NBA (every hs player’s dream). I would almost think that TZ could possibly believe he is better than Manny right now….or will be by the time he graduates from HS.

  • Dave
  • Dave

    thought that was interesting and enjoyable knowing there still is a possiblility there

  • jds

    mmccrae, you know MSU is pathetic when they’re looking at our recruits. I sometimes think they follow UM more than their own school b/c there’s nothing better to do in EL…especially in the summer

  • Tweeter

    Dave – that is such a tease. I love Prather’s game, Zeigler is more refined offensively, but Prather is a beast and a great defender.

  • Bluebufoon

    Serious Love For Tim Hardaway Jr.

    Joe Hendrickson, who is the regular prep basketball writer from the Chicago Sun-Timesgave a glowing report on Hardaway following this weekend’s Chicago’s Summer Classic. Top 3-5 in the state of Illinois– Beilein strikes again !!!


    “Speaking of the Mac Irvin Fire, the Hoops Report continues to be impressed with Tim Hardaway, Jr. The Class of 2010 2-guard out of Miami will be a perfect fit at Michigan. If Hardaway were in the state of Illinois he would certainly be one of the top five prospects in the senior class and probably check in at No. 3 overall behind Richmond and Leonard.” ago_summer_classic_lived_u.html

  • Dave

    thats extremely encouraging there is many scouts and rivals top 100s from illinois……..anybody have video of this jr

  • Dave

    free video of jr