Thursday Recruiting Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

lebron-treyLeBron James shoots over Trey Zeigler (photo from Det News)

More recruiting talk for today because that’s the time of year… I think these bullet posts are the most efficient way to provide a rundown, especially with lots of scouting information on the internet. This can also serve as an open thread so feel free to post any links and comments. The 2011 hot board should be completed by this weekend.

  • Sam Webb was in Ohio for the LeBron James festivities and posted a great update in the Detroit News. There is some Manny Harris and DeShawn talk as well as some Trey Zeigler and Evan Smotrycz information. The highlight is that Zeigler wants to cut his list to five this August and then take his five official visits. NBA was also impressed with Manny’s abilities.
  • Evan Smotrycz can play. Dave Telep knows it’s true ($), even Spartan Mag’s Jim Comparoni had kind words about Evan’s game. SpartanMag posted some video as well ($). NBE breaks down Evan’s game: “he showed off some nice range from beyond the arc. He looked like a member from of the Notre Dame basketball squad with his constant lining up on the three point line—but he did connect out there for the most part. Evan also dropped a few, pretty dimes, including a no look to Roscoe Smith for the easy layup early in the second half.”
  • Trey Zeigler is also playing well at the LeBron camps. Trey is essentially the perfect Manny replacement, with his athleticism and offensive abilities he is the perfect fit on the wing. NBE called him an old school type of player and also described an impressive “and-1” basketESPN was impressed: “Trey Zeigler (Mount Pleasant, Mich.) was terrific in the open court; he made plays in the passing lanes that turned into easy fast-break baskets. Zeigler made excellent decisions on the break. He made great passes to teammates ahead of him, and when the defense approached out of control, he got to the rim and finished. Zeigler displayed the ability to see the entire court, and rebounded on the defensive glass, after which he was a threat to go coast-to-coast and finish above the rim.”
  • The Indiana Elite lost in the 16U final of the adidas It Takes 5 but Spencer Turner posted 21 points (7 threes) in the 79-76 championship loss.
  • Carlton Brundidge had his moments at King James but apparently was a little up and down. NBE reports: “Carlton showed a great stutter step one way and fooled his defender, then drove the other side for the easy layup. Also displayed a great fake pass and drive to the lane to draw the foul. He can be rather reckless on drives at times. Seems it’s either a turnover or great play for the basket.”
  • Ray McCallum can “effect the game without scoring“.
  • Moses Morgan still appears to be an Indiana lean and was reportedly up and down in Cleveland.
  • Devin Oliver is playing in the Saginaw Hoopfest this weekend.
  • The 2011 hot board is almost done, it will be up by this weekend.

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  • mmccrae

    Any reason to be worried about Treys hardaway comment? I really do not think they are threaten each other. I hope he understands that. I also hope he is being serious that he thinks they are on the same page… Also he said he wanted to make a difference immediately and I definetly see a spot for him… mannys…

  • I’m not too worried… As he said, they have since talked and they are on the same page. I think Trey knows that he is THE guy.

  • mmccrae

    My fears are put to rest. Dylan says so it is true. Does he have a chance to make a difference early at state?

  • I think he has a chance to contribute early anywhere he goes. I don’t know if it’s as clear cut as replacing Manny but he also has just so many options.

    It’s a marathon not a sprint but I think the Tim Hardaway quote was just his honest reaction and what people were telling him at first before him clarifying that he has worked it out w/ the staff.

  • Added a link about Manny was impressed.

  • What impresses me, if I am reading right, is that the Lebron camp thinks M has two of the top twenty players in the country? Wonder what other schools had two players there?

    From what I read at detnews, both Manny and Deshawn were bright and shiny:

  • gooter9

    What was Trey’s comment re: Hardaway? Thanks.

  • mmccrae

    it is in the detnews article…

    “I was hearing from other people that (Tim Hardaway Jr.) committed and they hadnt really talked to me… Ive talked to them and i feel like were still on the same page. Weve talked a lot these last couple of weeks. they said it wouldnt affect me at all.”

  • mmccrae

    am i late in noticing someone reported zach gibson with a boot? I dont remember seeing it here…

  • Benjamin

    Hmm…I hadn’t heard that mmccrae.

  • Yeah Gibson’s foot is in a boot. I believe the article said it was just a minor issue. Must have forgot to post it. The article was in the Daily.

  • Mmccrae

    Link is on this site on the right side in the yardbarker network box

  • Nate Lubick decommits from Georgetown?

    For the record, don’t see him ending up at Michigan.

  • tanfan

    WOTS Trey will be announcing next week for MSU. Welcome aboard Trey.