Lubick Still Committed to Georgetown?

Dylan Burkhardt

According’s Evan Daniels (via his Twitter feed), Nate Lubick might not have opened his recruitment up after all:

There have been reports surfacing that Nate Lubick will open up his recruitment. He said, “That isn’t true.”

What gives? I would assume there will be more fall out from this, but at this point a quote from Lubick is pretty firm evidence that Nate is still committed at this point. But “that isn’t true” isn’t quite “I’m still firmly committed to Georgetown”. I wouldn’t be surprised if something more came of this.

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  • FL Wolve

    Joe Crawford and Al Horford were saying the same things before they bolted. Consider Lubick gone.

  • I would assume he is as good as gone as well FL, but apparently he isn’t ready to go public…

  • Jim

    Give it a little time. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen without some legitimacy to it. Perhaps there will eb a reconciliation with the Hoyas, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  • Troy

    I think he just didn’t let the GU coaches know yet before the report slipped out.