Nate Lubick Decommits from Georgetown

Dylan Burkhardt

Nate Lubick has reportedly decommitted from Georgetown. NBE Basketball’s source thinks that Notre Dame is a likely destination.

I don’t expect Michigan to jump back into this recruitment but this is newsworthy none-the-less. As we all know, Nate Lubick was one of the top targets on Michigan’s recruiting board for a long time before his recruitment fizzled and he committed to Georgetown. With Evan Smotrycz in the fold and only one scholarship to give, I’m just not sure how much sense it makes for Michigan to pursue Lubick once again. I’m sure we will find out shortly as more news breaks.

In a related note, it’s pretty remarkable how far the Michigan basketball landscape has shifted since Lubick committed to Georgetown on October 7th, 2008. Recruits (Lubick and Byrd) were choosing other schools because Michigan hadn’t “proven” they could win. Matt Vogrich and Darius Morris had confidence and joined the party but Michigan was still coming off of a 22 loss season. 21 wins and a few commitments later, the picture looks lightyears better from top to bottom.

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  • Kenny

    not sure why we don’t want to get back in. We need a big in 2011 otherwise, and there is no guarantee to get someone at Nate calibre.

  • Benjamin

    Woah…I was not expecting this.

    Should be interesting to see how that plays out. I agree with Dylan, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense rekindling that Lubick flame with Evan committed.

  • mmccrae

    Perhaps if neither prather or zeigler commit… maybe at that point…

  • Troy

    I believe Trey told Nate he was thinking about commiting to Michigan Now Nate may want to join the fold, because wasn’t he talking about coming to UM if we had another good commit.

  • Tweeter

    Troy I dont think they have room for both. I was under the impression that their is only one scholly open for this class with Hardaway and Metrics already in the fold. I dont see them taking back those offers, so we could only add one. If I am UM I do go after Nate as another option. If we cant land Trey or Prather, it would be nice to get a very solid front court player in Lubick, then next year we can worry about adding wings.

  • Jay

    I called it..when all the Regan hype came up, I wanted to stay on Lubick knowing he would not show up in a Hoyas uniform for some reason. O well, we have priorties now and obviously he has slid down the list if at all possible

  • Paul

    I seem to remember something about the current players not liking Nate’s attitude or something to that effect. If that’s true, I’m not so sure I’d like having him on the team, regardless of talent.

  • Dave

    this kid didnt believe in beilein before there is no reason to ever consider this kid again………..he had his chance and slapped michigan and beilein in the face……..good luck to him somewhere else……..i dont like it when kids decommit… a man and own up to your promise……unless a coaching change occurs then its accpetable

    we want kids that always will and have believed in michigan and its coaching staff

  • Kyle

    “I believe Trey told Nate he was thinking about commiting to Michigan”

    Is there any legitimacy to the Zeigler rumor? Or was that just speculation?

  • Ken in Vegas

    That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because we can only offer one spot, so these two will not be coming to Michigan together. Am I right?

  • James

    The 2/3 is not really a position of need, so we’re really looking at Prather and Zeigler because they’re high-end talents. If a high-end big man wants to take the last scholarship, then that’s fine by me.

  • mmccrae

    i think we need a 2/3… a slasher, i think manny will leave with his bff deshawn… pray each day he doesnt, but…

  • CP

    If Ant isn’t offered a 5th year, then wouldn’t there be room for 2 more? Although he is 6′ 8”, Smotrycz sounds like he plays more like a 3 than a 4. Getting a top 50 power forward would be sweet. Rivals shows his only other offers as UVA and Michigan.

    Dave-DaShonte Riley also decommited from Georgetown. Makes me think there is something going on there. Nate may not be to blame.

  • James

    We have Hardaway and Vogrich, who both should be able to play the 2 or 3. Novak’s a 3. Smotctz is a 3/4.

    If we find Manny version 2, then great, but if Beilein can find another guy that can put up 15 points a night at another position, then I’d be just as happy with that guy.

  • mmccrae

    first of all watever jb does is right… so if we dont go after him then that is right… i agree with james that 15 points would be great… but… i think have a slasher is important because it is a different aspect… if we have straight shooters and a big man down low that is cool, but a slasher can cut the defense open and keep them honest… I would love to take him (barring the attitude issues are true) AFTER zeigler and prather…

  • jim

    I think most of you guys are missing the boat. There is a whole lot more to the Lubick story than any of you know. Think it wrong to criticize a kid, especially when you don’t have the facts, for rethinking a decision of where he wants to attend college. After all how many kids have to make a college decision in the fall of their junior year? NONE! Obviously some things were happening at Georgetown that lead to the Lubick decision and unless you know the family or are really close, I think it wise to lay off the kid.

    As far as Michigan is concerned, let it play out. I can guarantee Beilein is interested. The assumption is that there is only one schollie left for 2010, which as of now is true. But what about Manny’s lilkely departure after the season? I believe most people think it’s a given, something I happen to agree with, especially with his recent performance at the Nike skills camp. So if it happens, which I say it will, there is your fourth scholarship.

    Plus I’m still concerned with the front court situation. Big Ben is on the mend and looks like he still has a long way to go. Also Jordan is on the shelf for the time being. Obviously we wish both Ben and Jordan the absolute very best in their recovery, but given the uncertainty a move toward a front court player may well be in the offing.

    Will be a very interesting couple of months on the recruiting trail, which should give Dylan all kinds of fodder for his fantastic blog!!

  • Benjamin

    If we don’t get TZ or Prather, I think we should save that schollie for next year- The loaded 2011 Michigan class is soo nice.

    Also, I bet Nate ends up at Notre Dame. They have some room for 2010 and that is an area of need. I wonder how badly he will be boo’d when ND and Georgetown plays.

  • ToBlav

    I think Trey has dibs on the last spot and if and only if he goes somewhere else we offer Prather and Lubick. Of course they might not like being plan B, but you have to give Trey a every opportunity. If this is the plan then our plan B is better than recent plan A’s.

  • James

    Doesn’t Prather have an offer? Wouldn’t Trey be SOL if Prather commits?

  • mmccrae

    i think we have offered both prather and lubick… between prather and zeigler its a first come first serve is my impression… idk if once lubick committed to georgetown his schollie got forfeited? im convinced that we will have four (or five) open in 2010… its a bummer you cant know 100% manny is leaving… or is it possible to tell ant wright its his senior year this year and have a for sure opening? i dont know…

  • James

    I think Beilein could take both Lubick and Zeigler if Ant Wright is not asked back for his 5th year. This begs the question, is Lubick better than the 2011 big man Michigan targets?

  • mmccrae

    cant wait for the 2011 hotboard to scope those guys out… thanks in advance dylan!

  • jim

    Every team needs a player of Lubick’s caliber! As for ND, they have three big men arriving this fall, so I’m not sure that is the area of their biggest need.

  • Avery Queen

    So of our 4 best prospects (aside from Lubick) where do we stand:

    Trey (seems like we have a decent shot)
    Richard Solomon?
    Ray McCallum?

  • Dave

    maybe we should leave the kid alone because its true we dont know the story behind his decommitment, but we know that michigan and beilein werent good enough for him before……….we know he didn’t want to make the “leap of faith” ……time to move past him like im sure beilein has done

  • James

    I’m sure Beilein is really bitter that a recruit originally chose a basketball backwater like Georgetown over UofM. Don’t know how he’ll get over that one.

  • Jim

    Beilein doesn’t care if this kid or that kid chooses another school. What he craves is success. If he feels Lubick will help him then he’ll go after him full throttle again.

  • Matt

    In all honesty, I don’t think Manny is going to leave after next year. I think there are at least 5 players in the Big Ten that would get drafted higher than Manny and he has no reason to leave if he isn’t guaranteed to be in the first round. I’m not saying that these players are better than Manny, I just think NBA scouts will want them more. If Manny stays, I want Lubick. If Mannny goes, I want Zeigler or Prather. You can never have to many big guys and it’s not like Smotrycz can’t play 3 or even someone like Hardaway Jr. Hell, we all Novak can play the 3. That kid is a rebounding machine.

    Lubick is a big body and we need as many of those as possible after Deshawn and Gibson go.

  • jmblue

    Matt, I wouldn’t get your hopes up about Manny staying. He’s most likely gone after this year. I’m fine with that. To get three years out of a player of his talent is great.

  • gpsimms

    Wow. Crazy news. I’m not even sure where I would stand in the debate, so, luckily all I need to do is sit back and repeat the mantra, “Believe Beilein.”

    More possibilities are always good, as whatever they are, JB will make the most of them.

  • mmccrae

    agree gpsimms… jb will get it right

  • aMaized

    Would Jordan Morgan redshirt given his injury? If he did, would it allow for the addition of Lubick without impacting Ziegler?

  • Sam

    Once he committed to Georgetown, I kind of a had a “how long will this last” feeling. I really don’t think he looked hard enough at his possibilities, having committed to Georgetown almost immediately after he visited. Not to mention he would have been the first white player at Georgetown in God knows how long. Will Michigan jump back in? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • Benjamin

    aMaized, redshirts still take up scholarships.

  • TR

    He’s going to Duke!

  • Joe

    Manny is going to leave at the end of the season. Michigan should take Trey and Nate in this class. This would be the class we have waited for since the Fab Five.