Recruiting Bullets (7-7-09)

Dylan Burkhardt
  • mmccrae

    I wonder how trey did against lebron. Trying is one thing, but I wonder how succesful he was.

  • steve

    I guess I don’t know enough about Spencer Turner, maybe he’s a stud. But to me I don’t see it making a lot of sense to offer him. Already a little scholly strapped, I would think we would/should stick to Kearney, and Brundidge as well as another big either Johnson/Gibson/Plumlee or whoever else. I would think Turner is a similar player to Vogrich and Hardaway, more of the straight sharp shooter mold, while we will still have Stu and Novak for another year as well. Not only am I excited for the upcoming season, but the upcoming offseason and future seasons are going to be AWESOME. Go Blue! We’re back!!!!

  • Did anyone hear about some kid posterizing LeBron at his camp?

  • Motor City D

    I heard that the Queen James told the Nike crew to get any/all video and pix of it. I heard it was Crawford (Xavier) too.

  • Dave

    im looking at a pic of deshawn and manny on scout right now and manny looks way bigger than 183 lbs………which is his supposed weight he looks quite big actually………just thought that was interesting

  • Tweeter

    Found a little write up on the King City Classic. Has a mention of Smotes along with Ray McCallum and Trey Zeigler. Here is what it says about Evan Metrics:

    Evan Smotrycz (6-9, 212 lbs) showed off some nice range from beyond the arc. He looked like a member from of the Notre Dame basketball squad with his constant lining up on the three point lineā€”but he did connect out there for the most part. Evan also dropped a few, pretty dimes, including a no look to Roscoe Smith for the easy layup early in the second half.

  • Tweeter

    Also saw there are some comments on Mr. Metrics on the Kentucky scout page. I dont have access, but it begins with “Evan Smotrycz could play for a lot of people. Questions about him defensively were addressed today when he moved his feet well enough against Johnny . . .” I assume that is 2011 5* Johnny O’Bryant that they are talking about him defending. So that might be a good sign, but then again it could be Johnny Drama. Who knows?

    Here is a play by play from some of the games. There is one mention of Evan hitting a three, but other than that, I dont see anything on him.

  • Brick

    I think you guys have just sealed it. Evan’s new nickname has to be Metrics.

  • Tom Too

    Here is a link about LeBron being dunked on and then people from Nike confiscating the tape….LBJ has a real image problem that Jordan never had….

  • Dave

    does anybody know what tournaments tim jr is playing in………im curious to see what he does at these