Harris Shines at Paul Pierce Academy

Dylan Burkhardt

Manny Harris dunks versus PurdueAccording to Jeff Goodman, Manny Harris and Cal’s Patrick Christopher were the class of the Paul Pierce Skills Academy.  The field included E’Twaun Moore, Manny Harris, Greivis Vasquez, Patrick Christopher, Demetri McCamey, Ryan Thompson, Edwin Ubiles, Ricky Harris, Cory Higgins and Marshan Brooks which is not bad company. Manny told Goodman that he listened to those people around him who told him “to be patient” in regards to the NBA draft.

Here’s what Pierce had to say on Manny:

“He’s got a pretty good mid-range game,” Pierce said of Harris. “I like the way he comes off screens. He has tremendous upside and has a good basketball IQ. He’s also one of the guys that picked things up right away.”

It’s interesting to hear someone praise Manny’s midrange game, this is something that most would consider one of the weaknesses of Manny’s game. If he were to master the pull up jumper or some sort of floater he would be almost impossible to guard.

Goodman also mentions that Harris says that he plans to be more of a vocal leader rather than leading by example. Leadership is still my biggest question regarding next year and it would be great to see Manny take that next step.

Eight of the first nine picks in the NBA draft were alumni of one of the Nike Academies and it’s great that two current players (Sims and Harris) and one future player (Smotrycz) got the chance to particpate.

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  • Sid

    If you see a player for only one game, it’s probably easy to come to the conclusion that the aspect of his game that happened to be working on that day is his strong suite. On the other hand, maybe Manny’s been working on a pull-up jumper, which would be great.

    I know everyone considers it a done deal that Manny’s leaving after this year, but it’s hard not to think that two more years of development at the college level wouldn’t be that bad a thing…

  • It all depends on the situation… If you are going to be a lottery pick, I think you have to go.

  • Matt

    Yea, if you’re going to be a lottery pick FOR SURE then you leave college for the NBA. Hell, a lot of college players leave if they are guaranteed first round because that means a contract and many are scrapping for caesh. Dajuan Blair is regretting his decision. I hope that Manny stays to develop and at this moment in time I think he stays. I don’t think he could be a lottery pick next year with all the players that are set to come out but maybe. Only way he’s a lottery pick is if he wins Big Ten player of the year and that will be tough considering Michigan might have the best one-two punch in the big ten.

  • Sid

    Sure, money’s a huge issue, if not the issue. I just meant from a purely developmental perspective, his game still needs rounding off in a lot of areas: ball-handling, shot selection and, honestly, he’s not a very good shooter yet. Which isn’t to belittle his ability and potential.

  • Frank

    I’m interested in finding out everyone’s opinion on what kind of role Beilein had on developing Manny’s Basketball IQ.

  • jBdub

    The mid range game is what Coach Beilein tasked Manny with improving over the summer.

  • Well here is the incredibly questionable rumor of the night…


  • Sam

    well, this would seem to be very odd if we offered him a scholarship, considering he should be in line for the kalamazoo promise, unless he has not attended kalamazoo public schools for his whole life. Unless he is simply looking for the general recognition that comes with an official “scholarship offer”, in which case I don’t believe we would extend an offer.

  • Adam

    hmm… would we really take Oliver for our last scholarship and potentially lose out on Zeigler and Prather and force us to decide between Kearney and Brundidge in 2011? Oliver is not an impact player like Zeigler, Prather, Kearney and Brundidge. He is a good player but would be another role player and would not fill the Manny role that we will sorely miss after this year (maybe next).

  • Brick

    I have yet to question anything coach Beilein has done at Michigan so this would be the first. I can’t see the logic in offering Oliver. We have three open spots and I’m slating one for Kearney. This would leave one spot for next year and nothing for this year. I will be shocked if this is true.

  • Erik

    McLimans video from a poster on scout:


  • gpsimms

    I would think if that rumor were true, we’d find out very soon. Oliver would jump at the chance, right?

  • gpsimms

    Someone calling into the recruiting roundup said Rivals was reporting Zeigler had dropped Michigan. Sam wouldn’t confirm, in fact said he had talked to trey recently and heard the opposite, but I was just wondering if anyone has seen this article..

  • Adam

    Wow gp I hadn’t heard that. What is wrong with Zeigler if he cannot see what Manny Harris is doing in this offfense? Why would he not want to be the heir apparent to superstar Manny Harris? I would think seeing what Manny can do in this offense Trey would want to jump at that opportunity. If Trey drops Michigan I will really not be happy that he led us on for so long.

  • UMDC

    That’s a nice video, Erik. Love to see made threes!

  • I haven’t seen anything to suggest Trey has dropped Michigan. In fact he mentions U-M in a recent Rivals update w/ the AZ Site.

  • gpsimms

    i think it’s probably nothing to worry about adam. sam and now dylan too both seem to think the person didn’t know what they were talking about.

  • Justin C

    To be clear, the caller on wtka stated that a Scout article mentioned that Ziegler eliminated UM. I don’t have a Scout account, so I cannot confirm this.

  • Dave

    there is no way that zeigler has eliminated um…….there is no reason for him to do so at this point……he knows his place at um and he knows that he would have a solid career just like manny here…..its all going to come down to where he feels most comfortable…….theres no way a kid like that can just eliminate a team after showing plenty of interest for such a long period of time especially when michigan is a team that is on the rise……this would be foolish for trey to eliminate mich at this point when he hasnt really taken all of his visits yet

  • Giddings

    Dylan, any update on when the Darius Morris Q&A will be ready? I hate to be greedy but at the same time I’ve really been looking forward to it.

  • Beast1530

    Oliver schollie offer is bogus. As of now, Zeigler and Prather are 1a and 1b for the last schollie for ’10 class unless both decide to commit elsewhere. Michigan is in a very good shape with Zeigler. Prather, it’d be harder to lure him to AA.

  • Dylan

    The Darius piece will be up early next week probably Monday. Sorry it took so long

  • GregGoBlue

    Smotrycz just picked up a fourth star on Scout and is now the 12th ranked power forward nationally. Talk about unknown to superstar recruit overnight.

  • The Oracle

    And #49 overall.

  • Dylan

    Smotrycz 49 on scout and 65 on rivals. Not bad at all.

  • Gandhi


    “heady, multi-dimensional forward Evan Smotrycz impressed in June and is now a top 75 prospect.”

    It’s good that going to all these camps is paying off and getting him some respect.

  • The recruits are better shooters. If Manny can pull up and hit that J not only can he score more points but it adds considerable ‘dimensionality,’ as they say, to Beilein’s offense. It might make Sims more effective, too. (Now if Gibson can only finish.)

    I’d like to see more nights where this team just wallops other people–and sometimes the good teams, not winning just by the hairs of their chinnychinchins. The parts have to work together, but there is serious upside for this team next year.

    Gonna pile my daughter in the car and drive up for a game next season; have to find a weekend when the hockey team is home. . .

  • ZRL

    Any news on how Peedi and Smote fared at the Vince Carter camp?

  • Dave

    michigan barring injury is going to have one of its best teams in a long time next season there is no doubt about it………its going to be an awesome year………really cant wait to see dmo and vogrich and especially cant wait to see how much the returning players have improved

  • KainKitizen

    This years’ team is on the verge of averaging 80+ points a game. This team is that good and murdering the much weaker teams is going to happen. I wouldn’t be surprised we push to 100pts in a few of those games.

  • Beast1530

    Kain, I don’t think that it’s possible for Michigan to average 80 plus points a game. JB coached team tends to be slow paced which isn’t that terrible that people make them out to be. What they’re good at is they’re very efficient offensively which is more important than simply scoring 80 points a game.

  • gpsimms

    Yeah Kain, If there was bet, in which I gained $5 for every time I won, and you gained $20 for every time you won, I still imagine that I would be ahead if the bet were, “Michigan will score less than 80 points this game.”

    I am all about everything JB is doing for this team–I just believe his offense is about efficiency (pps) not points per game.

    And that is to say I think we will score 80+ once for every 4 times we score below.

  • Kenny

    Beast and GP, while I don’t think that scoring more than 80 points is the goal for every game, Michigan is not a slow paced low scoring team. And once a while JB can even turn up the tempo a bit against certain components. A lot of fast break points off turn-overs does not hurt either.

  • ZRL

    It’s not Beilein’s offense that will prevent Michigan from scoring 80 a game, it’s the other big ten offenses. No team in the big 10 came close to scoring 80 ppg last year. There are too many snail paced teams you have to go up against. However, if this year’s team was in the ACC or Big East they would have an excellent chance of averaging 80 ppg.

  • Mitchigan

    Nice to see Manny is a 2nd Team All American pick – Firecracker team (see below). Looking forward to building upon our great season last year. Happy 4th to Umhoops and it’s great crew. Go Blue!


  • Beast1530

    Kenny, Michigan averaged about 65 possessions a game and that is pretty slow paced. Assuming that they’re efficient(say 1.1 points a possession), they aren’t close to scoring 80 points. Unless the Big Ten somehow morphed into a fast paced conference, it’s not going to happen.

    Non-conference games against weaker teams, it should happen. If they’re facing elite teams like Kansas and UConn, they will not try to increase the pace. In fact, they’re better served slowing the game down and be as efficient as possible.

  • FL Wolve

    For those who have a Scout membership, you might want to check out the new Smote footage. Wow!!! We have a total freaking stud on our hands. I’m still going with the Turkoglu comparison for now. That kid is a future big timer.

  • I saw the video as well FL… His ability to get the ball and push it is incredible. Love his handle even more than his shooting. He is the perfect “Beilein-four”.

    It’s really remarkable because the video I saw of him from early in his HS season (he had mono) he was almost invisible on the court.

  • Gandhi

    I am just curious as to what people think our starting lineup and reserves will be???

  • Kenny

    Gandhi, My guess is that the starting lineup will the same as the end of last season with either LLP or D. Morris in place of CJ Lee.

    Beast1530, Michigan beat Duke and Purdue last year by scoring more than 80 points.

  • Beast1530

    Kenny, that’s a few games. What we were talking about is averaging 80 plus points a game which is unlikely because of the nature of JB’s team as well as the Big Ten teams.

  • Michigan’s ~64 possessions per game from last year would mean they had to score 1.25 points per possession. UNC had the best offensive efficiency because at around 1.18.

    It would be pretty shocking and nearly impossible to average 80 ppg at the pace Michigan likes to play. Yes, we can score 80 in a game or two… But that’s just a game or two. I believe we shot about 75% in the second half in that Purdue game too.

  • UMfan

    I’m not even convinced that it’s necessarily the pace at which UofM or Big Ten teams WANT to play as opposed to the pace that the Big Ten officials dictate.

    Last season there were numerous games where teams simply could not get into a flow because the officials were calling things every time down the floor.

    Certainly Beilein’s team emphasizes possessions and one would surmise that it’s best to slow things down in that system. But I’m just saying the refs also have a say in the tempo.

  • gpsimms


    I actually thought that was the case–that reffing was a major reason there was so much clutch & grab in the big ten. There has been some discussion on the topic on this site before. I was surprised to find out that there are not conference officials, as in football. Ed Hightower, for example, reffed a game almost every night, and worked in many, many different conferences.

    So, while officials certainly can affect the style of the game, it seems unlikely that they are the primary reason in differences in gameflow from conference to conference, because the officiating should be relatively constant as the same officials are doing games in all the conferences.

  • Jordan

    how did Ryan Thompson of Rider do?

  • jpalmer0622

    Hey if you guys get a chance to see Edwin Ubiles and Siena play, take advantage. He was at the PP academy and really impressed at the collegiate level last year when they played l’ville. Just thought he should get some props. Go Blue!