2009-2010 Non Conference Schedule Released

Dylan Burkhardt

The final non conference schedule was released today. The big names had already been announced and there is a good lineup with UConn, Kansas, Boston College, Utah, and the Old Spice Classic (featuring Xavier, Florida State, Marquette, Baylor, and Creighton among others). These marquee games along with what should be a strong Big Ten again next year means that Michigan’s strength of schedule should be very strong next year.

The only frustrating part of the schedule is that the cupcake teams all had very bad RPIs last year. It looks like we will have four or five games against teams with an RPI over 200 again this year. Ideally you want to try to play 100-200 level teams who are still beatable but not terrible.

  • Friday, Nov. 6    Exhibition vs. Wayne State
  • Saturday, Nov. 14    Northern Michigan
  • Friday, Nov. 20    Houston Baptist
  • Thursday, Nov. 26    vs. TBD (Old Spice Classic)
  • Friday, Nov. 27    vs. TBD (Old Spice Classic)
  • Sunday, Nov. 29    vs. TBD (Old Spice Classic)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 2    Boston College
  • Saturday, Dec. 5    Arkansas Pine Bluff
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9    at Utah
  • Sunday, Dec. 13    University of Detroit
  • Saturday, Dec. 19    at Kansas
  • Tuesday, Dec. 22    Coppin State
  • Sunday, Jan. 17    UConn

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  • Matt

    why do we play Northern Michigan in a game not considered an exhibition? It wont even count towards the resume

  • Similar situation to Mich Tech last year. Frustrating because as you say it doesn’t count for the RPI.

  • Giddings

    Matt, last year we played Michigan Tech (another D-II team) in the first game and you’re right – it doesn’t count in the RPI, although most media outlets “count it” when reporting the team’s record. Is Houston Baptist a D-I team?

    Also, I like the fact that we have a week off before the Kansas game. This team played considerably better with rest last year.

  • Benjamin

    Houston Baptist is D-I. They play in the same conference as Savannah State (from last year) and NJIT (heh). They managed a 5-25 record last season. 6 of their top 7 playes (by minutes played) were seniors last season. Their RPI was 313. So, it may be tough to imagine, but next year they may be worse than this year.

  • Benjamin

    uh, correction: They are independents, I guess. The page is a bit unclear.

  • Matt

    It’s like we go from one extreme to another. We either play really good teams in our non-conference or really bad teams. I still think our strength of schedule will be in the top 25 for next season considering how tough the big ten will be but if we could have got better games we would for sure be top 10 or even top 5. I mean surely we could get games against some Atlantic 10 teams or maybe some more MAC teams. Hell I’d like to see a PAC 10 team scheduled. I’m still extremely excited for next year.

  • Kenny

    Houston Baptist, Arkansas Pine Bluff, anyone heard about those two before?

  • Ryan F

    I hear what you’re saying regarding scheduling 200+ RPI teams…but I think that is much more relevant to last year’s team than this year’s. That stuff comes strongly into play when you’re a bubble team, but we’re not (shouldn’t be) a bubble team next year, and we play plenty of tough opponents both in and out of conference to rack up some big wins and have a strong ranking/RPI. To me it’s more disappointing just because I’d rather watch us play against better competition (maybe lower-tier teams from bigger conferences?).

  • Avery Queen

    So is it really that hard to find a couple mediocre teams to schedule instead of a Houston Baptist or is the athletic department just lazy?

  • andrew

    so you could probably look at it one of two ways. Either the AD is just mailing it in for easy wins and teams thrilled to play in AA, or it really is that hard to find a not terrible team to fit into the schedule and this is what we’re left with. It’s probably some combination of the two.

  • Justin

    I was expecting them to play Oakland, or Eastern, or both. At least they play an the instate Detroit team.

  • Sam

    I’m looking forward to the Detroit match-up, I’m sure Ray McCallum will be there. And pertaining to everyone complaining about the two or three BAD teams on this list, I challenge you to find me one team in D1 that didn’t play a single 250+ RPI-ranked team last year. I’d be willing to bet that there isn’t one, or at least not many.

  • HBU

    Well, one reason you schedule us is because it is a guaranteed win for you. We will play tough but we will just not have the talent/athleticism to keep up. We like to play uptempo so last year we gave some good teams a run for their money in the first half, but we collapsed in the 2nd half when we got tired and had no depth.

    This is a good money game for us to get our name out there (only 2nd season back in D1…we made the tournament in 83-84), and a sure win for you.

  • Tom Too

    I think you’ll see that JB likes to put a couple of “lesser teams,” for lack of a better word, on the schedule for a reason. Back when he was at those lower level schools (Nazareth & LeMoyne), he greatly appreciated higher level teams willing to play him. At LeMoyne, which is D-II, he would schedule D-III teams to give them a shot and he would greatly appreciate D-I schools scheduling LeMoyne (Army and Siena in particular).

    So, it is kind of a salute to coaches coaching at lower levels that want the shot at them, similar to what chances he got during his time in the lower ranks.

  • Rockie

    I for the life of me don’t understand why we don’t play Notre Dame in Basketball every year. We do in every other sport

  • Cameo Stokes

    I hope that Arkansas Pine Bluff dont beat Michigan bc they alot of talent on that DI AA school…. BE CAREFUL MICHIGAN

  • Rob

    I hope that Arkansas Pine Bluff dont beat Michigan bc they have alot of talent on that DI AA school…. BE CAREFUL MICHIGAN