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Dylan Burkhardt

It’s Just Sports posted some more material from a UM Alumni golf outing in Atlas Township. This time it’s video from a Q&A session featuring John Beilein and Rich Rodriguez. The video is entertaining, if for nothing more than hearing Beilein make fun of someone’s obsession with recruiting websites.

Elite Camp

Chris Balas posted a great list of Elite Camp notables from Day 1. Trey Zeigler didn’t make it in because he is under the weather but the list is still impressive.

The class of 2010 list is highlighted by Tim Hardaway Jr., a 6-foot-5 guard from Miami who visited back in December and is working to earn his official offer. Other notable 2010 prospects include Devin Oliver, Corey Petros, Walter Pitchford, and Allen Payne.

The 2011 list is impressive as well. In-state guards Patrick Lucas-Perry and Brandan Kearney (both offered) were in attendance. Indiana prospects Spencer Turner and Austin Etherington have played well this spring and also made it in. Matt Poches and Dan Chilcote are two names that we haven’t talked about a lot but they are worth keeping an eye on. Make sure to check out the full list.

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  • Mitchigan

    Dylan, you are really a machine as of late. The daily updates have been aMAZING as are all of the site updates (keep it coming). We all hope and many of us think Manny should stay a Wolverine for four years, but just out of curiosity where does everyone think Manny would have gone in the draft if he came out this year? Also, any word on who performed well last night and who is staying through the weekend? Just looked up the weather report and it looks like the Ann Arbor weather is nice today and through this weekend. Go Blue!

  • I too was wondering about where Manny would fall in the draft. It’s such a fine line between being a lottery pick and falling like DaJuan Blair.

    If Manny can shoot the ball just a little better, he can have a huge year. That’s the one thing that separates him from a guy like Harden numbers wise (and 30 lbs).

    This draft express 2010 mock lists Willie Warren, Evan Turner, Avery Bradley,James Anderson, Xavier Henry, Sylven Landesberg, William Buford, Chris Wright as the SG/SF prospects ahead of Manny. I can see a lot of those guys, but Buford? I know he’s athletic but come on. NBA is a potential game though…

  • Michael

    Dylan, just thought I’d give you a heads-up if you haven’t already heard, there may be something wrong with Jordan Morgan.

    Take a look at a couple of his latest updates on Facebook:

    Jordan D Morgan FML…worst news I’ve ever gotten by far…
    39 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show Feedback (1)Hide Feedback (1)
    Arty Blackwell at 10:15am June 26
    keep ya head up homie..u will be alright..look at Delvin Roe..u gonna be alright son.

    Jordan D Morgan got somethin wrong wit his knee…
    June 19 at 12:14pm · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3)
    Amiri Ms.Sunshine Williams at 12:51pm June 19
    Is it bad?
    Jordan D Morgan at 12:59pm June 19
    idk im on my to the doctor right now

    Clearly not a good sign. We’ll see if any news comes out on this.

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  • Trilla

    any news on the d morris question bag?

  • old fan

    If it’s true about Morgan, I want Momma Morgan to know that the Michigan team and the alumni will stand by Morgan while he fights his way back.

  • Brad

    seconded old fan,
    if it is an injury, he can rest assured knowing the fan base is fully behind him and will be waiting for when he can go and help this team!

  • PeteM

    Dylan, I was at the Flint golf outing/dinner and agree Beilein was funny. Before the official question and answer someone asked about Cronin, but I couldn’t make out Beilein’s answer from where I sitting. Do you know his status?

  • Frank

    Seriously, what gives with Brian Ellerbe? Is there any height to which this head case can’t fall upward?

  • Cronin’s surgery went well I believe, but he is still rehabbing.

    For those of you that frequent the comments, what is your opinion on threaded comments?

  • I think we lost a few comments in the move… Sorry about that, everything should be up and running on the new server.

    Shoot me an email ( if there are any problems.

  • mmccrae

    threaded comments always confuse me… people will click reply but mean new post… I like it the way it is…

  • Thanks for everyone’s feedback, while I’m at it here’s another question. How would you guys feel about adding some sort of diary feature/user blog feature similar to Mgoblog?

  • W3

    Darius Morris- WOW. Grew a half inch. Legit 6’4 now. I saw him last year when he was, imo, the best player at the camp, aurguably along with Lubick. Even with the limited action he saw today, he left NO QUESTION who top dog was on campus. These kids couldnt even come close to stopping Darius. And as Sam said this was against a pretty stellar Clarkston team who BLEW OUT Will Regan’s Nichols team by 20 (30pt gap at times during the game).

    Morris came out and scored the first 5-7 points for the Red Oxen vs Clarkston. Hit a three, baseline drive and pull up J, fast break lay in. Probably had 13-16 in the game before getting injured. He locked down his man at the other end all game, just as he did last year vs Eso Akunne (who was now his teammate).

    His first step is quick, he handles the ball with confidence and strength even moreso then last year. He could go anywhere he wanted on the court at any given time. Fathers on the Clarkston team kept looking at eachother like “are you kidding me right now? How do we compete?”

    Lastly on Morris….kid is in GREAT shape. last year he looked like a HS player, this year he looks straight D1. Put on at least 8-10 lbs of rock over the past year…another reason for his straight dominance this weekend. I really am not over hyping him either…he was killer.

    BTW, he was all smiles when I left…yet still limping. This freshman class already seems to have a bond. Akunne, McLimans, Vogrich and Morris seem to always be smiling, laughing and pokeing fun at one another when the chance arrives.

    Matt Vogrich- Matt’s shot was definately inconsistent today. The first game vs Ottawa, he missed his first two three’s, a lay in, and a jump shot before hitting two deep bombs from long distance. His shooting form is flawless. Quicker release then what I saw in his film.

    When Matt wants to, he takes it strong to the rim. This is where the biggest difference between him and Stu is. Where Stu will only pump fake you out on the wing and look to pass (Stu’s getting better but Novak is this way too), Matt can take you all the way to the whole, or stop and pop for the jumper. He also has a drive and running jumper he uses. Plays stronger then he looks.

    The most suprising thing about Vogrich was his defense. He really gets after it. LOTS of tip balls in the lane, and he seems like he likes to rebound. Not a finesse player, he gets after it. He was basically the man on his team after Bartlestein got hurt. Although there was one other kid who could play wearing #65…played the PG spot….dont know the name.

    Blake McLimans- Kid can shoot. During warm ups for the Red Oxen (Blake, Darius and Eso’s team) Vogrich (on the Blue Oxen) was on the bench watching his future teammates, kept trying to rattle Blake by yelling “BROKE” before/during every three point attempt. Blake was smiling, but oviously it didnt affect him, because it just kept going in.

    When the game began vs Clarkston, I was intrested to see how Blake would compete vs Mike Kameniki (sp?). Mike K. played very well against Lubick last year and played well during the morning game when Clark. rolled Will Regans team.

    Mike Kam took Blake off the dribble 3-4 times, and Blake got called for 3 qucikish fouls. Blake couldnt really stop him off the dribble to begin with (first 10 mins or so). All of a sudden Blake blocked pretty much anything that came down the lane. I dont know if he needed to get his timing down or what if he just needed to get loose but he was pretty darn productive after that. Still needs to work on latteral movement, and got beat by Kam but he timed his own jump to block the shots.

    Likes to rebound, and is strong with the ball when he does, despite not having grown into his body yet. Dosent bring the ball down low. Not much of a post game yet, but certainly potential to be. Launched three’s all game going 4 for 7. Smooth stroke. Whoever said he reminds them of Gibson was WAAAYY off.

    Still has a lot of work to do with overall strength, post game and defense but that will come. I was expecting a lot worse to be honest. He COULD play this year if he adds 5-10 lbs before the season….but only for situational use 5-7 mins here and there…especially if J.Morgan inst 100%…

    Eso Akunne- Am I wrong for saying I like his game better then Hardaway’s? Because I do. More versitile, not as long, but will create 10x more off the dribble. Can shoot just as good, can finish ect..

    If he had 2 more inches on him he would have been a national recruit. Really took the ball to the rim hard, especially when Darius went out the first time. Is a bull. Put on a few lbs from last year but can still move. Im definately not worried about that though…kid can ball. Really benifited when Darius was out there (well everyone did), in particular on the break.

    Tim Hardaway Jr.- One dimensional. Two if you count finishing its own aspect of the game. Kid can certainly finish, but he’s a shooter, and a streaky one at best. Just not efficient. He lets them fly, he misses a lot, makes a couple. Great LOOKING form. Does not take the ball to the hole. Not much of a handle. Is very long and finished very well on the break today. Potential I guess.

    This is just MY OPINION, but no way I offer him yet. Would make a good system player I guess, but with Manny leaving thats just not what we are looking for. I like the kid a lot. I interviewed him for Sam once and he was very freindly…so this is nothing personal. Id rather have Devin Oliver.

    Carlton Brundidge- I could tell he was still hurt. Didnt have a great game vs Jackson (who were throwing down pretty hard ally oops). Strong with the ball, not a pure PG yet, even though he had some nice passes on the break. Didnt have much help aroung him though. A couple nice up and under moves…but not a great game to evaluate him on…..sorry.

    Didnt get a chance to watch Oliver today but hes a good player….very versitile.

    Bartelstein looked pretty darn good before getting injured. Was driving o the hoop, shot looked good. Great walkon talent.

    Not sure if im going back tomm. or not, but today was fun and I am already looking forward to next years camp so I can watch the incoming freshman, Evan Smotrycz and Trey Zeigler….hopefully!

    Sorry about any bad puncuation…its 1230am!!!

    BTW, glad we didnt get Regan…or should I say, glad we got Smotryc instead.

  • Kenny

    W3, thanks a lot. hope that you can make there today.

  • gpsimms

    wow thanks. Pretty nice to hear positive things about McLimans. I hope the injuries all turn out to be nothing. We’d all love to hear more if you make it today.

    Dylan, diaries would be cool.

  • mmccrae

    Just a question… if smotrycz is already committed to michigan why would he go to the vince carter camp instead of the michigan camp? He doesn´t need to be noticed anymore. Is it just for development?

  • mmccrae: It’s a chance for instruction. The same reason that many college players go as well. Being honored as one of the top 20 wing players in the country and getting NBA instruction is probably the right choice.

  • mmccrae

    Thanks for that perspective… I agree 100%

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