Summer Camp Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Nike Camps

Several Michigan recruits and players will be in action at various Nike camps over the next few weeks. These Nike camps feature college and high school players and are broken down into different mini camps before the final LeBron James camp.

The Deron Williams and Vince Carter camps kick off this week. Country Day point guard, and Michigan class of 2010 recruiting target, Ray McCallum will be playing in the Deron Williams event. DeShawn Sims will be playing in the Vince Carter event as well as 2010 commitment Evan Smotrycz and target Casey Prather. These camps will run June 23-26th, full rosters can be found here.

Michigan Elite Camp

The bad news regarding Michigan prospects playing in the Nike camps is that Michigan’s elite camp tips off this week as well. Because of the overlap, guys like Smotrycz and Prather won’t be in Ann Arbor for the Elite Camp.

There are still expected to be a number of prospects in attendance. I don’t have a full list of players that are expected to attend but here are a few names that have been linked to the camp.

  • Brandan Kearney¬† (2011) – (USA Links: Freep, Det News)
  • Trey Zeigler (2010)
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. (2010)
  • Spencer Turner (2011) – camp & visit
  • Allen Payne (2010)
  • Dwaun Anderson (2011, Suttons Bay)
  • Sean Sheldon (TC St. Francis)

This is such a big event because this event is also a chance for relatively unknown prospects to burst onto the radar. Stu Douglass was an anonymous guard from Indiana before he shot the lights out at Michigan’s Elite Camp, by the end of the summer he had committed.

I’ll leave this open for camp discussion, and hopefully get some updates over the next couple days.

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  • gpsimms

    anyone hear sam webb this morning? podcasts aren’t working for me…he said he was gonna talk hoops

  • Suavdaddy

    What are the dates of the UM camp? Any chance that Zeigler drops? One can hope, right?

  • Benjamin

    @gpsimms – I am having the same problem with the podcasts. I sent them an email just to make sure they were aware of the issue. Hopefully it gets resolved soon b/c Sam had a possible “gut feeling” (probably football related tho- which is fine with me).

  • The elite camp starts tonight at 5PM runs through tomorrow. Then the team camp picks up this weekend.

    Here’s an MLive post with a team camp schedule.. Not sure if it’s finalized or correct.

  • gpsimms

    yeah, man that’s the worst. they advertise a “possible” gut feeling and then it doesn’t work…such suspense.

  • Benjamin

    @gpsimms – I got an email back from WTKA, and they fixed the podcast. Possible gut feeling on Christian Cullens in the near future. (booya! – sorry for the spoiler)

  • Benjamin

    Cullen Christian, rather ;)

  • gpsimms

    ha, its ok. thanks for emailing them. Any chance this Herbeck kid walks on? Or is he definitely looking for a scholarship someplace?

  • Benjamin

    Maybe it is an Eso-esque situation.

  • How many preferred walk-ons are we allowed? I like that we are bringing in these skilled guys, but it seems like we have a lot of them now. Note: This isn’t a gripe of any sort, just me asking if there is a limit to how many we can have.

  • Rivals has a great list of who made it in:

  • IndyHoops

    Keep us posted on any other “unknown prospects” there (like Stu). I hear a few from the Indy area are coming.

  • Kenny

    Zeigler didn’t show up Thursday night? hopefully he will show up on Friday.

  • He’s sick.

  • Brick

    I checked that Rivals list. Is Hardaway Jr. really 6’6″ now? I’m going to guess that if he plays well at this camp he will be the next commit. A bird in the hand….

  • mark

    I’m a little disappointed that Amir Williams is at the CMU camp and not U of M. Starting to think Williams will be another DCD player that won’t look at any of the in state recruits.

  • mark

    I mean “in state schools”.

  • Keith

    Amir did not attend cmu camp

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