Tuesday Links & Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Kenny

    This quote from Beilein is interesting:
    “We’re hoping for Zack Gibson to give us even more. He’s in between being a forward and a center for us. As we look at this team, we’d like to get more out of him, and that’s our plan.”

  • jmblue

    Wow, Lance Stephenson sounds like the ultimate recruiting nightmare. I have to chuckle that Memphis is still recruiting him. They’re not quick learners, are they?

  • El Capitan

    I’m guessing Stephenson ends up at Memphis and puts up insane stats but his team will be terrible and he will bolt for the draft.

  • gpsimms

    Dylan, aren’t the michigan camps this week? You know who is coming?

  • Yes, the elite camp starts tomorrow and the team camp is this weekend. I’ll work on trying to get some info.

  • gpsimms

    Cool, thanks. I guess it was a dumb question, of course you were working on it…