Recruiting Roundup (6-22-09)

Dylan Burkhardt

Evan Smotrycz

Smotrycz went out this spring to prove to the recruiting world exactly how good he is. It seems like every time he attends an event with national scouts, he produces. NBA camp was no different.

Rivals was one of the major services that has yet to really see Evan play this year and Jerry Meyer sounds like a guy who realizes that Evan isn’t a prospect loaded with athleticism but he is a player who can get it done.

The Michigan commit is not that athletic and his game isn’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing. Smotrycz, however, produces. He can score at all three levels and has to the tune of 13 points per game. He can also find the open man and has a penchant for coming up with 50/50 balls. He is not a prospect who everyone is going to love, but it is evident why coach John Beilein thinks highly of him.

Smotrycz was one of twenty players voted into the camp all-star game by player vote. Making a twenty player all-star team at a camp featuring the top 100 players in the country is impressive. The all-star team included 13 5-stars, 5 4-stars whose Scout top 100 rankings averaged out to 22.

Smotrycz was in the top 10 scoring list for much of the week but dropped out after a lackluster final day. Overall it was another productive weekend for Evan, whose next chance to prove himself will be the Vince Carter camp for the top 20 wing prospects in the country.

More scouting: Scout ($), TheWolverine ($), TheWolverine ($), Hoopville Rumble in the Bronx notes

Brandan Kearney

kearney-usa1 kearney-5

Congratulations to Brandan Kearney and the U-16 team USA basketball team for a great performance in Argentina. Team USA won five games in five days en route to a gold medal. Brandan played well despite nursing a slightly torn tendon on his left index finger.

Kearney didn’t get it going in the championship game in only 6 minutes of play. However he played well in semifinals versus Canada with 3 points (1-3 shooting), 3 rebounds, 2 assists and no turnovers. Brandan’s best game came against Puerto Rico Friday when he posted 8 points on 3 of 4 (2-3 3pt) shooting with two assists and two steals in 13 minutes of play.

Kearney’s averages for the weekend were: 11.2 mpg, 4.4 ppg, 7 of 16 (4-11 3pt) shooting, 1.8 rpg (full stats).

Trey Zeigler

The scouting report has become very clear on Trey Zeigler: pure scorer. Zeigler scored the ball all weekend and helped guide his team to a 7-0 record and the camp championship. Zeigler posted 14 points in the title game. The next step for Zeigler to proceed with his visits, I believe he is also expected at Michigan camp this week.

ESPN scouting report:

Trey Zeigler (Mount Pleasant, Mich.) has the ability to get into the lane with ease because of his quick first step. He also does a good job of using those penetration skills to get into the teeth of the defense and dish to open teammates for scoring chances.

More scouting: Scout ($), Arizona State Update ($), More ASU ($), TheWolverine ($)

Casey Prather

pratherpicPrather played on the same team as Trey Zeigler and was also a key cog in the Rockets championship run. Prather posted an impressive 19 points in the 79-74 championship win. Prather might not be as refined of an offensive player as Trey Zeigler but he definitely has the athleticism. The next step for Michigan is to keep trying to get him on campus.

More scouting: Scout ($), Rivals ($)

Ray McCallum

mcallum Ray McCallum is a pure point guard in an era of combo guards. McCallum isn’t going to be a big scorer every night but he is going to set his teammates up night in and night out. McCallum was named to the “Workout Warriors” team of the top 5 hardest workers at the camp. In a tournament that was loaded with super star guards, McCallum at the very least proved that he can play at that level despite a couple of more athletic point guards getting the best of him at times:

Joe Jackson (No. 19 scorer at 10.6 ppg)- Jackson had an impressive fourth session against Ray McCallum. Jackson brought the fight to the match up and gave McCallum problems with his pressure defense and then consistently penetrated the lane on the offensive end.

More links: Detroit News feature, McCallum recaps overseas trip ($)

  • Kenny

    I am so tired of people using such a narrow definition of “athleticism”. A world class marathon runner is unlikely to dunk over people but is he not athletic?

  • ToBlav

    It seems to me (as a coach of cross country as well as basketball) that the term athleticism is relative to the sport being discussed. A marathon runner who uses surges effectively and a has a strong kick is considered more so than the one who’s strength is steady pacing. In basketball it refers to those who accellerate quickly, run faster and jump more exposively than most who are playing at their level. Certainly all world class sports performers have some athleticism compared to the general public. On one hand athleticism is a positive thing, on the other hand Roger Bannister and Larry Bird were not athletic relative to their competition, just better.

  • Kenny

    ToBlav, thanks for explaining how this jargon differs in different sports. This is very educational.

  • Mitchigan

    Below is another quick write up about our boy Smotrycz on rivals as a player on the rise. Go Blue!

  • UMDC

    Nice link, Mitchigan.

    I bet Rivals would have called Larry Bird “…a promising glue type player at the next level.”

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  • Steiner Blue

    The peer recognition of being voted onto the All-Star team is a big deal. Hopefully Trey, Casey and Ray were taking notice. Players want to play with players.

  • ZRL

    Being voted by peers into the all-star game probably also means that Evan is charismatic and friends with the other players. Hopefully he can be a big recruiter for Michigan on the summer circuit.

  • Jim

    Link Posts are my preference. I just want to add that the more i read about evan the more excited I am getting. He has the size to get his shot off, can get to the rim, and is always around the ball! I can only hope trey follows. A pure scorer opens up the shooters on the team and thats what he is… Go Blue!

  • Dave

    evan, trey and another great player would be extremely exciting to see, not to mention that we look in great shape with great players iin the 2011 class as well

  • Tweeter

    I prefer the links posts simply because I am too lazy to look elsewhere for updates. But whatever is easier for you Dylan. You do a great job with this site, so whatever is best for you in order to keep up the great effort.

    I agree Jim. I cant remember being as excited for a basketball recruit since the fab five days. I know we have had bigger names coming in before, but there is just something about him that really intrigues me. I think it is that you never hear bad stuff about him. The worst thing I have heard is that he is not a great athlete. But I would prefer to have a guy that can do everything and isnt that athletic, to a guy that is an uber-athlete with limited skills. Especially with Beilein as the coach, you just know that he will utilize Smotrycz to the best of his ability. Evan is like the anti-Petway. I loved Petway, but he never really got it together as a basketball player. It sounds like Evan already has everything together, and it will just be a matter of putting other players around him. If Mich can add another big scorer like Zeigler, they will have a heck of a tough combo to stop.

  • Tom Too

    I said it before, but if Evan adds 2 more inches, we could see the second coming of Dirk N at AA…

  • JBlo

    Anyone see that Smotrycz is now rated a 95 by ESPN and #47 in the class of 2010? Looks like the NBA camp will help Evan’s stock at the other recruiting services too.

    95 is the same rating as Zeigler and McCallum, FWIW.

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