Welcome Jon Sanderson

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan announced today that Jon Sanderson will be replacing Mike Curtis as strength and conditioning coach for the basketball programs as well as Olympic sports. Sanderson comes to Michigan from Clemson and also played college basketball at Ohio State University and Ohio University.


"I cannot tell you how excited I am to accept this position and be a part of the Michigan athletic family," said Sanderson. "As a former Big Ten Athlete I understand the demands of our student-athletes and will coach them at the highest level with passion and integrity. I look forward to contributing in every aspect of the Michigan athletic strength and conditioning program."

"We were able to establish, for our players, a great foundation of our strength and conditioning over the last two years," said U-M men’s basketball head coach John Beilein. "We love Jon’s innovated thinking regarding basketball-specific strength training. We are confident he will step right in and have an immediate positive impact on our players’ development."

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  • Benjamin

    lol…I was just looking for you on IM to see if you saw this yet Dylan. You are too quick.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Comes from Clemson…Weird. Played at Ohio State…even weirder!! I imagine his old college buddies are going to ream him for this. It sounds like he might be innovative like Mike Barwis, so that’s a plus.

  • Justin C

    Well, he left OSU and finished at Ohio, so I’m not sure how OSU friendly he is. Either way, we’ve taken guys from OSU and made them honest :)

    A great addition to the squad – looks like we gut punched Clemson twice now.

  • Tweeter

    Welcome Jon Sanderson! Maybe he can make Zach Gibson look like Trevor Booker.

  • V.O.R.
  • Tom Too

    He seems like a step down to me….the other guy (Mike B?) was great. I think we snagged him from the Memphis Grizzlies. This guy wasn’t even the head guy at Clemson. And he doesn’t even look in that good of shape….looks like the head guy at Jiffy Lube by my house.

  • Benjamin

    Well, its not like the Clemson team had problems getting up and down the court…they had to be in great shape to run the press.

    I will hold my judgment until Fall.

  • Kenny

    Feel the same as Tom too his resume doesnot impress me, but i hope this guy is better than his look

  • Tom Too

    I hear that last part ALL the time…especially from my wife.

  • Tom Too


  • Bluebufoon

    More praises from a different source on Evan Smotrycz, this time from
    Hoopsville.com’s Phil Kasiecki following last weeks Rumble in the Bronx.

    Evan Smotrcyz (6′8″ Jr. SF, Reading (MA) New Hampton Prep) This weekend, he showed again that he’s really come into his own as he continues to play well. He shot the ball well from long range and managed to be aggressive without forcing something that isn’t there. Besides his three-point shots, he scored on jumpers off the dribble and found openings to drive to score as well. The Michigan commit has had a solid spring.

  • Clemson Fan

    I think you guys are looking at a bad picture (He has on a large shirt). I know this guy, he is pretty jacked up.

  • ZRL

    Clemson Fan, do you think this is a good hire for Michigan?

  • Tigers

    This is a huge loss for Clemson and a great get for the Wolverines. Sanderson has done an amazing job with the Tigers. He is very creative and he will get the guys to buy into his system. I know he was thought of very highly around the ACC.

  • Tom Too

    That is great to hear. All newly hired strength coaches should have to do their first press conference in a Dwight Howard undershirt.

  • Clemson Fan

    This is a huge loss for Clemson. This guy has a great personality, he will most def help with recruiting. He really connects well with the players. Clemson made a mistake by letting him go!

  • Tiger 1

    FYI Tom Too, his title was assistant strength coach BUT he was the head guy for men’s basketball. clemson basketball is known for pressing and being in peak physical condition-directly related to the guy behind the scenes. also, i saw this guy on the sidelines and he is definitely NOT your jiffy lube manager. i agree with the other comments made by clemson fans…we definitely made a mistake.