Wednesday Links & Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • ToBlav

    Rated 13th preseason is inflating, that is, heady stuff. Without a proven upper level 5 and a similiar situation at the 1, it seems we are being given every bit as much respect as we can expect. I hope we’re ready for it ’cause if we are it’s going to be soooooo much fun.

  • We have holes but we also have two of the top 5-7 players in the Big Ten I’d argue. That being said, I still think 13 is too high.

    I added the Spencer Turner link — I’ll probably start trying to put together a list of camp visitors if it’s feasible.

  • Colby

    Hey Dylan, I posted a link below that mentions Dee Davis 2011 PG and Justin Gant PF also heard from Michigan.

    Also I was wondering if you have a list of kids who are expected to be at the Elite Camp? Are you going to watch the camp? Hoping JB can get all the big time instate kids and a few out of states as well. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Tweeter

    Dylan, wondering if you read Mike Brey’s cheap shot comment. I saw it on, and then read the linked article. Basically he was asked what would help his team avoid last seasons monumental collapse, and he said if they played in the Big Ten that would help. As Brian corectly points out, ND was 1-2 against the Big Ten last year (OSU, PSU, Indiana). Just dont understand why people like this have to take shots at other groups. Why not just say, “if we didnt have to play a stretch of ten games, 8 of which are against top twenty teams, that would help us.”

  • I hadn’t seen it. Can’t say it surprises me…

    Notre Dame was 2 – 13 against the RPI top 50 (they beat Texas in Hawaii and Louisville at home to end a 7 game losing streak). I don’t care how many good teams you play… you have to beat SOME of them.

    Maybe he should start complaining about the lack of a balanced schedule in the Big East, maybe they shouldn’t have 18 schools.

    People will continue to poke fun at the Big Ten but I think we proved ourselves pretty well last year.

  • Jay

    13 is not too high, come on people dont run from expectations! Like Dylan said we return two of the top players in the Big 10. YES we lost experience (not production) at the PG spot, but we also played three freshman who gained tons of experience and you would think will definitely embrace and step up to the challenge this year with more responsibility. Im excited that people actually think we will be good, rather then rank us 25 and we outperform..part of getting this program back is living up to expectations.

  • Kenny

    If Beilein is confident enough to add Kansas into our schedule, maybe we should not worry about being ranked too high.

  • Mith

    Jay, I think that’s the problem – “part of getting this program back is living up to expectations”. So, if the expectation is a top 15 team(and therefore a likely Sweet 16 appearance), it sets us up to NOT live up to the expectations. This team barely made the tourney last year. It seems quite a leap all the way to #13.

    Certainly I hope the team is that good, but they seem more like a #20-25 team to me.

  • bentley

    I think the expectations are great. After 10 years of obscurity and unimportant games it will be great to be recognized on the national stage. I really do think that this team might not start off as fast as last season, but I fully expect them to be a 6 seed or higher in the tourney and make some noise. This team just needs one of the 3 freshman bigs to step up and give them 15 min per game. I haven’t been this excited about a season since the fab five. As far as barely making the tourney and being a top 15 team in the preseason, its all based on who returns, teams now days because of the one and done go from final four contender to nit lock. Lot easier to climb to the top quickly in college basketball than college football.

  • Ken in Vegas

    The higher we are ranked the better. Sure it adds to expectations, but it also gives us more credit in the eyes of the committee all througout the year. Look at Notre Dame. Because they were so highly ranked at the beginning of the season, they had to lose half of their games before they were taken off the bubble. The ranking actually gives us more room for error based on what I’ve seen in the past few years.

  • Tom Too

    Absolutely…..great point.

  • Mith

    Yeah, good point Ken.

  • Tweeter

    I agree mostly Ken. But you have to wonder if Michigan stumbles early, especially against a mediocre team (which they are certainly capable of, see Sav St, Indiana last year), if the margin for error is that great. This program has been so bad for so long they might just fall right out of the national eye with a loss or two. Notre Dame had the advantage of a several solid years, plus they had a player of the year candidate on their team in Harangody. Not to mention they were in the Big East and they are Notre Dame. A lot of things were going for them and I believe that, more than just the preseason stuff, was why they continued to be discussed. Manny Harris probably should be getting more national attention, but he is not. Michigan needs to win to keep this thing going.

  • KJay

    #13 may sound high, but it’s not when you look at what other teams are bringing back. Going from a round of 32 to a sweet sixteen caliber team isn’t a huge jump given what we’re bringing back and what we’re bringing in. Also, this offense doesn’t require a pure point, so losing three guys who played the position doesn’t mean as much as it might otherwise, and the one we’re bringing in is more talented than the other three by far. Another big weakness, post presence, is also being addressed.

    Also, it’s great for recruiting to be ranked so high.