Friday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Drew

    Eh… it would be nice to get the semi circle in there while we still have one of the best slashers in the game, who seemingly gets a charged called on him about twice a game because some guy pitches a tent right under the rim… But that’s not going to happen.

    Sure this new rule will help, but its so subjective. And as the article points out, the official has way too many other things to worry about in a charge/block situation. Where the player’s feet are compared to this “imaginary line” may not be top priority.

  • Benjamin

    Paint the semi-circle on the floor and get this over with.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Looks like Hardaway Jr. is planning another visit to Ann Arbor. Could a committment be near? Did we even officially offer yet? I wonder if we would still persue Zeigler if that happened.

  • Kevin in GR
  • Kenny

    There is no reason to turn Hardaway away if he commits, there will still be a scholarship available for Zeigler.

  • OT: Kobe’s elbow on Nelson last night…didn’t a similar play get Manny ejected last year?

  • The Purdue elbow was a bit similar in the sense that it was an elbow to the face. Circumstances were a bit different, but I think it does prove the point that elbows hit faces a lot during play.

  • Erik

    The one and done article was interesting. I felt the tone was a little bit trying to get sympathy for the McD All Americans who broke the rules. I say let ’em suffer with no scholarships. You break the rules, you don’t deserve to play.

    I’m glad Beilein doesn’t sign guys like that.