Darius Morris Answers Your Questions

Dylan Burkhardt

Video courtesy of Ball Is Life.com – Morris is #11 in black

Incoming freshman point guard Darius Morris has graciously agreed to answer a few reader submitted questions. By this point there have been several quality interviews with Darius so the basics have been covered pretty well. This format provides an opportunity for a little bit of interaction and gives everyone a chance to get to know Darius a little better before he arrives on campus.

Naturally, Darius won’t be able to answer every question so some questions won’t be answered. In the spirit of fairness, everyone will be limited to submitting only one question. You can submit questions in the comments from now until Wednesday at 11:59 PM.

For a refresher on Darius’ game, check out the recruiting videos section (as well as the video above).

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  • Eddie

    Question for Darius: Knowing what you know about Beilein’s 1-3-1 zone defense, where do you think you’ll make the most difference– playing at the top, at the bottom, or on one of the wings?

  • Justin C

    Here’s mine:

    Darius, which area(s) of your game has Coach Beilein asked you to focus on the most during the offseason?

    Good luck and Go Blue!

  • W3


    What kind of knowledge do you have of Coach Beilein’s offense at this point? Do you have a general idea on what your role will be this coming year in the offense?

  • Merlin

    Do your family and friends in LA have access to the Big Ten Network to watch the Michigan games? Did you watch the Michigan games last year and if so where do you think you can help the team most?

  • michael

    Two questions:

    #1: Which college player of recent years do you most liken your game to?

    #2: Given U-M’s current roster and commits, what do you see at priority recruit for 2010 o 2011?

    Thanks for your time. You’ve got mad game

  • ZRL

    Darius, I know you recently played in an all-star game with fellow freshman Matt Vogrich. I was wondering if you have played with any of the other incoming freshman as well and what do you think of their game?

  • steve


    1. What are your relationships like with other current Wolverines so far? Obviously you’ve played in the Feinberg Academic All-American Classic with Matt Vogrich, do you talk to him often? How about the other guys? Do you speak with Manny and DeShawn much?

    2. What was the main reason you chose UM over all of your other offers?

  • Jordan


    With the departures of C.J. Lee, Dave Merritt, and Kelvin Grady, it looks like you and Stu will be the ones running the point for the Wolverines in 2009. In taking on such a role, how well do you know the offense and how much has Stu done to help you settle into your new role?

  • JayRich


    Being our top rated recruit in a couple years, do you feel like it is your job to help try to persuade other highly rated recruits to try to join the Michigan Family and was there anyone from the current team that was influential in helping you choose MICHIGAN!

  • Paul

    Hey Darius, Looking forward to watching you play at Crisler.
    I believe your high school team won their championship game, was that the highlight of your B ball career so far?
    Thank’s and good luck.

  • Tom Too

    Darius: There has been a lot said and posted about Beilein’s inability to recruit. I believe this will all go away after a couple more high caliber commits like yourself. That being said, when did you know you wanted Beilein to be your coach in College and what sealed the deal for you (ie. warmth of his demeanor, number of contacts, early contact with you, your family liking him, UM Campus visit)?

  • old fan

    Have you ever read the michigan (or other) blogs or had your decision affected by the postings/writings by the media or readers? Do you think that this matters to any of the recruits that you have encountered.

  • Dirtgrain

    What have you learned from your toughest struggles in basketball, especially in terms of technique, skill and mentality?

  • Charles

    The point guard has a special responsibility in the 1-3-1 zone defense that Beilein uses, what have you done in practice and in high school to prepare you for that responsibility?

  • Erik

    Since it really takes a full year (sometimes more) to grasp John Beilein’s system, and usually freshman have a transition year into the Big Ten, I’m already looking ahead to you sophomore year.

    DeShawn Sims will have graduated and Manny Harris might be drafted. In their absence, do you think you possess the leadership qualities to lead a team in your sophomore year? Can you be the vocal guy in the huddle, or are you content with letting someone else lead?

  • JBlair52

    1. What was it like watching Michigan beat UCLA last year?

    2. Which team are you most looking forward to playing this coming season?

    3. Would you rather throw the “alley” or dunk the “oop” ?

  • Ken in Vegas

    Do you have any memories of Michigan basketball when we were a perennial tourney team? How familiar are you with Michigan history? The Fab Five?

  • Tom Too

    Darius: If you have that kind of memory, you will do great in the classroom.

  • Jimmy

    Darius, will you be ready (physically and mentally) to help us compete for a national championship…next year…?

  • Giddings

    Hate to violate the one-question limit, but…

    1) Last year in a UMHoops interview, Zack Novak told us that the best player he played against was Luke Harangody (Zack actually managed to outscore Luke!). Who is the best player that you’ve ever played against (and/or with)?

    2) What is your schedule like for the Summer? Taking classes, working out, camps, open gyms? When do you arrive on campus?

    3) Is it true that you’ll be wearing #4 since Stu already has #1?

  • Steiner Blue

    Darius, welcome to the program!

    Following your commitment and then UM’s success of last season, have you noticed any change in the “vibe” Michigan basketball has among potential recruits that you talk with?

  • littleskinnykid

    Darius, what number do you plan on wearing for Michigan?

  • Bill

    Have you spent much time with the guys on the team and do you think you will fit in well with them socially and on the court?

  • Frank

    Darius, how do you plan to prepare for the hostile environments you will face on the road in the Big Ten, such as the Breslin Center?

  • Tayo

    How do I get recruited in HS basketball

  • Musket Rebellion


    How much has this season’s success excited you for the possibilities that exist for upward movement at UM, i.e. what sort of program would you like to leave behind in 4 years when you are done?

  • BJ

    Darius – how do you feel about the east coast media bias? I really think you are a 5*, the hacks at Rivals just don’t stay up to see you play.

  • Tweeter

    Question for Darius: Many of the so-called recruiting experts have questioned what position you will fit into at the college level, what position do you feel is most natural to you, and if it is at point guard how do you balance scoring with playmaking for other teammates?

    Best of luck, Go Blue!

  • ToBlav

    Darius – We are very glad to have you aboard. Is there a question that you wished someone would ask or comment you’d like to make?

  • CP

    Darius – Welcome to Michigan and thanks for answering our questions.

    Are there certain skills/fitness tests that Coach B has told you that you will need to pass when you show up to the first practice. If so, what are they?

    Thanks. I look forward to seeing you play at Crisler. Best of luck. Go Blue!!

  • Bjha

    Darius – what are your thoughts on rich rodriguez and how many wins will we get on the gridiron this fall? Tanks

  • Adam

    Darius – What would you say is the greatest strength to your game? Are you excited to play with great players like Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims?

  • michmgoblue

    Darius, How do you feel that you are now going to be on a video game? It has to be very exciting to play as or against yourself.

  • Mirella Jimenez

    Daruis ur ma favorite playa n u r pretty cute i really would wanna meat u onea these days