Beilein Speaks

Dylan Burkhardt

To get started today I wanted to link to a WTKA podcast with John Beilein along with Sam Webb. Beilein touches on a number of subjects including Ben Cronin (the limp is gone), Kansas, Team USA, and the ethics committee. The interview is definitely worth a listen, especially during this slow stretch of June that just seems to drag.

Listen Now (MP3)

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  • ToBlav

    It’s nice to be kept up to date on things. I’d no idea about the number and types of camps Coach Beilein has in place. Great work going on by both Coach on the basketball program building and Dylan on this fantasic site. Thanks, thanks, and on and on.

  • Tenn decommit guard, Aaron Craft, claims to be hearing from U-M…

    Not sure how much sense a 6-foot point guard makes sense at this point but it’s one to watch. He’s a four star prospect on both Scout and Rivals.

  • Merlin

    What did Sam say about Kearney today-did not hear that portion of the show.

  • michael

    According to ESPN description, sounds like another Grady:

    “Aaron has good quickness solid ball handling ability. He plays with high energy and passion……outstanding defense on the ball and consistently kept opposing guards out of the lane. He struggles fighting through ball screens but plays with a physicality that will allow him to improve in that area. Offensively he is a solid three point shooter and has shown range extended beyond the arc but he needs to improve his ability to create offense off the bounce. He solid passer and makes good decisions with the ball, but does not create for others.”

    That said, I liked Grady, and would prefer him as an option. I assume no chance if stays enrolled, plays football, we can get him back?

  • Kevin in GR

    Sam Webb had GREAT things to say about Kearney’s visit yesterday. He said he was on the phone for an hour with Kearney/his dad/Percy Gibson. Webb thinks it will come down to UM v MSU for him but did say he felt comfortable saying that UM his leader.

  • Benjamin

    Not that is really matters, but I think his brother was there too.

    Apparently they (Brandon, his dad, and Percy) took turns gushing about Beilein, Michigan, and the visit to Sam Webb in a phone interview. He said the call was an hour and most the time calls are only like 10-15 mins.

    Sounded like the visit couldn’t really go much better (sans a commitment).


    I’d read that one… Webb w/ Kearney’s dad. $ link.

  • michael: I would say almost definitely that there is no chance of Grady playing hoops again.

  • Paul

    Great work Dylan. Sound’s like John Beilein is trying to get his name and the schools name out in the state. With camps and coaching younger players he can talk to them and possibly get them to think about playing at Michigan when that time comes. Anyway to sway some talent toward Ann Arbor and keep them away from East Lansing.
    Keep the program moving ahead instead of falling behind.
    Love the part about finding the next Manny Harris. Never know. Could be at one of the camps.

  • El Capitan

    And now Robert Dozier cheated on the SAT… wow. Looks like Memphis and Calipari had no standards for their athletes.

  • Ken in Vegas

    A pretty decent listen, despite JB’s little dog yapping in the background. Lol. Did he say he was going to feed it to the Labrador across the street?

    I’ve always been worried about his ability to recruit because as we can all agree, he’s not exactly the life of the party. However, I think there is something very comforting and fatherly that kids can identify with, like they do with a really good professor. He is wise and strict, but soft-spoken and patient. That coupled with his involvement in camps and committees should make for a welcoming guy to play for.

  • Tom Too

    Absolutely. I really think he appeals to parents as someone you’d want your kid to be with for four years and not some snake oil salesman like some of these guys.

  • ZRL

    Honestly after talking face to face with Beilein for 10 minutes a couple of months ago I was very suprised that he is not an awesome recruiter. Just by talking to him for this short period of time I could tell that he loves teaching the game of basketball and really cares for his players. I kept wanting to ask him more questions, but the majority of our conversation ended up being him asking me how I was enjoying Michigan and what I thought should be done to make the atmosphere at Chrisler better. If I was a recruit I would have committed on the spot. On the other hand, I thought Rodriguez came off as a little arrogant and was surly, yet he seems to be a better recruiter.

  • ZRL

    Ken, I’d say that’s an excellent description. He reminded me a lot of my favorite teachers and professors over the years.

  • Tweeter

    I have not met Beilein in person, but from a couple friends who have, they say he does have a very engaging personality. Apparently he is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I did have the pleasure of meeting Rich Rodriguez and I did not think he came off surly at all. Maybe a little arrogant, but I think that is a good thing. At the function I was at, he sat down at our table and talked with us for about twenty minutes. We talked about his family and Ann Arbor in general. It was like talking with any one of my friends. I was very impressed. Every time I talked to Lloyd I always felt a bit intimidated, but maybe that is because he seemed more like a father figure than just a regular guy.

  • Bluebufoon

    Plenty of recruiting info out there– ESPN has update their class rankings of 2011 with Amir Williams cking in at No. 17 and Carlton Brundidge at No. 43

    Illinois Preps-Bullseye ran this blurb on their website June 6.

    “Knowing John Beilein’s outstanding ability to utilize shooters, don’t be surprised to see the University Of Michigan try to make a run at both 6’5 shooting guard Alex Rossi from New Trier High School in Winnetka, IL and 6’6 shooting guard Alex Dragicevich from Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, IL. Dragicevich has already taken an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor. In addition, the Wolverines are also said to be looking at 6’7 class of 2010 wing forward Duje Dukan from Deerfield High School in Deerfield, IL.”