Tuesday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Tom Too

    I doubt, very seriously, that Blake will be on the baseball team. JB needs 100% commitment 100% of the time and every minute with the baseball team in a minute not lifting, studying, or drilling. It has been tried in the past with JB and it doesn’t work out. It’s possible, but I would be extremely surprised.

  • I also doubt it, but it would be interesting.

  • jim

    I thought that was the point on Blake, he was a three sport star in high school and chose to focus on basketball thus earning a schollie based on his upside on the hardwood. If the baseball thing is true, whicg I also doubt, then perhaps Beilein is looking for some wiggle room to add another prospect to the front court mix.

  • Yeah… I revised what I wrote a little bit. I think the fact that he has played so well this Spring on the baseball field is great all around. No need to not enjoy the last months of school.

  • Benjamin

    Too bad he didn’t get a baseball schollie and just be a walk-on to the bball team.

    Unless he ends up being better than I think he is.

  • Andy

    If Kelvin Grady is staying at the University to play football, is there a possibility he returns to the basketball team and contributes on the hardwood in some capacity? Assuming JB and RR can work some type of agreement out, why not have Grady back to provide added PG depth after his football requirements are over?

  • Andy: In a word: No. I would be absolutely shocked if that were the case.

  • Giddings

    I’m hoping Kelvin at least comes to all the games to support his former teammates.

  • Chief

    The Scheduling Bullet is a bit confusing. Do you agree with Snyder? Thanks.

  • Yes. Sorry. UConn at home. No Duke. That seems to be the word.

  • jim

    Dylan, don’t think I’ve said this before, but your efforts and work here are outstanding. I truly enjoy your work. On behalf of all fans, thank you very much!!!

  • ZRL

    Dylan, do you know if the UCONN game will be during the nonconference portion of the schedule or during the middle of B10 play like last year? If it’s during B10 play, there’s a good chance college gameday would be in Ann Arbor. That would be pretty cool.

  • Chief

    Will there be an additional big time game or was UConn the extent of a home non-conf foe?

  • No clue but IIRC, Beilein seemed pretty upset about the way the scheduling thing went down. Thurs, Sat, Tues I think.

  • I still think there will be another… We’ll see.

  • Kevin

    Willing to take a stab at who that might be, yet?

  • jwalk

    Good stuff as always Dylan but I’m bummed there’s no Duke game this year. The wife went to grad school @ Duke & we live in Raleigh so I was looking forward to seeing M at Cameron.

    Any more background on the decision? Is this just a hiatus year or has the series been canceled (again)?

  • Not sure about whether it’s a one year thing or whatever else. I was hoping to go down there as well because I have a friend down there.

  • El Capitan

    Oh there will be another big name coming to Crisler next season, and I have a good idea who it is…

  • whodat

    keep that sass out of the can please

  • Paul

    Good for Kelvin. Lets hope he doesn’t have the same problems his brother has. 55 wide reciever’s on the roster next season. Lets hope they know how to catch a pass.
    Congrats to Jordan Morgan. Bright future for him. Not only do we have to worry about Tom Izzo taking recruits from Michigan also Tubby Smith.

  • KJay

    Dylan, any insight on Walter Pitchford? Thanks.

  • Chief

    Kansas will be a road game at Lawrence Saturday Dec 19th according to a Lawrence paper.


  • Adam


    Huge News. December 19 2009 we travel to KANSAS. I can’t wait for this one

  • Yup… Apparently I had all my locations mixed up… Kansas was the team.