Weekend Rundown

Dylan Burkhardt

I know the posting was light over the last week or so. The light posting was due to not having a steady internet connection for a week as well as the holiday weekend. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their holiday and I should be able to post more consistently from here on out. Here are a couple quick updates from over the weekend.

Ben Cronin

Ben CroninThis question has been floating around for a while: how is Ben Cronin doing? Mark Snyder has the answer, he’s doing well.

“I should start running and be full go in the next two months,” Cronin said in mid-April. “I’ll do open gym and I’ll be lifting. By captain’s practices (this summer) I’ll be able to play. There have been no setbacks whatsoever, only steps in the right direction.”

It remains to be seen what type of contributor Ben will be on the floor. When he arrived on campus he was already facing hip problems so no one really knows what a healthy Cronin will look like. Realistically I think it’s important that people put too much on Ben’s shoulders. He is big and that was one of Michigan’s main problems last year but he still hasn’t proven that he can play at the Big Ten level.


Trey Zeigler continued his strong play on the AAU circuit over the weekend. Rivals continues to love Trey’s first step, this week it was described as “sneaky“. Despite Zeigler’s performance, the reaction from Michigan fans has surrounded this quote:

“I’ve been around the Pac-10 a lot, and I like the Pac-10,” said Zeigler.

Which led to this interpretation by Jerry Meyer:

Zeigler would like to cut down his list of UCLA, Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona, Arizona State, Miami and Oklahoma to three or five schools by the end of the summer. The schools in the Pac-10 are in the best position at the moment.

Before everyone overreacts (it might be too late for that), it’s important to look at what is quoted and what is not. There is no doubt that Trey likes the Pac 10 and he will trip out west. That being said, Michigan is also in a very good position. I think it’s important not to take too much from any quick blurb from a national report.


One of my least favorite topics, but I guess it’s worth a mention on May 26th. ESPN rated Evan Smotrycz #47 in their latest top 100. McCallum came in at 20th, Prather 22nd, Zeigler 38th, and Hardaway Jr. at 93. And for comparison’s sake, Nate Lubick was ranked 45th.

Rankings are pretty meaningless, and ESPN is probably the worst of the three national sites at rankings players, but it is pretty clear that Beilein is going after talented recruits. Anyone saying anything different is simply crazy. It’s also important to point out that this isn’t what his recruiting board looked like at West Virginia.

Roy Marble Jr.

Another name we haven’t heard very much about is Roy Marble Jr. Marble probably isn’t near the top of Michigan’s list at this point but it’s clear that Beilein is casting a wide net.

The Family stunned the New York Gauchos in a morning game by one point, and Roy Marble Jr. deserves a lot of the credit for the victory. Marble is a tough 6-foot-5 wing player, and his ability to score inside and out proved to be too much for the Gauchos. While Marble doesn’t blow you away with his athleticism, he is plenty athletic and knows how to play the game. He scored well over 20 points in the upset victory.

Roy Marble has an offer from Buffalo, and interest from Michigan, Dayton, Oregon, Indiana, Western Michigan, Iowa, and Providence.

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  • david b

    Thanks Dylan keep the posts coming, it’s the only way the b-ball jones will be satisfied. In Belein We Trust

  • ToBlav

    Dylan, it’s not your fault we are addicted to the good work you do here, we are responsible for us. You’ve earned any vacation time you care to take. Thanks, and feel appreciated.

  • ToBlav

    Roy Marble played against Glen Rice in the state finals (possibly the semis)in high school, so although it looks unlikely, it would be interesting if his son were to end up playing for his big rival’s college.

  • davidb

    ToBlav- Roy Marble went to Flint Beecher, a Class B school, while Glen Rice went to Flint Northwestern in Class A. They may have faced each other in H.S., but it wasnt in the state tournament

  • Paul
  • SJWolv

    No Duke this year?! I thought the series was back? I loved it during the 1990s when we played every year, hell we beat them four straight times if I remember correctly (94-97).

  • Mith

    They beat Duke 3 straight from 1996-1998. Lost the 3 before that, and lost in 1999. I didn’t check any other years.

  • ToBlav

    Davidb – Yep, I guess I just saw them the same day and remember them as two of the biggest names that year. “When we get old our hard drive fills up”, (I believe thats is from the Arlo and Janis comic strip), but then my hard dirve is full.

  • ryan

    utah had 4 scorers over 10 points a game last year. None of them will be back next year. I would not expect that to be too tough of a game.

  • Tom Too

    Their coach was an assistant under Izzo for two years…whatever that equates to…

  • It’s still good for a relatively young team to have far away road games, it’s good for bonding and all that jazz.

  • jmblue

    Clarifying: we beat Duke during the 1995-96, 1996-97, and 1997-98 seasons. We lost all the other times we played them in the 1990s.

  • Sam

    I’m not sure why everyone thought that we were playing Duke again next season. We had a home-and-away series with them and that’s all. Maybe everyone forgot, but we did get beat by 28 points by them in the 2007-08 season at Duke. And I don’t think we are playing UConn this season as the article states. Beilein said in one of his radio shows that it was up to him when he wanted to play them at home and he said that he didn’t think it would be this upcoming season.

  • Tom Too

    Yeah, and after the 2007 game Coach K was quoted saying, “John Beilein is a good coach, just like Tommy Amaker is a good coach.” This was when that reporter didn’t even mention Amaker’s name, but Jerkface brought it up anyways…as if to say, “Michigan shouldn’t have fired by buddy.” I will never forget that quote and remembered it vividly when we beat there butts at Crysler….

  • mmccrae

    I don’t know about the schedule. The fact our schedule was so tricky was a deciding factor in us getting to the tourney. I think playing studly opponents brings the best in the long run….

  • Tom 2–I’m not a big fan of Coach K, but I tend to think we should hate on him for other reasons. I forgive him for caring about T. Amaker. And he wasn’t disparaging Beilein. . . Given the context, it was pretty mild, don’t you think?

  • Kevin

    Ya, I can’t blame a guy for defending an old player/friend. Why the hate for Coach K? I don’t specifically like him, and I generally do all I can to hate the ACC, but I do have a lot of respect for Coach K especially after the olympics and also hearing all the good he’s done around the country.

  • I love the design of your blog, did you create it or download it somewhere?