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Trey Zeigler (and family) and Amir Williams both made it to Ann Arbor near the end of last week. That is three high profile visitors (McCallum is #3) in Ann Arbor over the last two weeks. Go Blue Wolverine posted a post-visit interview ($) with Trey and it appears that it went very well. At this point, it’s becoming a waiting game. Michigan has positioned themselves well but Zeigler hasn’t accelerated his timeframe or taken any out of state visits. Zeigler followed his visit up with strong play at the adidas May Classic, drawing rave reviews from Scout ($) and SpartanMag ($),

Go Blue Wolverine also caught up with Amir Williams ($), who was also impressed, after his visit. We haven’t talked about talented wing Casey Prather much recently but the high flying junior plans to visit this summer ($). Sophomore Brandan Kearney also has a Michigan visit in the works ($). Say what you want about Beilein’s recruiting, but there is no denying that he works his ass off on the recruiting trail.

Sam Webb also broke down the basketball recruiting picture on WTKA today, definitely worth a listen. In a nut shell, he feels that Michigan is in very good position but it comes down to the bird in the hand situation. Sam also thinks that Michigan is right there despite the rumors that were flying around over the last couple weeks.

Michigan has also cast a wide net into the state of Indiana for class of 2011 prospects. Austin Etherington, Spencer Turner, Justin Gant, Cody Zeller, and Marshall Plumlee are just a few of the names that Michigan has shown interest in. Go Blue Wolverine has an article about Michigan’s interest in the sharpshooting Turner ($) and here is some video ($) from Peegs on Zeller, Turner, and Plumlee. breaks down Spencer Turners game (click through for scouting on Zeller and Plumlee as well):

Turner had a pair of huge games Saturday, scoring a game-high 24 points (including six 3-pointers) in the nine-point loss to the Road Runners and then coming back with 25 in a 74-37 win against Full Package White in the finale. He continues to play to his strength, which is his ability to shoot the ball as well as anyone in the class. His range is well beyond the 3-point arc, and he also showed the ability to hit a runner in the lane. He’s clearly the No. 1 scoring option on a team that also includes Carlino, Zeller and Marshall Plumlee.

Lou Dawkins also weighs in with his thoughts on Michigan’s recruiting:

Michigan with its recent success could challenge Tom Izzo and Michigan State for in-state recruiting supremacy, but it will be difficult.

He also mentions a 2012 prospect that is gathering Michigan interest.

Although the Wolverine, missed on one from prep school powerhouse St Marks in Southborough, Mass(Nate Lubick) they will try for another one. 6’8 2012 Wing Alex Murphy is one of the premier freshman talents in America. The Michigan coaches are starting to actively recruit Murphy as well as others like Georgia Tech, Providence, UMASS, Duke.


  • OTL: AAU Vs. High School Basketball
    This is an issue that most of us are familiar with. Street agents, shoe companies, and handlers are a huge issue that pertains to college basketball. John Beilein “debates” the roll of travel teams and high school teams on this second segment. I use quotations because he was very political and more or less acknowledges both sides rather than taking a side. Judging by watching the last couple years of Beilein’s recruiting, I think it’s pretty clear that at the very least he values high school play and individual workouts when evaluating a player.
  • Mike Moment: Fab Five Memories
    Plenty of Michigan talk on ESPN, Jalen Rose filled in for Mike Golic on Mike & Mike.
    -Mike: “Did you guys think that everybody hated you?”
    -Jalen: “They did”
  • Running Blog from Adidas May Classic in Bloomington — Day 1
    Some notes on Mitch McGary, Chesterton big man.
  • Farewell to WTKA (for now) and other developments
    Carty is done calling into WTKA.
  • Major Payne takes in UK
    Adreain Payne’s name (different than Allen Payne) has been thrown around a bit this spring. The junior is a big time prospect but he doesn’t seem to be listing Michigan much at this stage.

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  • Ken in Vegas

    I’m just excited that these guys are taking visits. We’re bound to nab at least one of the big ones.

  • El Capitan

    John Wall has committed to Kentucky… I guess that’s the Callipari difference

  • ypsituckyboy

    El Capitan,
    I was just about to write something similar here after I saw the headline on ESPN. You’re right on…and I think any negative inferences about the “cleanliness” of Calipari’s program are completely merited.

  • El Capitan

    Haha I didn’t mean to take a stab at Callipari, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some allegations come up later.

    What really irked me was the fact that he apparently told Miami last week he was going to be a Hurricane; then a week later he made a last-second switch. Very strange

  • Giddings

    Evidently UK/Calipari were able to outbid the Hurricanes at the 11th hour…

  • AG2

    Is Cody Zeller related to Tyler Zeller at UNC?

  • Sam

    The Zellers are brothers. And the funny thing about the John Wall to Kentucky situation is that now Calipari has 16 guys signed on to play on scholarship for next season (assuming Jodie Meeks stays), with only 13 schollies available. He is really gonna piss some people off when he tells them that they can’t play because he is offering other people their places.

  • Kenny

    can those players run off by Calipari sue the university?

  • Sam

    I doubt they can, but it still is not going to look good for him.

  • No one will remember them when Kentucky makes a run next year. Sad but true.

  • Brick

    Calipari can’t actually “run off” or cut any players. He can let players know that they won’t play or advise them to transfer but he can’t just pull a scholarship if they are in good standing. Amazing as it seems, some of his players/recruits are not in the best academic standing so it may work itself out as he seems to think it will. If he advises someone to leave who is in good standing and they don’t want to go, things may get interesting and we may remember the kid’s name in a few years due to a law suit.

    The NCAA will not allow schools to replace scholarship players with new recruits due to athletic performance.

  • WTHef?

    I’m not sure that is true. Scholarships are not guaranteed for all four years – they are only for one year at a time and they don’t have to be renewed. I don’t think there needs to be cause (academic, athletic, or other) to take the scholarship. It makes the program look bad if they pull them so I think that is why they usually try to get the kid to leave on their own. Plus I think Athletic Administrators and ADs at more reputable schools (SEC not included) would generally prevent/frown upon coaches pulling scholarships just so they could offer it to an incoming prospect, so the coaches encourage the kid to leave on their own.

  • ryan

    Wthef is correct. They are renewed every year and it is very much frowned on by the athletic directors and the NCAA. The ncaa comes around every couple years and evalutes programs on how many student athletes acctually finish the “student” part and graduate. Obviously it looks best for a school if a player finishes all 4 years AND graduates.