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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Tom Too

    THE cleanest coach in the country.

  • Mitchigan

    I know everyone has been praising this site, but I really have to do it again. Truly the first thing I do before I go to bed and when I when up is check umhoops (not to mention during the day obviously too). Dylan you really do such an aMazing job. Also, I found a link from the DC event with the coaches. They don’t hightlight Beilein, but he’s in both links so i thought i’d post them.

    Go Blue!

  • Mitchigan

    This is the hail to the victors one I meant to post.

  • KJay

    Dylan, as others have said, this site is fantastic, and I’m glad you’ve kept up the frequency of posting despite the season having ended. For those of us die hards, we love all the info we can get on the bball program.

    Recruiting seems to be going well. Getting so many in state talented guys on campus over a week long period is impressive in itself. The dream lineups all of us have salivated over may not be so far fetched after all. And, as I’ve said before, if you’re a kid hoping to get into the league, there’s really no coach out there who’s better at developing skills than Coach Beilein. To me, that’s one main reason why Zeigler and McCallum, both sons of coaches, are genuinely serious about UM.

  • Paul

    The Zeigler family was in Ann Arbor for a visit. They were impressed, I guess. Thats all I was able to get.

  • Marty Kaye

    Dylan, I too want to mention how great of a job Dylan is doing with this site. It is a must read for avid bball fans like myself.

    Dylan, I am upset that the a.dept is not moving forward more quickly with a plan to add lower bowl/bleacher seating for the overflow of students they are expecting instead of sending them to the rafters. I know you and I have exchanged emails before about the plan to extend the bleachers to where the band is now. I think that is clearly the better solution.

    Timing is everything and there has not been a better time this decade to expand student seating again. Two major problems exist with the upper bowl plan.
    1) Students are too far from the action and cant really contribute to a more intimidating environment.
    2) Many students will sneak into the bleachers anyway with ticket passing, thus leaving empty seats all over the upper bowl that could otherwise be sold to non-students.

    In addition, I think there is one more big problem someone like you may be able to draw attention to.

    The placement of the band is way better, but there is this problem.

    Students dont seem to enjoy sitting behind the band and many of them would probably rather sneak into the bleachers and probably do. If the band is moved to the top of that section, say the last 4-6 rows, that would free up the entire section for more students, also alleviating PART of the problem with some students being shifted to the upper bowl. Those students sitting in the front row where the band is now would be able to stand all game and would produce a larger, more cohesive student section right behind the basket, especially if they expand the bleachers to that current spot.

    Sorry for the long post….passion overflowing.