Wednesday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Sam

    I think all of the people that wondered whether or not Beilein would go after the big names (myself included) can be relieved by the fact that he has three top-50 guys with sincere interest in coming to Michigan. I’ll take any class with two of these three guys, most likely McCallum and Zeigler, but I definitely wouldn’t mind Prather and one of the other two or Hardaway, Jr. as a plan B. I think we can all place 100% of our trust in Beilein now; even if he doesn’t get those guys, he is well on his way.

  • Erik

    Gibson link is broken.

  • Kevin in GR

    Trey visiting this week per

  • Jim

    Dylan, you didn’t mention Hardaway. Where is he ranked?

  • Kenny

    Dylan, is Adrian Payne still in the picture?

  • Dave

    i love all these big names being thrown around like this, its almost exciting…………payne is another guy thats interesting and i would also like to know a smidge more about……..glad to see trey is creepin to michigan for a visit…….this is going to be an extremely interesting summer

  • Justin C


    I just checked and Hardaway does not appear in the Rivals 150. I’m guessing this may change if he signs with a big program like ours.