U-M S&C Coach Mike Curtis to Virginia

Dylan Burkhardt


University of Michigan basketball strength and conditioning coach Mike Curtis is headed to the University of Virginia where he’ll join new head coach Tony Bennett’s staff.

Curtis came to Michigan this year and by all accounts made a significant impact. He brought NBA experience to the Michigan bench and his loss will no doubt be felt. DeShawn Sims stands out to me as the guy who probably made the biggest gains through the strength program. There is no doubt that his increased strength allowed him to gain confidence playing inside this year.

In the end the chance to coach at his alma mater was just too great of an opportunity for Curtis to pass up.

“It was a difficult decision to leave a great institution like the University of Michigan and a fine coach in John Beilein, but the state of Virginia and the University are, and always will be, home for me. I am eager to utilize my experiences both at the University and professionally to better prepare our basketball athletes for their experiences in the Atlantic Coast Conference and beyond.”

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  • Sheryl

    This news sucks!

  • Justin C

    Thank you Mike – you did a great job in the year you were here and no one can blame you for wanting to be near your roots. Good luck!

  • Benjamin

    Good luck to Mike.

    We shall see who John hires next.

  • Giddings

    From what I can tell, this loss cannot be overstated. Obviously no hard feelings towards Coach Curtis, we wish him the best at his alma mater. Let’s hope JB can find a worthy replacement!

  • Gotta say that it was pretty remarkable that we made it through the season with no injuries.

    I can’t blame Curtis one bit for his decision though and I’m confident Beilein will find someone just as competent to replace him though.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    This is very disappointing. This guy did wonders for Peedi’s strength and I was hoping he was going to do the same with Ben Cronin during and after his rehab. Very disappointing. I think the S&C coach is the most underrated position in the basketball program. Let’s hope BLUE finds another one like Mike Curtis.

  • Dave

    hopefully fast these next few months are crucial

  • Meredith

    Nooooooo! I have confidence Coach B will find a suitable replacement.

    ~Mom Morgan

  • jim

    One thing people don’t realize, is that Curtis was very helpful in recruiting. He related well with kids and also had NBA experience, which was a nice selling point with the higher rated prospects.

  • Greg

    I’m a Virginia fan, came here for the article, but I have to say I’m impressed with how classy everyone here has been, both about seeing this as an opportunity for Curtis and expressing gratitude for what he’s done. Kudos.

  • Tom

    I’m a UVA fan as well. I have always thought highly of you guys as fans and you never disappoint as here (though the lose in Lexington in 1986 (yr?) was not fun..).

  • Teed Off

    I don’t like one and dones. I think he’ll be hard to replace.

  • Kevin

    I vote Barwis.

  • Drew

    I to am a UVA fan. Like Greg and Tom said I give nothing but big ups to all the Michigan fans you guys are all class acts.