Recapping an All-Star Weekend

Dylan Burkhardt
darius matt

It was a big weekend for Michigan incoming freshmen Darius Morris and Matt Vogrich. They both participated in the Feinberg Academic All-American Classic in Ontario, California. The four team event featured two games as well as a three point and dunk contest.

Players had to have a 3.0 GPA or higher to participate and judging by the number of Michigan commitments and former recruiting targets, it’s clear that Beilein values academics on the recruiting trail.

Morris played with the East alongside the UNC bound Wear twins, and Detroit Country Day big man DaShonte Riley among others. Vogrich played on the North with MSU bound big man Garrick Sherman, Minnesota bound Justin Cobbs, as well as former Michigan recruits Angus Brandt, Andy Brown, and Roger Franklin.

Darius’ East team was beaten pretty handily by the West but Morris played well. He finished with 16 points (7/16 shooting), 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 block, and 3 steals. Matt’s team was a bit more successful as they rolled to an easy victory. He finished with 9 points on three made triples. Matt also participated in the three point contest, however Andrew Bock (Creighton) won the contest.

ESPN posted a lengthy write up from the event, and here are the highlights from each Michigan recruit.


Led by the defensive intensity of Darius Morris (Windward, Los Angeles), the East All-Stars cut the lead to 15-10 on a free throw by the reigning Div. V State Player of the Year.

The East made their final push behind Morris and Travis Wear, who both finished with a team-high 16 points while David Wear finished with 15 points and a team-high nine rebounds. Morris executed a nice crossover dribble on Cunningham, who fouled him on the play. After the Michigan-bound guard converted the traditional three-point play, the West had an eight-point lead (77-69) with five minutes remaining.


The North’s Matt Vogrich (Lake Forest, IL) nailed two clutch three-pointers late in the game to seal the deal, as both triples stretch the lead back to 15 points. The Michigan-bound guard made three shots from long range and finished with nine points, one of three North All-Stars to finish just one point shy of double figures.

Mark Snyder caught up with Darius and Matt after the game and it appears that both players had a good time and definitely felt like they belonged.


“I’m really a creative player and like to include everybody, so in this game I kind of saw how the atmosphere was and took advantage,” he said. “I had a couple flashy moves and the crowd really got behind you. You could tell the way they liked it and I didn’t want to fell like I was too stiff in my last high school game.”

Morris said his highlights were a one-handed dunk and another time he broke down his defender, hit a shot and still got fouled.


“I played pretty well and made four threes and our team won by 22,” said Vogrich, who added he was shooting deep threes, from a step or two behind the NBA line and threw a few alley-oops. “I wasn’t nervous. I thought I proved myself. Before I was excited to see where I was. Some kids were better than me and I was better than some of them. It was fun to see where I stack up.”

Max Preps also posted a nice photo gallery from the event.

  • W3

    Darius has been hitting those wieghts! Good stuff

  • Die Hard

    1) In picture 45 (or close to) it looks like Vogrich is being handed a trophy. Must be the three point shootout winner?

    2) Yes, Darius looks like he’s added some good muscle to his frame. Great to see

  • Sorry, forgot to mention it. Matt was in the 3-pt contest but Andrew Bock won it.

  • Adam

    I can’t wait for these 2 kids to get to Ann Arbor. I think they are going to be outstanding fits!

  • michigan4204

    It sounds like Vogrich may lack some confidence. When a player makes a statement that he thinks someone is better than he is, that leads me to think he has some doubt about his game. Then again he might just be a level headed player who trys to get others noticed. Good write up Dylan. Can’t wait until next year!!

  • gpsimms

    May lack confidence? Do you think he was selling himself short? Somehow I doubt he was the best player in the tournament.

  • UMDC

    Hmmm.. lack of confidence on Vogrich’s part?

    Here’s a story, way back in the early 90s when I was in high school I was at a team basketball camp and the guy I was guarding made three triples over the top of me in a row. So the next time down the court and he went up to shoot, I decked him…

    That’s how I dealt with the knowledge that someone was better than me.

    I’m thinking Vogrich’s method is far more mature.

    Can’t wait until next season!

  • Not sure about lack of confidence either. I don’t think anyone is trying to say Matt is the best player at the game. There are some damn talented kids that were playing in those two games. I think it’s a pretty mature way of saying that he felt that he belonged.

  • Benjamin

    *nod* There is always someone that is better than you, the first step is admitting it. ;)

  • michigan4204

    In my bball days at UM, I never would have made a comment that a player was better than me. My work ethic and dedication to the game is what made me a good player. I just feel that a statement like that shows you have some doubt in your game. While he may not be the best player, he should approach the game like he KNOWS no one can stop him.

  • jmblue

    I don’t know . . . I think you’re reading too much into this little soundbite. At any rate, he played well, and that’s what matters.

  • gpsimms

    Well, you’re clearly better at ball than me. Maybe that’s why I never made it, I said people were better than me all the time. : )

  • In the Know

    Matt Vogrich received the CJL Scholastic Player of the Year Award.